“Climate change” a scheme for implementing world government

“Instead of a sane response to real climate change which indicates we are tilting toward an ice age, governments scramble to keep alive policies designed to manipulate and deceive the people.”
– Harold J. Satterfield

“Climate change” a scheme for implementing world government

By Harold J. Satterfield

Brexit is only the most obvious symptom of a more general problem that is deep rooted and probably cannot be fixed by politicians taking conventional measures.

The fact is that globalization is failing. It’s beginning a slow and at this point almost imperceptible drop toward the hard cobblestones below that can only accelerate, and when it finally hits bottom, it will break into a million pieces and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men won’t be be able to fix it.

Instead of a sane, measured response to real climate change which indicates we are tilting toward an ice age, little or otherwise, governments scramble to keep alive policies designed to manipulate and deceive the people, into implementing a scheme for world government and allocation of resources that is at its core unworkable and founded on false assumptions.

Brexit has greatly destabilized world markets and economies at a time when stability and calm are needed. The enormous burden of government debt created largely by the ivory tower academics who run the Federal Reserve and other agencies and central banks has created even more uncertainty and is consuming the energy of politicians who need to be dealing with more pressing problems, like surviving an extended period of cold and unstable climate.

“Fiat currency is more dangerous than nuclear bombs,” says a tweet quoted in the link below. The article pictures two US one dollar bills, one an old silver certificate, which was backed by real silver, and really could be exchanged for a silver dollar (I did it once!), and a Federal Reserve Note, which is backed by hot air.

Historically, the long term survival rate of fiat currencies is ZERO! None of them have ever survived for extended periods. We are heading for a major, major economic and political meltdown at a time when we need it least.

Look for more “Brexits, and worse, possibly far worse. Buy gold. Buy silver, Buy emergency food and water.


May you live in interesting time, but let’s hope they don’t get as interesting as I’m afraid they will!

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  1. Peru, July 8, 2016: Arequipa: At higher altitudes the cold goes down to -28 ° C. Arequipa SENAMHI predicts a new abrupt change in temperature for the fortnight of this month.
    If the cold feeling was very intense, we now expect even lower temperatures, according to alerted by the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi).
    This low will affect Arequipa city and essentially to the highlands of the provinces. SENAMHI technicians warned that this phenomenon will be felt in the fortnight of this month and will go up to 2 or 3 degrees Celsius in Arequipa, while at higher altitudes, will come down to 28 degrees below zero.
    COLD. So far in the highlands snow and frost have complicated the lives of all but two weeks of July for a more intense situation is expected.
    SENAMHI meteorologist, Jose Luis Ticona, said the cold sensation will be due to a sudden change part of the overall performance experienced so far.
    “For half of this month will fall sharply the temperature in the medium and high mountains. The changes will affect the city because it will drop to 2 or 3 degrees Celsius and at higher altitudes will decrease to 28 degrees below zero, “said the specialist .Cloudiness was seen yesterday, said that last until today, with minimal probability light precipitation.

  2. should’nt surprise anyone whos been paying any attention..silver as real not paper..golds oversold paperwise by 100 to one real if not more.
    silvers hit 20$ oz at least, up around 5 in the last week at least.
    so drygoods med supplies especially, and dont leave your money IN a bank
    bailins likely…I see at least 2 german banks looking like falling over..chain reaction follows usually.

    • Up until about 1964, all US $1.00 bills (notes), were “Silver Certificates,” that is they could be redeemed on demand for a silver dollar, and said as much on the face of the bill. When I was eleven or twelve years old, in the early ’60’s, I asked my father about this, and he said I could take a one dollar bill to any bank, and redeem it. I tried it. I walked into a local bank in a small town in Tennessee, gave a one dollar bill to a teller, and asked if I could get a silver dollar for it. The teller took the bill, left her station, returned in about five minutes and handed me a silver dollar. There were no questions, no forms, nothing. I left the bank with a silver dollar.

      You can’t do that in the US any more, and I doubt there is any place in the world where you can.

    • Silver at $20 is nothing. Try dividing the world economy or total M3 for the world by the trade-able real silver coin or bullion. 80+ trillion US divided by 1 to 5 billion ounces of silver. Discount the paper silver and fairy tale silver. Forget about the GSR.
      The financial world as we know it is a lie and a fairy tale and it is designed to cheat investors and owners. Get the real deal , be stubborn and dare to think big.

