Climate change is a multi-trillion-dollar fraud

“Man can do NOTHING about climate.”
– Dr Roger Higgs

Climate change is a multi-trillion-dollar fraud

Dr Roger Higgs

Climate has ALWAYS changed; ask any geologist. Climate is controlled by three factors: Earth’s orbital characteristics (Milankovitch); the Sun’s variations (Svensmark); and to a minor short-term degree by super-volcanic eruptions. Man can do NOTHING about climate.

Enjoy the few remaining decades of (beneficial) minor warming while they last (until about 2050) and, thanks to increased CO2, celebrate the greening of Earth and increased agricultural production to feed our 7 billion people. Poor controlled Greta needs to (A) go to school, (B) think for herself and (C) learn to smile.

‘Man-made global warming’ demolished in 500 words, by a geologist …

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  1. We have an ice age to worry about – right now!

    It’s ALREADY here since 2015 and we’re about to enter into a major one as well.
    And these ROTTEN frauds want us to starve and freeze to death by destroying our coal and nuclear power plants?????
    Note those lunatics are the same ones who told us that snow was a thing of the past by now in January!
    They need to drink a big glass of STFU!
    It now snows from September thru June in the lower 48 along with all-time record ice growth in Greenland.

  2. It is difficult to find a piece that shows what’s really happening that doesn’t get into name calling & buzz words. This one does a pretty good job of just explaining things.
    I can pass this on to someone who lives by the 24/7 msm’s corporate view on the world, she may actually read it ….

  3. The new normal… no big deal… nothing much in the MSM this time about the 2nd Beijing shutdown for the expected next Wavez Faze Too(s) (or soon to be just Wave X) of the ongoing soon to be multi-year normalized plandemic…

    Chinese Health authorities have entered what state media termed “wartime mode” in response. And…
    WHOooooo… Looks like Canadian salmon parasites in Beijing wet markets now got the Covid…
    Authorities in Beijing have described the city’s coronavirus outbreak as “extremely severe” as dozens more cases emerged. Samples of the virus were discovered on chopping boards used for imported salmon at the market, fuelling speculation it had come from abroad…On Tuesday, Zhao Lijian, spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, said Beijing had asked Canada to investigate parasites found in shipments of the fish. “The epidemic situation in the capital is extremely severe,” Beijing city spokesman Xu Hejian warned at a press conference. “Right now we have to take strict measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.”

    … meanwhile back in Canada… good ideas for all the fun you can have with all those toilet paper rolls piling up…

  4. Indeed. Climate alarmist always try to convince everyone that climate change has somehow never happened before or that the speed of the current change is somehow unprecedented, neither of these things are true. Anyone who has studied Earth’s climate history even a little understands that climate change is always happening and sometimes happens very quickly withing a few decades.

    • Jean, Hey, if butterflies can do it, why not? Btw, I’m still maskless & surprisingly, recently unchallenged. Since Memorial Day my whole neighborhood is maskless except when they go to the store. So, I guess the fear is wearing off.

      • In Georgia only COSTCO requires the have a mask. It’s the only place I wear one. Otherwise it’s optional. Even in COSTCO some people keep their nose out of it. I do too so it won’t fog my glasses.

  5. I’m listening to the WEF virtual meeting @ No fear of our dying of covid– the meeting could easily bore one to death. Nothing new, pushing the anticipated toxic actions buried in bureaucratese.

    Sounds like working towards “communitarianism,” which is the guaranteed income making all a dependent of govt. But not explicitly, that’d take awhile.

    They’re still call it a “crisis” instead of a “mistaken crisis”.

    A predominant concern seems to be “economic nationalism.” Therefore we need to strengthen internat’l orgs.

    Climate crisis, climate crisis. Govts have the ability to make the recovery greener and more equal. Not build back, build for the future. Less transportation of individuals.

    Fourth Industrial Revolution: Ubiquitous, mobile supercomputing. Intelligent robots. Self-driving cars. Neuro-technological brain enhancements. Genetic editing. The evidence of dramatic change is all around us and it’s happening at exponential speed.
    From Schwab’s book [4th Industrial Revolution] “characterized by a range of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds, impacting all disciplines, economies and industries, and even challenging ideas about what it means to be human.”

    Use our resources to even out economies of the world.

    Sorry, reached my limit. I’m sure someone else will summarize this drivel.

  6. one brief sunspot with a flare and
    back to none again SC25 is stil in hmm I dunno mode;-)
    and gee isnt the nth hem having a LOT of ice snow floods n hail this yr for summer?

    • Can only comment on the UK, but we have had an incredibly warm and sunny May (with two nights of frost in mid month), the drought which resulted has now abated somewhat with some welcome rain.

      We are not the NH, but there is no evidence of local cooling in the UK spring and early summer.

    • I don’t know what you think if you use Spaceweather, but I always feel that there is an underlying glee when a cycle 25 sunspot appears and they rush to say that the minimum is coming to an end only for the sun to go blank for another month. You could almost think that they know there is something bad about an extended solar minimum.

  7. You left out continental drift. Before the isthmus of Panama the climate worldwide was MUCH different.

  8. Considering nearly all co2 comes from cars,homes and people I would imagine the next thing would be ‘meat free Monday ‘ or some other codswallop to convince people there doing their bit

  9. Quote: “Considering nearly all co2 comes from cars, homes and people”

    Are you brainwashed? In the past CO2 level was close to 6 ppm and now is 4 ppm. CO2 is not poison, it is LIFE. More CO2 more food, more grass for cows, sheep,…..

    How about volcanoes? One good burp is more than people can emit. How about the oceans? Can you compare the CO2 the oceans release with cow fart?

    • I am assuming there is a mistake on the “ppm” you mentioned. It’s about 400 ppm now, not 4.

  10. Rhys, Central Coast California reporting “unseasonably cool for the past two years.”

    I wonder if you or someone could point me toward a link which explains why the next Ice Age is expected. I wasn’t able to access Robert’s last radio interview. I know there are certain cycles, which if repeated will all push towards cooling, but whatever I knew about this three years ago I’ve forgotten.

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