Climate change has forced Santa to find a new home, says David Suzuki – Video

What a sleaze ball – Talk about screwing with children’s heads.

Can there be any question as to what these  warming mongers are all about?

Send me your money. Send me your money. Send me your money.

“Give generously,” says Suzuki. “The future of winter may depend on it.”

Is there no limit to what these people will do in their quest for money and power?

If this video becomes blocked, you can also view it here:

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“Are AGW alarmists this desperate?” asks James. “What are children to make of this nonsense? Santa and his elves are treading water at the north pole?”

Open water at the North Pole is a natural occurrence.

May 16, 1926 : Open Water At The North Pole

1962 : Open Water At The North Pole

North Pole 18 may 1987

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31 thoughts on “Climate change has forced Santa to find a new home, says David Suzuki – Video”

  1. Recently David Suzuki took part in the occupy Vancouver movement. Perhaps he could further his cause by taking his fellow global warming alarmists and go occupy the north pole.

  2. if you send me a couple of million I will global warming go away, I’ll even act retrospectivly and make it go away fifteen years ago

  3. Is there no limit to what these people will do in their quest for money and power?

    None at all!
    I thought I would keep it simple and to the point.

  4. You want some info on Canada’s God of science – get hold of Dr. Timothy Ball – these 2 have almost been at war with each other. Suzuki wants the world’s population reduced to 20% of current numbers or the world is lost – have you heard that before? He’s not as powerful as Maurice Strong – another Canadian product. I think Suzuki is still mad about Canada locking up his parents during WWII – understandable but that doesn’t give him the right to lie to our children.

  5. I agree Kornel!!!
    Mainstream Media like CNN/Fox/Sky is also all lies.These channels just give me high blood pressure
    Like the “Road to Durban” its easy to manipulate people’s brains that hasn’t got the faitest idea of what’s going on?
    If I look at the black friday in the US and the voting for Democrats and Republicans,[ where are the other parties?] then I can see the majority of the population is brainwashed already!
    There are a few that knows something is wrong somewhere but they don’t have the sufficient info/capability to fight this?

  6. hmm?
    although we know he lies..this one is a ripper.
    he is NOT at the north pole,
    where its wandered to lately I suspect icefloes arent an event?
    I could be wrong, BUT he states he IS there, he isnt.
    truth in advertising?
    truth re AGW?
    Nil score to both.
    wonder how many fools give him their money??

  7. Who is this IDIOT? I believe he must be one of Al Gore’s elves?

    Santa Claus exits, Al Gore is a fake.

  8. Who is this IDIOT? I believe he must be one of Al Gore’s elves?

    Santa Claus exists, Al Gore is a fake.

  9. That is about as disgusting as I’ve seen in a while. What a low-life jerk. There is another one, a radio commercial for the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. They have a new exhibit, Our Polar Regions In Peril. The announcer talks normally about other things to see but then urges you to come to that exhibit. His voice lowers and gets a quiver in it. It’s almost like he’s saying, “Please bring your children so we can scare them to death and make them blame their parents for destroying the planet”. These people are sick and have to go. I’m through being nice. Our way of life and possibly survival is at stake. Liberals are slime and have to be stopped.

  10. My new order would be to immediately burn down all public schools and universities across the country and arrest and deport all rich liberals for treason and conspiracy. They are nothing but institutions run by the mentally insane. When the teachers are absent, they then turn to the mainstream news for their substitute teacher, which is also run by the criminally insane. That’s why we keep witnessing the dumbing down process of America, unfortunately. The way our kids are being brainwashed by this ongoing insanity means that we will not survive the next ice age or magnetic reversal at all. Yes, stupidity will kill us all. It will lead to our total extinction unless we wake up RIGHT HERE AND NOW.

  11. This egotistical hypocrite is despised in Canada, the country he calls home. He tours across the country with only one other person besides the driver in a belching deisel bus and lives in a huge B.C. mansion with a full glass front so he has a constant view of the ocean with no regard for how inefficient it is for heating and cooling. He has no remorse over his own massive carbon footprint but everyone else should cut and sacrifice on his word? Ha! We just tune his goofy nonsense out. He is a national disgrace as well as a national joke.

  12. I am 25 years old, I remember going through the school system in Ontario hearing about all the great things he does for the environment. I actually did have a lot of respect for him but now that hes producing this garbage and is still on the global warming band wagon and driving up our energy costs. I have lost any respect I once had for him. Oh yeah some reports say he drives and SUV around. In the end it least the band wagon hes on is soon to crash either way with the coming ice age.

  13. Not only are global warming and Suzuki a bunch of fakes but so is the video. According to the tv news report it was made in a studio using matte screen special effects.

  14. The earth warms and cools NATURALLY! Just on the news recently plans were announced to build tens of thousands of windmills all over the UK. What an eyesore and a blight on the landscape. All in the name of ‘green’ energy target diktats set by the European Union.

    • I wounder how much energy is used and emissions emitted in creating them along with the cost vs how long it takes to get everything back.

  15. In other news, parents have been lying about Santa for hundreds of years, while overcompensating said kids with presents, rather than presence….what’s one more lie?

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