    • I believe last month we actually went through a period of days with no sunspots

    • It is correct if you count every blemish as a spot. There is a suspicion however, that Locarno manufactures spots, as to be first, of the first in spot counting. NASA of course, dose its own thing.
      However, many of the spots cannot be seen with a 40MM optic. This is the difference between a historical comparison with previous Grand Solar Minimums, and the NASA Hubris of; we are masters of the universe, at least since, they got their rockets right to launch the Mercury heroes, and get them back alive. Being an Astronaut is still the ultimate dangerous blood sport.
      45 years is not a long period of time when you consider that the period between Solar Grand Minimums is 172 years, or Sun’s disturbed orbital period is 1500 years, its complementary ordered orbital period is the same 1500 year period, and an Interglacial ranges from 10,000 to 20000 years.
      45 years is nothing more than a micro dot on a page of Solar Climate events for the last 2.5 million years since the Southern Polar region gained an Ice Cap with the Northern Ice Cap being in place as the difference, as to being in an Ice Age, as now, or not.

  3. The EU used a natural movement towards globalization to grab power, taking sovereignty from Nations and this was a common fear early on when it was simply a trade agreement.
    The EU did it wrong but the coming world government will learn from their mistake. What appears to be a decentralized structure that rules from local councils in your area will nevertheless have an all encompassing central bureaucracy behind the scenes. This will work well in the “western democracies” (for a few years) but not at all in the non democs like China who will pay lip service only.
    The system will simply be an International version of the kind of poverty and chaos we see in the Socialist countries now.

  4. “What goes up must come down.” Sir Issac Newton. That would apply to the global economy also.

  5. Intense cold and frost in Minas Gerais (tropical Brazil). July 8, 2016. Frost under cold to -3.1 ° C is observed between Camanducaia, Delfim Moreira and Maria da Fé, MG
    Minas Gerais southern counties recorded intense cold and wide frost formation between dawn and morning of Friday (08).
    Although the official organs of Brazilian Meteorology – Weather Forecasting and Climate Studies Center of the National Institute for Space Research (CPTEC / INPE) and the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) – have not issued weather warning, which would be very important to the population mainly farmers, the phenomenon occurred even with moderate intensity in the regions of Camanducaia and Maria da Fé.
    pastures and grassy areas dawned frozen in addition puddles and small streams. The crops of vegetables were the most affected, according to the city of Camanducaia. The same was observed in the city of Delfim Moreira.
    meteorological data
    automatic weather stations operated by Inmet recorded minimum temperature of -1.8 ° C in Camanducaia and -1.1 ° C in Maria da Fé. However, a private automatic weather station has measured minimum temperature of -3.1 ° C in Maria da Fé.

  6. 18 years of no global warming! Yet some of my idiot alarmist friends say “but the trend since the 1800s has been going upward so how can we not say we are not causing this warming over the past 100 years. Do you know what I say to that? I say BULLSHiT! I say BULLSHIT because these idiots like algore who run the man made global warming parade were the Same morons who claimed that there was going to be an ice age in the 1970s and claimed that by the end of the 20th century there will be no food and we would all starve and die! Did that happen? No! Are we dead? No! Has the whole damn earth become a frozen wasteland including equilateral regions? No! And it’s been going on and on for the last century as the climate changes so do the scare tactics. In the late 1700s to early 1800s they were complaining about an ice age and suddenly in the 1930s it was switched to global warming because the earth started to warm! Then in the 50s “the earth is cooling again and an ice age is going to come! 10 years later they found themselves with egg on their face so what did they do? They did the good old switchero back to global warming! Then in the 70s oops ice age! Then the 80s and 90s global warming and then when the global warming pause begun they didn’t just use the word global warming because it sounded to obvious so instead they switched it to what is now known more to be called Climate Change! Poof! Now we can use this magical word if people blame global warming to cause it to be cool, rain or snow and blame it on whatever we want! The IPCC were dead wrong about the global warming over the last 18 years. According to them we should be much higher then we actually are! But are we? NOPE!!! Why? Because they are all full of shit! And now when this cooling really starts to become obvious they’ll probably say something like:

    “Well folks it appears the affects on man made global warming have wared off because all the oceans are absorbing not but don’t worry! 20
    Years from now the oceans will have absorbed so much co2 that they can’t hold anymore and the rest will go into the atmosphere causing another period of you guessed it! Man made global warming! And it’s back and this time it’s not going anywhere! Told you we were right! Hardy hardy hardy har!

