Climate Change is about overthrowing our economy – Video

Tucker Carlson confronts AOC adviser on agenda behind Green New Deal.

“The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change,” says Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC).

But is that true? Turns out that the Green New Deal is not about the environment at all. Turns out that AOC has been using climate change to overthrow capitalism.  It’s all about converting our economy to socialism. It’s about CONTROL! It’s about POWER!

Even if AOC’s assertions were a real threat, which they are not, there is no possible way to end all automobiles and air traffic in 12 years to save the planet.

In this video, Tucker Carlson takes on Robert Hockett, who advised Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the Green New Deal. But rather than speaking the truth, rather than admitting that the Green New Deal is using climate change to overthrow the entire economy, he calls it a ‘modernization’ of the economy. It’s all about destroying our way of life.

Thanks to Jack Hydrazine for this video


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  1. its a contsant source of mystery to me that so many HAVE admitted its NOT about climate at all but about removing those in power now and just replacing the same old setup with green noveau riche instead.
    the Club of Rome statement about making man mans own enemy set it up very clearly
    and yet you show or get get people to listen to the truth and they refuse to admit theres a problem
    the constant psyops daily hourly on their media saturated brains really has done a good job on em. fear is a powerful tool indeed.

  2. B”H Unfortunately, it’s hard to get Democrats off political issues long enough to explain the science to them. I am a Democrat by heredity but it is going up the down staircase and the furor over ‘Chasing Ice’ has made a basket case of me since there was a flood on the Front Range of Colorado in October 2013. I asked a certain family member, ‘has NOAA worked on this’ and her reply was ‘watch Chasing Ice. The only lesson to be learned from these floods, is ‘vote Democratic’.’. Well, I never did vote Republican, but that sounded mighty fishy to me. I responded that the reason we have a two-party system is that Democrats have certain specialties, and Republicans have certain specialties, and between the two parties, we can get the whole picture. It is a discussion. But understanding the science between the very hot weather, and then, the anomalously cold weather that presages a longer cold period, does not mean that Third World peoples should be left to die, because they don’t understand. It does not mean trickle-down economy, as opposed to equal opportunity for small capitalism. But it is really hard to get those highly partisan individuals who are part of the Democratic party to listen to the science. There is a Jonesville aura to this ‘global warming’ movement. Not only do we need to avoid drinking that green lemonade, we need to save Democrats and Third World peoples from drinking it too. Science accuracy needs to be re-established for the worldwide public, without insulting Mr. Gore or other ‘climate change’ leaders. We can do without the insults, just we need to get it done, be cogent and concise about it, and let EVERYONE know what is really happening, so that they can implement the best solutions for their respective ecosystems, micro-ecosystems, cultures, etc. If you realize how big the earth and oceans are, and how many ways there are, anyhow, to get off the planet, 8+ billion people is not too many for us to wish them all success in surviving and raising viable offspring! But to succeed they need to know the accurate science. Thanks for disseminating accurate science, which is empirically-based, and having taken the trouble to assemble cogent theories and make them available in highly readable and personable form.

    • Leah Altmann, you said: “Science accuracy needs to be re-established for the worldwide public, without insulting Mr. Gore or other ‘climate change’ leaders.”
      We paid and are still paying big money for AGW that is false.
      I’m not insulting anybody, just saying some truths….
      *Al Gore is a liar
      *Al Gore made predictions about climate that did NOT come true.
      *Al Gore got rich preaching lies
      *Al Gore got The Nobel Peace Prize for inaccurate “science” (by the way Obama does not deserve the Nobel Prize more then Gore)
      *Al Gore has no scientific qualifications period.
      And now you want us to forget everything and re-establish science accuracy forgetting years of lies and insults and threatens to “deniers” ???? You really are a democrat! Are you blond also?

  3. Some smart a$$ NASA ‘s scientists believe that Earth’s rotation is slowing down and it COULD cause major earthquakes.
    Well…it COULD?????????????

    *last Thursday Peru’s Ubinas volcano began erupting .

