Climate alarmism is still bizarre, dogmatic, intolerant

“Bitter cold is ‘exactly what we should expect’ from the global warming ‘crisis,’ said Climategeddon expert Al Gore.” – Paul Driessen

“As the climate change debate continues, claims of an imminent climate apocalypse show no signs of dissipating,” says Paul Driessen. “Indeed, many are still bizarre, defying belief, and yet still receiving research funds, as often dogmatic and intolerant proponents of climate chaos claims demand energy system overhauls that would wreak havoc on industries, jobs and families.”

“Spending trillions of dollars – and condemning billions of people to expensive, insufficient, unreliable, land and raw material gobbling wind, solar and biofuel energy – is not just unnecessary. It is immoral.”

Here, Driessen offers antidotes to correct the myths and misinformation that are still staples of climate alarmism.



Climate alarmism is still bizarre, dogmatic, intolerant

Claims defy parody, as alarmists become more tyrannical and their policies wreak havoc

By Paul Driessen

Climate alarmism dominated the Obama era and run-up to Paris. But it’s at least as bizarre, dogmatic and intolerant now that: President Trump pulled the United States out of the all pain/no gain Paris climate pact; the US EPA is reversing anti-fossil fuel programs rooted in doom-and-gloom climatology; America is producing and exporting more oil, gas and coal; developing nations are burning vastly more of these fuels; Poland is openly challenging EU climate diktats; and German, British Australian and other politicians are voicing increasing concerns about job-killing, eco-unfriendly “green” energy.

With trillions of dollars in research money, power, prestige, renewable energy subsidies, wealth redistribution schemes, and dreams of international governance on the line, the $1.5-trillion-per-year Climate Industrial Complex is not taking the situation lightly. Climate fear-mongering is in full swing.

Tried-and-true scare stories still dominate the daily news, often with new wrinkles tied to current events. The Winter Olympics were going to take “a huge hit from our warming planet,” the pressure group Protect Our Winters warned us (yes, it’s an actual organization). Of course, that was before fiendishly frigid conditions repeatedly postponed events and drove spectators from PyeongChang slopes.

Bitter cold is exactly what we should expect from global warming

But of course, bitter cold is “exactly what we should expect” from the global warming “crisis,” said Climategeddon expert Al Gore, who got a C and D in the only two science courses he took in college. It’s reminiscent of dire predictions that the Arctic would be ice-free by 2010 (or 2015 or 2025), and “children just aren’t going to know what snow is” (until record cold and snow battered the UK a couple years later).

We’re likewise propagandized constantly with deliberate falsehoods about “carbon pollution.” We burn carbon, in the form of hydrocarbons and coal. In the process, we emit carbon dioxide which is not a pollutant. It is the miracle plant food that makes life on Earth possible.

Other standard scares ignore the innumerable, monumental benefits of carbon-based fuels – and blame these fuels and CO2 emissions for planetary warming (and cooling), rising seas, forest fires, and every major problem from malaria to rainstorms, droughts, hurricanes and tornadoes.

A newly discovered danger, say a couple researchers, endangers green sea turtles. Planetary warming is causing up to 99% of turtle eggs to hatch as females. It won’t be long, perhaps just decades, until “there will not be enough males” to propagate the species. Some “30 years of knowledge” support this thesis.

That would take us all the way back to 1988, a decade before the 18-year global warming “hiatus” that was interrupted by the 2015-16 El Niño; a half-century since the Dust Bowl and record high planetary temperatures of the 1930s; 40 years after scientists were convinced Earth was about to enter a new little ice age; and some 750 years after the 300-year-long Medieval Warm Period. One has to wonder how sea turtles managed to survive such previous warm spells – and cold periods like the four-century-long Little Ice Age, since cold weather apparently churns out only male sea turtles.

Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton asserted that women “will bear the brunt of looking for food, looking for firewood, looking for the place to migrate to when all the grass is finally gone, as the desertification moves south” because of climate change. Wrong. Entire families will continue to bear these burdens because of anti-energy policies imposed in the name of sustainability and climate change prevention.

