Climate Alarmism an Extraordinary Popular Delusion

The root of the delusion is that Nature is benign.

Climate Alarmism an Extraordinary Popular Delusion

Obama is driven by the delusion that denying the poor in America and the world the benefits of cheap energy will be for their own good.
By Frederick Colbourne

In my opinion, climate alarmism would be just another example of “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” rather than a ‘hustle’.

Except that climate alarmism is supported by governments that have aligned on the side of the promoters of the delusion and in so doing have politicized the science. State power is what makes climate alarmism a ‘hustle’, corrupting science in the process.

Recently, the US lent its immense power to a global climate treaty intended to reverse global economic development by reducing access to cheap energy. The EU and Britain have signed on to promote and enforce what seems to me a cultish form of Luddism.

While there have been Luddite movements since the early days of the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, these movements were never popular in America, until now.

The nostalgia for pristine Nature that inspired Thoreau’s Walden and now inspires an influential minority of Americans was not popular in the past, but has become a pillar of the modern cult and delusion. The cult of Nature as Mother Earth is about as remote from Earth science as it is possible to get, which probably accounts for the number of Hollywood celebrities who act as acolytes.

The root of the delusion is that Nature is benign. Three days in the wild without the products of agriculture and industry would convince most True Believers that Nature is hostile, when in reality, Nature is indifferent to Mankind.

(Perhaps Thoreau was able to maintain his rosy view of Walden because his female admirers brought him baskets of victuals daily.)

President using the Clean Air Act to achieve the opposite of the legislative intent of Congress 

What seems most ironic is that the President of the United States, by executive power, is using the Clean Air Act to achieve the opposite of the legislative intent of Congress in enacting the legislation. The Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has the authority to regulate air quality to promote “health and welfare”, but by focusing upon CO2 will achieve the opposite, a decline in health and welfare.

The reason is obvious: The health and welfare of humans in America, the UK and worldwide is related more closely to plentiful and cheap energy than to ambient air quality.

The reason for this is also obvious. By joint efforts of governments and industry, most developed countries, including America and the UK, long ago reached the point of diminishing returns to improved ambient air quality. In the UK, smokeless fuels and coal gas had the greatest benefit-cost ratios.

What remains to be done in the US and UK is fine-tuning of environmental controls, not a return to Nature, nor deindustrialization. These two delusions are symptoms of madness.

What the President of the US should focus upon is improving indoor air quality. In the developing world, indoor pollution is the greatest health hazard related to air quality. Mr Obama could do this closer to home by warning parents that tobacco smoking indoors by adults can aggravate asthma in their children. Mr Obama’s readiness to blame the energy industry for aggravating asthma and not his own cigarette smoking reveals his ignorance about how the physical and social worlds work.

Mr Obama is driven by the delusion that denying the poor in America and the world the benefits of cheap energy will be for their own good.

However, policies based on climate alarmism, by their adverse effect on the US, EU and global economies threaten the health and well-being of most Americans and most other people worldwide.

As my mother used to say, “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.” Mr Obama’s road leads to a legacy of misery for billions and to infamy for him for him personally.

As Charles Mackay demonstrated, crowds act in mad ways, but the individuals do recover one by one. I probably won’t live long enough to witness the recover and the remorse,

But many of those reading this comment will look back and try to understand how and why such a high price was paid for the delusion that humans can control the climate of Earth.

Remember Charles Mackay. And President Eisenhowe’s warning about the potential “domination of the nation’s scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money”.

Also, UK astronomer Fred Hoyle’s contention that excessive money for science would only make science fat and lazy.

Fortunately, Fred Hoyle may have been wrong, because astrophysicists appear to be leading the development of a new climate paradigm based on solar and galactic phenomenon.


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  1. According to a paper just published by Mark Hoggard of Cambridge University the Earth’s mantle is moving against the crust an order of magnitude faster than previously thought.
    This can apparently move parts of the crust up or down hundreds of meters in just a million years , sloshing the seas around. Very interesting.
    The paper is also available through Nature Geoscience. (Google earth’s mantle yo-yo for more info.).

    1. Im not surprised, given that the mantle is a viscous material and is subject to gravity effects in much the same way as waters is at the surface.
      It and the plates sitting on top of it are affected by the perturbitation of the Sun’s trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre during Solar Miniums, something has to drive the increased volcanism and plate rifting which takes place during every Solar Minium.

  2. i hope to live long enough to see the denouement of the climate scammers
    and i will enjoy every second of their abject apologies and removals from power
    i can dream cant i?