    *Wednesday (July 24) Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano had a powerful explosion

    *Indonesia’s volcano erupted near third-biggest city of Bandung on Friday (July 26)

    *Volcano eruption in Japan on July 26

    *Ash eruption on Mount Etna in Sicily, Italy on Saturday morning (July 27)

  4. Like I’ve been saying all the time..

    Leon Trotsky was a bitch, and his mindless followers are still sucking it up!

  5. If it is the economy the powers that be wish to overthrow why not get to the point and just identify all government and financial institutions and shut them down , fire the employees and erase or destroy all records or documents.
    There will be no laws, public records or any accounts and no minting or printing of currency. Game over. Everyone can go back to the stone age.

  6. Climate change is this gigantic hoax that got going when the global warming predictions failed – they came up some new memes to keep the scam alive. Global warming morphed into climate disruption, carbon pollution, and eventually climate change stuck.

    During this cultural insanity the life gas of Carbon Dioxide became a pollutant. New cars have warning labels with CO2 output and such. Yet no proof has ever been discovered proving humans are changing the climate or that 410 ppm CO2 is a problem.

    Climate change is not proven science, it is political propaganda for world government control. Humans are not changing the climate of earth for that is impossible. The sun drives the earth’s energy equation, solar radiation is 175,000 Terawatts/hour while human energy use is 160,000 Tw/year – 9400 times less.

    Politicians need money, they always need more money because the game of politics is to buy votes with someone else’s money. Those in need of grant money to keep the lab open played along, anyone wanting grant money soon found out that to get the grant approved you needed to link it to the political agenda of global warming/climate change.

    If you notice no one in the media dares even mention the overhead chemtrails which are disrupting local weather patterns. Chemtrails are blatantly obvious and no one in the MSM even talks about them yet unproved climate change is asserted every chance they can get.

    No one pushing climate change has even studied the effect of dumping millions of tons of chemicals into the atmosphere. Heck, we don’t even know why the government is spraying the atmosphere.

    • Got to keep up, Jack. The past few months, “climate change” has morphed into “climate crisis” and “climate catastrophe”.

      Have these folks never read the fable about, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”?

  7. Hey, if the glaciers and the govt don’t get ya, Fukushima (the elephant in the room) will eventually poison the whole earth.

    Not that it will have to do that singlehandedly, what with all the nuclear reactors built on earthquake faults and our current tectonic instability…

    What me worry?

    Have a nice day!

  8. The harping on the new green infrastructure is what I can’t understand. What exactly can a person do if the only time they can do anything is when the sun shines or the wind blows, and there are plenty of times that neither happens. Batteries can’t make up the difference. To live the life that we live in these United States would require a pile of batteries the size of Mount Everest, and they would have to be rebuilt or changed out every 5 to 10 years. there is no common sense involved in a new green infrastructure. The only thing that could come from such a farce is the deaths of millions of poor and elderly when the electricity shuts off in the middle of a frigid night in winter.

  9. We all know that from the scientific method of examination and documentation of results, that the documented data from Grand Solar Minimums point to the fact that every “GSM” the New Madrid fault line collapses causing major upheaval. FEMA has projected that when the New Madrid fault line has the next super quake, an estimated 90% of humanity in the North American Continent will expire as a result.
    And the hell with green energy, give me a coal or wood burning hearth, with semi-underground vertical farming to supplement a source of food. These idiot toothy smiling Marxist’s will more than likely be eating us, or eating my bullet! ! !

  10. Adoni- “Are you blond also?” ROF!

    How politically incorrect of you. Be careful the liberals don’t sacrifice you to the volcano gods to keep them from spewing CO2 into the atmosphere.

    Or maybe Al Gore will come back as an Aztec priest, cutting the hearts out of deniers!

  11. “Or maybe Al Gore will come back as an Aztec priest, cutting the hearts out of deniers!”

    Good one. I enjoyed your liner.

    But how is it that this issue still hasn’t been settled? Smells like rank incompetence to me.

    I’m tired of the endless prattle between the two sides.

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