800 horrors supposedly caused byAGW

(For more fearsome forecasts, see The Warmlist, a no longer complete, but still entertaining compendium of some 800 horrors supposedly caused by “dangerous manmade global warming and climate change.”)

The constant consternation strikes many as ridiculous. But others have become true believers – and have committed to not having children, not taking showers, de-carbonizing, de-industrializing and de-growing developed countries, shutting off oil pipelines, and other futile actions that bring no earthly benefits.

Our planet has certainly been warming. Thank goodness for that, because the extra warmth lifted habitats and humanity out of the Little Ice Age and its chilly, stormy weather, greatly reduced arable land, short growing seasons and CO2-starved crops. Powerful, uncontrollable natural forces drove that temperature rise. Earth may now face dangerous Mann-made global warming and climate cataclysms concocted by computer models – but no “unprecedented” or “existential” human-caused dangers in the real world.

Question or challenge climate crisis orthodoxy, however, and you will be vilified and face RICO prosecutions, bogus slander and SLAPP lawsuits, censure or expulsion from your university, attacks for sponsoring museum exhibits, or even “four hots and a cot” in a jail or a faraway gulag.

Thankfully, there are excellent antidotes: books by climatologists Roy Spencer, Patrick Michaels, Jennifer Marohasy, Tim Ball, political observer Marc Steyn and others; and websites like,, and Global Warming Policy, for example.

Inconvenient Facts

For a concise, yet comprehensive, and eminently readable lay guide to real climate science, geologist Gregory Wrightstone’s Inconvenient Facts: The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know may meet your needs. Its 123 pages are organized into two sections and 30 easily understood chapters, written in plain English and complimented by over 100 colorful charts, graphs, tables and illustrations, covering all the common climate issues, fears and myths.

The book is capped off by a handy list of 60 inconvenient facts that eviscerate alarmist dogma, and 15 pages of references. As Lord Christopher Monckton’s says in his foreword, Wrightstone has succeeded “splendidly” in reliably distinguishing myths from realities in the climate debate.

The opening section devotes 54 pages to explaining greenhouse and climate basics, showing how carbon dioxide is huge in planetary life but minuscule on the climate front, skewering the myth of a 400 ppm CO2 “tipping point,” analyzing climate models versus real world measurements of global temperature, and showing why and how water vapor plays such a vital and dominant role in weather and climate.

Carbon dioxide, he notes, is essential plant food that makes forests, grasslands and crops grow faster and better, with less water, and thus able to feed more people from less land. Figure I-15 summarizes data from 3,586 experiments on 549 plant species and depicts how crop yields would increase and generate trillions of dollars in overall monetary benefits, if CO2 levels rose by 300 ppm. His analysis of the “hockey stick,” computer models and temperature predictions is equally illuminating.

Part II of Wrightstone’s book examines the many assertions and myths of a coming climate apocalypse, and demonstrates why they fail to meet basic standards of scientific evidence and integrity. The opening chapter demolishes the phony 97% “consensus” of scientists who supposedly agree that humans are now the primary cause of extreme weather and climate change, ushering in a catastrophic future. Subsequent chapters address famines, forest fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, melting ice packs, rising seas, polar bear populations, and other staples of climate alarmism.

“Ocean acidification,” he points out, is a term deliberately chosen to alarm people about an imaginary problem. Being honest, and saying seas might become very slightly less alkaline (have slightly lower pH levels) from more atmospheric and oceanic CO2 in the coming centuries, wouldn’t suffice. Worse, an oft-cited study ignored a full century of readily available data, and instead used computer models to fill in the contrived “gaps” on pH levels. As Wrightstone suggests, many people would call it Climate pHraud.

The bottom line? Scientists still do not understand the complexities of climate and weather. They still cannot separate human influences from the effects of powerful natural forces that have brought often profound climate changes throughout history. There is no evidence of a coming climate cataclysm.

Spending trillions of dollars – and condemning billions of people to expensive, insufficient, unreliable, land and raw material gobbling wind, solar and biofuel energy – is not just unnecessary. It is immoral.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow ( and author of books and articles on energy and environmental policy.

18 thoughts on “Climate alarmism is still bizarre, dogmatic, intolerant”

  1. One should always remember that the vast majority of the so-called “luke warmer” sceptics still unreservedly support the unproven hypothesis revived by the IPCC and used to underpin their whole global warming/climate change meme !

