Climate Change Helped Destroy Ancient Civilizations – With No Help From Your SUV

Short video totally proves my point, that NATURALLY occurring climate change destroyed civilizations. This video, put out by the World Economic Forum, tells of the collapse of the Maya civilization, the collapse of the Mesopotamian civilization, the collapse of the Khmer Empire, and more recently, the collapse of the Viking culture in Greenland.

I guess the video is trying warn us about the perils of man-made global warming. But it falls far short of that goal, because remember, some of these collapses came during periods of COOLING, not warming.


Here a few of the excellent comments about this video:

“Here’s five examples of pre-industrial climate change. But this time climate change is totally man-made. You just have to trust us.”
– BattleSwarm

“All of these predate fossil fuel use. So what your saying is extreme climate change is a cyclical thing. Got it.”
– Scott Paterno

“If this can happen naturally, then I’ll take my chances with fossil fuels! Greatest natural resource in our history, and we haven’t found a sustainable replacement yet.”
– Lucas Sorge

Thanks to the World Economic Forum for showing us that naturally occurring climate change destroyed civilizations. Fortunately, since there is no more naturally occurring climate change, beware of man-made climate change.”
– Mike Lyddon

So you’re saying it’s natural climate change that destroys the world? Or are you saying a Carbon tax would’ve saved the Mayans and Vikings?
– Jose Menendez

We need to correct the problem that destroyed the Viking civilizations of Greenland. I suggest we heat up the Earth some more, until the Greenland Ice Pack is gone.
– John Hitchcock

This graph shows the last four warm periods:
Please note that civilizations flourished during periods of warming and collapsed during periods of cooling.

Which do you prefer?
Warming, and civilization advance?
Or cooling, and civilization collapse?

And this graph shows temperature variations over the past 10,000 years:

Here’s where I found the World Economic Forum video:

18 thoughts on “Climate Change Helped Destroy Ancient Civilizations – With No Help From Your SUV”

  1. David Dubyne has also discussed this a lot on his YouTube channel Adapt2030. Every great civilization in history (including those not remembered) most likely fell due to climate changes and cycles related to the sun and solar system. We grow our populations during periods of warmth, we cannot support those same populations during periods of cold. History repeats.

  2. Carbon (dioxide) tax will destroy ALL civilizations faster than any (supposed) warming ever will. Therefore we will get CO2 tax PLUS an ice age..bye bye

    • Co2 always lags temperature, its cold in autumn, winter and spring, drought conditions which cause famine. Famine causes non energy civilisations to fail. Steam energy power Western Nations during the last GSM famine time of Dalton were not affected, but India, China and South East Asia were and millions died.
      Millions in the West will die if AOC gets their way and removes base load carbon energy from the peoples use, reserving what left for the few masters of the universe at the head of the UN.

  3. to my opinion one isn’t able and capable to foresee what will happen and what happened. In both cases there are shortcomings in knwoledge and experiences. The present situation is marked by the convince that science can predict and therefore government can control by using science and making the control effective by taxation. Despite it will cost multiple of tenth of billions of usd’s which will may be crack ‘the economy’.

  4. Warming, lovely benign warming, we need 3C more off it, to put off what is coming.
    We are at the tipping point in geological 2 millennium time scales, facing an abrupt drop off in the abyss of a 140K year glaciation period

  5. Not sure if I should mention other here but on Youtube there are videos posted which have highlighted this for a while search for Adapt2030 and it is so clear.

  6. Mayan burnt people in sacrifices = C02

    The Vikings burnt sheep dung = C02

    The Romans burnt slaves = C02

    We burn dead Dinosaurs in our F150 Pickups = C02

    It was these actions, by MAN, that caused the Climate Change……

    See, this all makes perfect sense………….

  7. Could be wrong, warm isn’t necessarily bad. Generally helps civilization? It’s currently snowing around noon in New Mexico in April basicslly. No idea why. And Maryland, and Lake effect snow everywhere around the Great Lakes. I csn see why they are setting so many record highs.

  8. Sorry but I cannot accept that climate change is the only thing that can bring civilization to its knees. I will list all the things I can think of that can hasten decay. One of them seldom exists alone. It is usually a combination of many causative factors:-

    acts of God e.g. earthquakes, tsunami’s
    extinction events e.g. Earth hit by an asteroid

    lack of land for a population that’s grown too big
    civil war
    ethnic cleansing
    over exploitation of natural resource eg cutting down forests

    economic mismanagement
    dishonest politicians
    unfair taxation
    irresponsible political movements e.g. communism, fascism

    religious fundamentalism, cults, jihadists, terrorists
    outside armies trying to conquer you and extend their empire
    you trying to extend your own empire beyond what is reasonable.

    widespread addiction to alcohol, drugs, junk food (I like whisky)
    medical error, vaccine misuse
    legal issues, political correctness,

    inbreeding, Aztec kings did this

    mass unemployment
    lack of education and opportunity
    keeping people enslaved never gainfully employed.

    witchcraft, satanism, ritual abuse, magic spells that all go wrong
    delusional beliefs spread by a media that should know better
    Facebook and Twitter ruling our lives

  9. I have to admit, this video is priceless in that it actually doesn’t prove anything at all. It doesn’t make their case, and it doesn’t destroy their case either. It does, however, admit that “climate change” has always been, and most likely always will be.

    If you go along with the description of what was supposed to have happened at the “KT Boundary event,” the Earth attempted to create the Venus atmosphere, but it didn’t hold up. It appears, then, there can be no runaway greenhouse effect that can get us there either, as natural processes reverted Earth back to its terrestrial ways from far worse than the amount of carbon dioxide being created from burning carbon fuels.

