Climate Catastrophe Cancelled – Videos

What you’re not being told about the science of climate change.

These three videos are incredibly important. Please take time to watch them if you can.

Climate Catastrophe Cancelled – Part 1

Climate Catastrophe Cancelled – Part 2

Climate Catastrophe Cancelled – Part 3

2nd Edition 2008 – Friends of Science

Thanks to Andrew Stranglen for these videos

17 thoughts on “Climate Catastrophe Cancelled – Videos

  1. Excellent videos Andrew and watching them has answered a lot of questions for me. If it wasn’t for this website I’d have never seen them. So I want to thank you for posting them and also thank Robert for all the work he’s doing.

  2. NEWS Tip Bob..

    Lake Superior could still have ice in June

    4/29 – Lake Superior was still over 60 percent ice-covered on Saturday. On Wednesday, Lake Superior had 68 percent ice cover. According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, the previous highest amount of ice on that date was in 1979, when there was 38 percent ice cover.

    The ice on Lake Superior is currently almost twice as much as recorded for this late date in the ice season. The records go back to 1973.

    On Wednesday, Lake Michigan still had 15 percent ice cover. The highest amount in the records on that date was five percent in 1979. This means Lake Michigan has three times the previous highest ice amount on April 23.

    Lake Huron was still reporting 25 percent ice, with the previous late season high at 11 percent in 1996. Lake Erie melts quicker due to the shallow nature, but still had 7.6 percent ice on April 23. Previously on that date the highest amount of ice was three percent in 1978. Lake Ontario still has eight-tenths of one percent ice cover. That’s not much, but it is still more than the six-tenths it had in 1977.

    The entire Great Lakes system still reported 35 percent ice cover this past Wednesday. The closest amount of ice at this late date was 16 percent in 1979.

    Looking at the high ice years of 1977, 1978, 1979, 1994, and 1996. In a few of those years Lake Superior still had one-tenth of one percent ice covered on May 31. Given Lake Superior has nearly double its late-season ice amount, ice could still be on Lake Superior in June this year.

    That would be a neat thing to see, but I’m not sure most of us would want to see ice in June.

    Mark Torregrossa, MLive

  3. Excellent videos Andrew, everyone needs to see these, particularly school children who are at present bombarded with the biased AGM view dished out in schools.

  4. Many thanks. I’ll be sharing these with some friends of mine who are still clinging tenaciously to their enshrined copies of An Inconvenient Truth. Hope these videos can make a difference.

  5. Excellent work! Much more critical evidence is coming to the fore at present, but is too recent to have been included in these videos, such as the record sea ice coverage all through the recently ended Antarctic summer, and continuing now, as the southern ocean sea ice has begun to expand again as winter approaches down under. Not to mention the off-the-scale ice coverage of the Great Lakes this winter and spring in the Northern hemisphere.

  6. Superb videos which demonstrates there is no scientific evidence of AGW, as I and others have been saying for years. It is about time Al Gore and his acolytes are exposed as mendacious political crooks.

  7. a nice simplified series.
    getting it INto schools or anywhere doubtful
    the teachers AND the governments are biased TO AGW,
    so clips like this..will be ignored.
    reckon we need to do what Gore did, and make copies available for free screenings all over the place.

  8. Check the calculations? Misconceptions? There are none of either! They have an agenda and are using climate change as the driving force for their goals. They know their science is wrong, they know their data is bad, but they still press the lie as good social engineers and socialists and communists have been doing for decades. Global warming isn’t a mistake on a calculator, it isn’t a case of a lab experiment gone wrong. It is a manufactured fraud designed to shut down the industrial economies of the world in favor of one world governance, wealth redistribution and green fantasies. A lie told often enough and loud enough becomes the truth, and since the warmists own the vast majority of the propaganda media and control the conversation through manipulation of the public press in the long run they will win…

  9. As I’ve grown older I have lost much of my trust in science. I’ve grown much more cynical. The first question that comes to mind now is who is funding the particular documentation. When I was young America, specifically the US was the leader in scientific exploration, discovery, finding more efficient ways to do more work easier, etc. These were good videos and they display even more that US leadership is on the wane. It’s truly sad that the US seems more interested in off shoring industry to make short term gains to a microscopic few than to be in the forefront of tackling the problems of the future like it used to be.

    • I’ve notice that too actually. Obama is a total joke to scientific discover and humanity.

      I do agree we need to cut back on pollution but major cities in China has worse pollution and often go on level 3 emergencies when the air is stagnant.

      The air quality is so bad there you can’t tell if you are inside or out because it all smells the same and not a peep from the media!

      As Bush had said. The constitution is just a piece of paper.

      Too bad he was a fraud and pretended to oppose Global Warming propaganda just to play mind games.

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