    That unproven hypothesis is the “back radiative greenhouse effect” !

    Some of the “luke warmers” describe as “brain dead” people who question the validity of the unproven hypothesis making them actually worse than outright alarmists !

    If you accept the IPCC’s fundamental proposition regarding the unproven hypothesis then you actively acknowledging all of their “science” is VALID and their future scenarios are possible.

    Because of this the “luke warmers” have already lost the media “debate” – really they were never invited much because they were only arguing about how much climate change people are responsible for and that is a stupid argument !

    I do not support the unproven hypothesis of the “back radiative greenhouse effect” because I believe it is impossible and I believe that the alarmists have convincingly won the media and the public support !

    Trump is just a flash in the pan even if he wins another election – America will rejoin the rest of the world in this folly.

    Only a full blown ice age can stop the complete victory of the alarmist elitists.

    • Here is proof of waht I say about the stupidity of arguing that it won’t be too bad –

      Slide 6 says

      CO2 is a greenhouse gas and the greenhouse effect is real.

      If you believe this then the IPCC has hundreds of scientists who state that the world “is toast”.

      To argue against this – that the world “is toast” – whilst saying – “CO2 is a greenhouse gas and the greenhouse effect is real.” is simply the stupidest argument I have ever heard !

      Of course the “back radiative greenhouse effect” isn’t real – the maximum noon temperature on the Moon proves it is nonsense !

      The stupidity of this position – kinda like claiming one is only a little bit pregnant – is the reason the alarmists have convincingly won the media and the public support !

    I tried to purchase the book “Inconveniet Facts: The Science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know “ from Amazon, but it was “conveniently “ out of stock!! Ok … so I actually want the Kindle version but imagine that, it too is unavailable do to problems with the printer, and so they say, copyright problems not allowing sale to me in the USA .
    Is this just more BS manipulation, or what? Do you know Robert, any of the other readers of your website? Frustrated…
    Rusty Johnson

    • imagine that…an electron shortage at amazon..
      sorta smelly skulduggery afoot methinks;-)
      i DO hope you have a blog/twitter/fecesbook spot where you can spread the word and make them look as pathetic as they are by trying to block readership
      farenheit 451 anyone?

  3. “The opening section devotes 54 pages to explaining greenhouse and climate basics, ” Pity they didnt read the paper “Falsification of the Green House Gas theory within the framework of Physics”! And Slaying the Sky dragon. ec. But its better than nothing to have a true (except for the GHG bit) Klimate reference.

  4. Hard to believe after Climategate that our governments are still spending money on this hoax.

    Have we lost our governments?

    • They cant tax water in its vapour form- the Primary GHG, but they can tax Hydrocarbons, and the by products of its energy release, CO2, by heavy taxes(levies) on consumers, regardless of the abilitiy to pay,
      However, the law of unintended foulups has bitten them in the rear.
      Becuase of the now excessive cost of energy all that gainfull employment, the jobs that provided them, and productive assets and captial which funded them has moved off shore, using the free movement of capital which Globalisation provides for.
      Every Green loving Western propagander fed democracy is massivly in Debt, and is frankly bankrupt. Jam to day Green socalism/NIMBYism has worked its magic.

    • “YES” we have Eric !

      And that’s a fact !!!

      And the “People” deserve it…

      “Stupidity” deserves reward !!

  5. Well, it’s not what I expect, and I don’t expect snow to the coast of California weeks after Groundhog day ends a normal winter! Plus, even when it’s average temperature, the air seems to have a chilly edge to it lately I can’t quite explain.

  6. All the answers are here and Rosco is 100% correct to point the finger at those luke-warmers, as is it they who underwrite the basic “science” of “back-radiation greenhouse effect” warming”.
    Once energy has been used, as in the sun’s radiation warming earth’s surface, it can not be used for re-warming that same surface. It’s so basic and so simple but of course there is no money in the truth! (peer reviewed) (peer reviewed)
    Get the facts, make the right decision.

  7. This I found on the website of the publisher:
    Item Under Review
    This book is currently unavailable because there are significant quality issues with the source file supplied by the publisher.