    That we are trending towards a cooler period is almost a given. The fluctuations in temperatures suggest that. Those who continue to deny that are the problem. Whether we are on the cusp of a return to the ice ages, or are just dropping towards a Maunder type period is still a question. As another commenter stated, the problem with science, and thus humanity, is that we only think we know the past, and use that imperfect knowledge to divine the future. The only thing we really know, then, is the now, and maybe yesterday a little bit. But last week?

  10. Was -4oC here last night and snowed. Everything is white and frozen and its April.
    While we do occasionally get a little snow in April its usually not so cold. Ad tonight could see temps going down as low as -6 to -8oC.
    March was cold here too after a warm winter.

  11. They’re so stupid. Don’t they realise that they’re actually contradicting themselves? They go on about the fact that climate change can cause civilisations to break down, show us lots of good examples, also showing that it’s cyclic. And then they say MAN MADE climate change. Duh! So was there supposed to be a time when climate change just stopped and would never have occurred again until we started causing it? Was this video article written by an idiot?

  12. Just by luck, I happened to find a new DVD … a movie called “Alpha”. It is set in the last Ice Age, where a young man is thought to have died during a hunt … but manages to survive, befriend an injured wolf, and find his way home at the onset of winter storms.

    It is very well done and gives you a clear visual of what life could actually be like if AOC, Al Gore, and the Paris Accord nuts get there way and destroy all economies and use of fossil fuels… and we get our next Ice Age.

  13. Love, Love, Love the Global warming crowd comments. All show denial isn’t just a river in Egypt. hahahahaha.
    Global Warming creeps, Will Not deal with global cooling, because they can’t give up the parasitic dream of getting a free ride in life from state imposed taxes on real people (and) real families that produce real things.
    Anyone care to make a wager that a plurality of global warming creeps are childless.

  14. According to ice core records, the last millennium 1000AD – 2000AD has been the coldest millennium of our current Holocene interglacial. This point is more fully illustrated with ice core records on a millennial basis back to the Eemian warm period 120,000 years ago, here:
    Our current, warm, congenial Holocene interglacial, although cooler than the Eemian, has been the enabler of mankind’s civilisation for the last 10,000 years, spanning from mankind’s earliest farming to recent technology. Viewing the current Holocene interglacial on a century by century and on a millennial basis is realistic. But it seems that, driven by the need to continually support the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming thesis / religion Climate scientists and Climate alarmists examine the temperature record at too fine a scale, weather event by weather event, month by month, or year by year.
    However, from the broader perspective, each of the notable high points in the current 11,000 year Holocene temperature record, (Holocene Climate Optimum – Minoan – Roman – Medieval – Modern), have been progressively colder than the previous high point.
    The ice core record from Greenland for its first 7-8000 years, the early Holocene, shows, virtually flat temperatures, an average drop of only ~0.007 °C per millennium, including its high point known as the “climate optimum”. But the more recent Holocene, since a “tipping point” at around 1000BC, 3000 years ago, has seen temperature fall at about 20 times that earlier rate at about 0.14 °C per millennium.
    The Holocene interglacial is already 10 – 11,000 years old and judging from the length of previous interglacial periods, the Holocene epoch should be drawing to its close: in this century, the next century or this millennium.
    Nonetheless, the slight and beneficial warming at the end of the 20th century to a Modern high point has been transmuted by Climate alarmists into the “Great Man-made Global Warming Alarm”.
    The recent warming since the end of the Little Ice Age has been wholly beneficial when compared to the devastating impacts arising from the relatively minor cooling of the Little Ice Age, which include:
    • decolonisation of Greenland
    • Black death
    • French revolution promoted by crop failures and famine
    • the failures of the Inca and Angkor Wat civilisations
    • etc., etc.
    As global temperatures, after a short spurt at the end of the last century, have already been showing stagnation or cooling over the last nineteen years or more, the world should now fear the real and detrimental effects of cooling, rather than being hysterical about limited, beneficial or probably now non-existent further warming.
    Warmer times are times of success and prosperity for man-kind and for the biosphere. For example, during the Roman warm period the climate was warmer and wetter so that the Northern Sahara was the breadbasket of the Roman empire.
    But the coming end of the present Holocene interglacial will eventually again result in a mile-high ice sheet over much of the Northern hemisphere.
    As the Holocene epoch is already about 11,000 years old, the reversion to a true ice age is becoming overdue. That reversion to Ice Age conditions will be the real climate catastrophe.
    With the present reducing Solar activity, significantly reduced temperatures, at least to the level of another Little Ice Age are predicted quite soon, later in this century.
    Whether the present impending cooling will really lead on to a new glacial ice age or not is still in question. 

  15. Greetings to you Robert and others; The charts are a good visual but there would be a better impact to the information if overlaid on the major period history events. example…the expansion and decline of the STEM, social (farming, trade, poor moral choices), military (empire building, who took from who), political and religious rise and falls and the biggy – medical (plague, hygiene habits).
    From the “long in the tooth” vision of what it would look like, the “uneducated” in the histories could really “see”, that IF the natural earth cycles had not occurred (i.e. the Ice retreated, volcanos went to sleep) there wouldn’t be much here to discuss.
    Example: IF we hadn’t had glaciation and reduction of water levels, the North and South American continents would never have become populated thousand of years ago.
    The worlds populace seems to have lost the ability to understand that “climate change” is not the boogie man. What is, is the lack of being able adapt, overcome, and persevere.

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