    1. Hey Laurel, just wait until they’re all freezing cold. I can just see all the little warmists begging for a lump of coal to light a fire with. I have got some fanatical AGW friends who stopped buying fuel for their home in Spring because the Met Office (a very reliable source, I don’t think) had reported that it was going to get warmer and warmer. Well, old Sol’s temperature plummeted, and they were left without any form of heating. It took them about a week to get some fuel delivered to them, as they’d cancelled their order and had to start from scratch. They were without heat for about 7 days. 🙂 Last time I saw them, they didn’t preach about global warming.

    2. Of course you can Laura just like al gore can lie about man causing dangerous global warming

  3. “The worst situation: heat regrowth the plans and after the frost kills them. This will surely happen again.
    Dangerous frost coming in May?
    We notice the presence of lower-freezing temperatures that will be possible between Germany, France, the Netherlands, but also of England and Northern Ireland.
    Thermal anomalies are significant, of the order of 10-12 ° C lower than normal over much of Europe!
    The snow in the next ten days is expected very abundant the Alpine Arc.

  4. Saul Alinsky said, …….I don’t remember exactly, but O believed it, and it involved a whole lot of lying, and O does it, and the theory that ‘the end justifies the means’ is ingrained into the average Lib politico, who apparently has become an alinskyite with a little bit of napoleanism and dummyistic bull-shiponics thrown into the mixed up fizzy he evolved from. And the farce of we-the-people wisdom keeps him in office. All hail to the Chef!! Which reminds me, it’s time to eat and weep, or laugh hysterically. WAF

    1. To an honest person, the Means are ends within themselves, and there is only ever one question: What’s the truth?

      Assuming the attitude that the ends justify the means is corrupting, and sets one on the road to a life of the pursuit of power for its own sake.

  5. “The root of the delusion is that Nature is benign.”
    Robert the next major glaciation should put a stop to that problem. Did you view the sunspot graphs?

    1. Stepping in a fresh cow pie would do a lot toward educating some people who have grown up in well manicured suburbs about the truth of the natural world.

    1. The only problem is that a lot of misguided people see CO2 as THE major pollutant and removing all other REAL pollutants has no meaning to these zealots.

      Otherwise seemingly intelligent politicians here in Australia continually prattle on about carbon pollution or footprints – obviously they are too intellectually lazy to investigate the “settled science” and see just how absurd it is or they are simply rent seekers securing to entrench their elected positions.

      The author is right – the belief that man can control the weather or that 0.04% of the atmosphere has equal or more “heating” potential than the Sun or contains more energy than the oceans which have a mass some 260 times greater is truly one of the most “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”.

      I’m not sure even a mini ice age, perhaps even full blown glaciation, would change the minds of some of the true zealots.

  6. Quote:
    Three days in the wild without the products of agriculture and industry would convince most True Believers that Nature is hostile, when in reality, Nature is indifferent to Mankind.
    Nature is not indifferent to humans as a, sub-specie of the Great Apes, humans are prey animals to the animal world. In the Stone Age the technology was limited to Obsidian points and Flint flakes glued to wooden shafts. This improved mankinds hunting capability but not against the major predators directly hunting human prey.
    Bears, Lions, Leopards, Tigers, Jaguars, Mountain Lion, Lynx, Wolves, Pack Dogs, Crocodile’s, Leopard Seals, Orca, and Sharks are all major predators of humans, then and now.
    Until the invention, and weaponisation of gun powder mankind was a prey animal. Metal edged weapons only reduced the predication to those who could afford the expensive technology, the serfs still got ate by so called man eaters.
    Take away mankind’s technology advantage and he returns to being a prey animal.

  7. My personal opinion of industrialization is that we are at an intermediate state between the beginning of the industrial revolution, and a late stage mature, technology (NOT the current alternatives such as large scale wind power (Big Wind?) ), but something totally different, that is clean, low impact small scale dispersed, EXTREMELY powerful, and power dense, reliable, robust, resilient, highly automated, and almost infinitely flexible.

    To reach this point requires first that all the bad debt be shaken out of the present economic system, and written off, something that a lot of people don’t want to happen as long as they can peddle arcane and worthless derivative financial instruments based on (BAD) debt. In the meantime, we have the kind of nature is wonderful and benign movement which is a part of the mix. All this is going to come crashing down someday, and the previously mentioned technology will rise out of the ashes, but not, I fear, before a lot cussing and hollering and gnashing of teeth has gone before it.

    1. PS My point is that stopping development, and stifling technology now, would be like stopping in the middle of crossing a busy street. It’s dangerous. We need to go forward not backward, nor do we need anything, like pseudo nature religions that encourage technological stagnation.