    The publisher has been notified and we will make the book available as soon as we receive a corrected file. As always, we value customer feedback.

  8. Following Al Gore’s logic, when the Earth leaves this inter-glacial and goes back into the deep freeze of the two million year ice age we have been in, everything will burn up!

  9. The Bigger the Whopper the Easier the Sell.
    Some Govts want to Tax overtaxed masses.
    Some Govts want to halt industrial output of others

  10. “Bitter cold is ‘exactly what we should expect’ from the global warming ‘crisis,’ said Climategeddon expert Al Gore.”

    MeanWhile Gore predicted Warming .. not Bitter Cold!

    It’s ‘Bitter cold’, and Gore pretends we can/must Cool this Planet further with 10’s of Trillions of Tax Dollars?

  11. ALL of the sceptics subscribe to this – ALL OF THEM –

    “CO2 is a greenhouse gas and the greenhouse effect is real.”

    As I said the IPCC has hundreds of scientists worldwide telling all governments that man is responsible for climate change and there is not ONE sceptic who disagrees !

    They argue about how much, they all say “CO2 is a greenhouse gas and the greenhouse effect is real”, and therefore they ALL acknowledge the IPCC is probably right !

    What politician in their right mind isn’t going to believe the IPCC when ALL of the sceptics say “CO2 is a greenhouse gas and the greenhouse effect is real” ???

    The sceptics are responsible for losing the media and the public – the chance of stopping this insanity is gone – Only a full blown ice age can stop the complete victory of the alarmist elitists.

  12. Which makes one aggressively look deeper as to the next narrative the MSM will try to bulldog unlearned and dumb downed people; that being the Flat Earth Theory. This old dogma introduced and enforced by the RCC during the dark ages in an attempt to control not just celestial sciences but all sciences in general, with no debates nor printing of doctrine other than the prescribed foundations allowed as truth.
    The MSM is already giving time to these named “Flat Earthers” and a supposed Biblical connection proving a theory that the Earth has a dome, with no satellites, no Moon mission, no ships to Mars. I am inclined to believe that if taken far enough by the powers of darkness and hate the presented the “Global Warming Theory” to the world will(many already have) jump on this wagon in a bold attempt to control the masses seeing that the cry wolf syndrome of warming is quickly coming to a bitter end, namely for those making the monies from green industry funding.

    Has the path been laid for history to once again repeat itself, will an evil body of religious fanatics that facilitate the use of slavery and cult rituals rule over the masses during this GSM?

    Are quickly entering an age of think for yourself and you will be punished? Perhaps I underestimated this movement, thinking it would dissipate as quickly as its founding. The passive/aggressive doctrine they are using now has surprisingly to myself gained traction and is attracting people whom are asking me questions that one never would have thought as being associated to believing in such propaganda!

    The world has indeed been turned upside down, with the Christian Religion(not faith) leading the way into dogma and unproved sciences!

    Think I will go hide myself inside my domed closet of quietness for a season haha.

    Good day

  13. The realists are finally winning. It has taken us twenty years and the unmistakable signs of the beginning of a predicted cooling climate. All thanks to a solar minimum that is what it took to do it, but we are winning. The alarmists are looking for a new enemy, as Co2 is now seen in the beneficial light it always should have been by most normal people.
    Look out plastics !! They are made from oil which is the actual enemy of the left wing alarmists.

  14. Ok now lets make it simple —

    Consider we have 10,000 particles (molecules and atoms if you must) of normal air. Within this air there are 3 CO2 particles. Sun shines on them and everyone is happy.
    We now change things slightly —
    We still have 10,000 particles (molecules and atoms if you must) of normal air but now we have 4 particles of CO2 in there, the sun shines on them, and PAP!! suddenly for some weird and dumb reason people believe this amount of CO2 will now start to overheat the rest of the air!

    Sensible? :-\
    Of course not but that is the implication of the IPCC assertion that 280ppm to 300 ppm CO2 is OK but over 400ppm is not.

    And if this nonflammable gas ever gets to 8 CO2 particles in 10,000 then the world will burn! (say the cAGW lunatics).Ok now lets make it simple —

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