    • If you check on the relationship between the warming and cooling events over the last 1500 years, you will see that they are in step, with a 10 to 20 year lag, with the increase and decrease of the Sun’s energy being emmitted.
      TSI may well not vary by more than 1% during a Solar Warm Period but it sure dose during a Grand Solar minimum period.
      The driver is Gravity and the Sun’s orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre, the energy variation come from the Sun’s varing orbit around it, as it moves in conjunction with the other 5 large mass objects in the Solar System.
      The fifth is the possible Ort cloud Gs Giant.

    • The warming effect of CO2 is not linear as we have been led to believe but logarithmic decreasing in proportion to saturation which occurrs around 250 ppm so adding more from here (405ppm) will do near nothing. The models do use this log but they are easily tweeked this way or that to show whatever the “scientists” want. The best example is Venus and Mercury which both have the same surface temperature but one is %98 CO2 and the other has none.

    • As a farmer,if our testing indicated our crop was as deficient in some other nutrient as it is CO2,we’d immediately take the appropriate steps to correct the problem

  7. The symptoms of the UN’s process that started many years ago —

    “If we don’t change, our species will not survive… Frankly, we may get to the point where the only way of saving the world will be for industrial civilization to collapse.” </blockquote?
    Maurice Strong, September 1, 1997 edition of National Review magazine”

    Who was Maurice Strong — http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=Maurice_Strong and so much more.

  8. “governments scramble to keep alive policies designed to manipulate and deceive the people” ?

    Because that is their goal and that is what they “must” do, it is a calling that they are required to fulfill and it is absolutely and totally “Anti” spiritual (Life) because their calling comes from something “Anti” to its core and I mean “Anti” to ANY and EVERY THING !

    Living or Dead !!

    “Globalization is failing” ?

    You need to think that one over (Through) again !!!

    This “Globalization” [Will] happen, it was said and written thousands of years ago and that which could stop it won’t until Planet Earth is absolutely and completely devastated, and that too was said and written “thousands” of years ago !!!

    What is truly amazing is that everyone has no recollection of it, even after being told about it decade after decade, century after century, millennia after millennia, and still completely “blind” of it ???

    “Brexit (Britain) has greatly destabilized world markets and economies” ?

    It does seem as if finally Great Britain has a soul, best thing they could have ever done and I didn’t think that they had that in them !


    One (1) is out, Two (2) more to (Will) follow and now it’s up to figuring out who the other two will be ?

    This ain’t going to get better People, it’s about to get much much worse, on a “Global” and “Extreme” (Incomprehensible is the Word) scale !!

    “Remember” what is to come, the United States will soon turn over their sovereignty [[[(Recent Supreme Court Justice’s from guess who ?, President Obama, have already stated that the “correct” thing to do is for the United States to “submit” its self to foreign Courts and that the U.S. Constitution should (Must) be adjusted accordingly so again it’s just a matter of time and Hillary, via at least to new Ultra Fanatical Left Wing Marxist Supreme Court Justices “will” make sure that Obama’s “fundamental” change is completed, AND, Americans are sooooo damn “Stupid” that they will race to the polls come November to vote to their own destruction)]]], then comes a [One World Government] directed from Western Europe (Probably out of Ancient Rome) then quickly into a [One World Religion] of which if you’re still here to see it, You had “better” agree with it or…

    Umm, Ya !

    And all these Climate/Global/Radical/Matters/Islam/Marxist/Leftist/Mason/Celebrity/Revolution/Transgender/ (I can keep on going but it is a “waist” of energy) will soon “run” to the New Global Tattoo shops to be the first to receive the “New” Technology “Stamps” on the their Right “forehand” or on their “forehead” to make their currency less World so much more entertaining and fulfilling !!!

    And the Tattoo/Stamps/Implants will have a “FOREVER” no-money-back guarantee to remain on them as a reminder of just how bad existence can get on a “Ultra” wish-i-never-existed eternity time scale where a “Universally” multi-dimensional Warming/Heat-Wave never goes away, forever !!!!!! !!!!!! !!!!!!

    “It’s the final count down”

    Whether you like Geico or not !

    Suffice to say that it’s not good to be on their side of the coin where Tails always, ALWAYS, Fails…


    P.S. In the mean time, pray for Global Warming, that is, so “We” the People don’t have to suffer for something that we had absolutely “no” control of in the first place…….

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