  8. The only meaningful way to decarbonize the atmosphere is through deindustrialization, as the article pointed out. In the context of the global economy and an ever-increasing human population, just how would that be achieved and what would the resulting chaos utopia look like?

  9. Fact:

    Global Climate alarm-ism isn’t about weather. That is what the globalists want you to focus on. All of us who review the science know the facts presented by the Global Warming folks are skewed towards their view and are in fact often outright lies.
    So, lets reason this out. If they know thinking people (scientists) and people like us who observe a broader range of scientific information know the truth what is going on? The issue we face is they are trying to manipulate the under informed, uneducated and uninterested people to simply accept and go along with their agenda. These (UN) people will be manipulated into what ever position world powers wish them to go into. They will, because of their massive numbers be fleeced and cause the rest of us to be forced to accept the lies used to promote and pass the GW agenda.

    You don’t have to believe me but we all can see this is a grab for power and money to control the masses; and the stragglers who resist, they will find life very difficult in this environment. There will come a day when those of us who resist will find ourselves in a very sad state. There will be no tolerance for us. This is already beginning to show up as some try to pass legislation to put in prison those who speak against the AGW’s agenda.

    Beware folks. The day is coming when you will either get on board or you will find yourself and you families in a very unfortunate set of circumstances.

    This is a globally manipulated situation designed to push/nudge us into a behavior pattern desired by the UN and it’s entities seeking to grab control of every aspect of our lives.

    Sadly, most of us do not realize this is not a geopolitical or ideological battle. This is a spiritual war and it’s all about you.

    Good luck.

    1. You know Barnard I totally agree with you. Climate change gets way overexaggerated however if human affects continue to build over the next 100s of years we can be in trouble.

  10. “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

    You’re close ?

    Minus the “good intentions” !

    That place of total misery was created for those who reek misery on others, and there are “no” good intentions in that !!

    The People who do these things truly (In a pathetic way) believe that they will “never” be held to account, or that in some way they will escape, or that some how that they will be on the Winning side, and there is nothing that You or I can say or do that will change their mind, or their ways, they are set to fall, despite what ever it is that they really believe !!!

    One thing is for sure is, they will cut off anything and everything that makes life plentiful for others, the things that make life easier for others and they will do it for complete control, control of food, electricity, mobility and life and death !!

    And though they hide it with a smile, and with a hand shake, or sweet words, inside they are completely detestable !

    It’s not that they are heartless, because in fact they do have a heart, that’s why they live, but they are soulless, they sold themselves long ago !

    And We are seeing it now, right before our eyes, that which was written several millennia ago, thrown aside until now, it is beyond your wildest imagination and far beyond Human comprehension !

    And hope for a moderate climate, because if everything does begin to become extremely cold, then it will all come to pass soon, very soon !!

    Things are about to get rough, really rough, so pay attention, or You will be caught up in your worst nightmare !

    And by then it’s too late…


  11. Man does affect the climate, at least on the local scale. The climate over cities are permanently changed due to man. When cities cover the entire globe then man’s influence will become obvious.

    1. Not likely to happen. There are vast areas that are unsuitable for urbanization, then you have to have other vast areas for growing food. Current estimates are that as much as 3% of global land surface is now urbanized. The estimates for that to double by 2030, are in my view ALARMIST estimates. 😉

  12. Even back in the days of nazism in Germany in the thirties, the nazis were in favour of a green earth with a much reduced population, despite all their horrific wars of natural destruction.
    And nowadays a number of green activists also appear to favour a largely green earth with little population (maximum of 500 million people !), as illustrated by the existence of the Georgia Guide Stones, erected by some unknown person or organisation, possibly with a masonic background.
    Part of the green movement seems to favour animals and plants over human beings, a rather alarming trend imo .

  13. Unfortunately, Alarmism sells. Rationality is tossed out the window. All the proof is at Youtube, where the Gloom and Doom videos get many more views, regardless of the many flaws of logic, and the one-sided unscientific presentations. Sadly also, some of the videos that try to refute the alarmism also use inappropriate comparisons like the one I saw today that attempted to draw a comparison to the planet Venus, which is hot not because of CO2 or its length of Day, but because of its high atmospheric pressure. There’s also a new spate of Alarmism videos over Methane. But Methane has been bubbling up from the Earth’s mantle for billions of years, and the planet has had CO2 levels far higher than today’s. Earth never went into runaway global warming, and it never will. Methane in the atmosphere is eventually oxidized, producing carbon dioxide and water. It has a half-life of approx. 7 years.
    see: Methane: myths & misrepresentations

  14. Ricks show me your evidence to support your claims rather then babbling on about garbage that you don’t even have any proof whatsoever to back up! You think for yourself wise one!

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