Does Climate Change Play a Role in Putin’s Aggression in the Ukraine?

“Putin, two steps ahead of President Obama on international affairs, is actually years ahead of President Obama on climate change,” says John Casey, author of “Cold Sun.”

“It is ironic and deeply saddening that in what was the former communist Soviet Union, scientists are more free to tell the truth about what is really happening with the Earth’s climate, than are their US colleagues.”

I wish it weren’t so, but this article makes a lot of sense to me. – Robert

Does Climate Change Play a Role in
Putin’s Aggression in the Ukraine?

By John L. Casey

March 25, 2014

Certainly, it looks as though the primary reason for the Russian action in Ukraine is part of Putin’s long range plan to reconstitute the former Soviet Union. Is climate change on his mind as he executes his militaristic Ukrainian strategy while taking full advantage of the feckless foreign policy of President Obama?

Maybe. Should it be? Absolutely!

Putin, two steps ahead of President Obama on international affairs, is actually years ahead of President Obama on climate change. Our hapless President continues to reinforce the myth of man-made global warming and engaging in active deception of the American people on the subject.  Putin, however, appears to be doing exactly what he needs to do to prepare for the predicted extreme cold climate that my climate research company, the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC,) and Russia’s leading climate scientists have warned about. That’s right, for those who haven’t been informed yet; global warming ended years ago and a potentially dangerous new cold climate has begun!

The next climate change to a predicted long cold epoch which threatens Russia’s control over the vital national resources of wheat and its long standing need for a warm water port, may be among the more important and undiscussed drivers underlying the Russian aggression in Ukraine. Securing these resources may cause him to insure he has complete control over all of the Ukraine beyond the just annexed Crimea and as much of the northern Black Sea as he can take. This bold assertion rightfully demands some explanation.

The new cold climate, a once-every-206-year event, is brought on as a result of the Sun making historic reductions in its energy output, which is leading us inextricably down the path to a much colder Earth. This “solar hibernation” has already brought about a stunning reversal from the past global warming to a new colder climate leaving the ‘warmist’ and environmental communities scrambling for new reasons for existence, e.g. ocean acidification. The widely available real world temperature data shows that not only have we had no global warming for seventeen years, but that oceanic and atmospheric temperatures have been declining for much of the last eleven years. Sea ice extent globally has reached record levels. The brutal record cold winter of 2013-2014 is but one example of many, that a fundamental change in the climate has arrived.

This new cold is like the solar hibernation that has caused it, unstoppable!

The absence of discussion by our media and government, much less action to prepare for the next cold climate epoch in the US, is completely opposite in Russia! It is ironic and deeply saddening that in what was the former communist Soviet Union, scientists are more free to tell the truth about what is really happening with the Earth’s climate, than are their US colleagues. As a result, Russian climate scientists are way ahead of their shackled US counterparts on the status of this next change to a long cold climate. Tragically, here in the US, it would be a career ending move if a government scientist or government funded university climate researcher told the truth about this new cold phenomenon. President Obama has made it clear that US scientists are to mislead the people about what is happening with the climate. He has done so via executive order and in public statements where he has made public policy. In June 2013 at Georgetown University, for example,  he made the statement that global warming was “accelerating” – a shockingly false statement!

Similarly, the Russian media has no problem printing articles from their climate experts about the coming cold climate and its potentially calamitous effects. With the exception of a relatively few like Newsmax and the Orlando Sentinel, major US media outlets are silent on what may become the most important news story of the century. In Russia, the media have reported that researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences are warning that a new “Little Ice Age” is coming, possibly in 2014! It is this new extreme cold epoch and its many ill-effects that could be an important secondary driver behind Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Unlike the US, Russia is no stranger to bitter cold and nationwide food deprivation. Their history is full of such episodes caused by natural forces and augmented by political turbulence and warfare. It is part of their country’s historical, social, and political makeup. There is a stark difference therefore, between the current US and Russian view of the next climate change. In the US, there is no future cold climate threat! Yet many ‘in the know’ in Russian view it as ‘a clear and present danger!’ As a result, while on the surface their rationale for a Ukraine invasion is political, underneath, the Russians well understand what other ‘jewels’ Ukraine has to offer.

I believe one of those jewels and reasons for a Russian takeover staring in the Crimea, is to secure complete access to Ukrainian wheat and other crops as they did in days of the former Soviet Union. In 2012, Russia proper produced 38 million metric tons of wheat, fifth largest in the world. Ukraine came in with 16 million tons about half of Russia’s output yet, making it number eleven in the global rankings. It is possible under current cold climate scenarios published in the Global Climate Status Report©, a product of the Space and Science Research Corporation, that Russia may see a substantial loss of its grain crops during the next cold climate. This could result in them becoming partially or totally dependent on the Ukraine for much of the bread on Russian tables. The quantities are not the only point – the geography matters too.

The Russian homeland is centered along latitude 60 degrees north. This is the same as northern Canada and Alaska! Russia in the winter is a vast cold land. Even the Ukraine, near the southern most extent of Russia, is about the same latitude as the wheat belt of southern Canada. What if the Russian Academy of Sciences is correct and we see another Little Ice Age start this year or in the next five or even ten years. What if Russia loses much or all its harvest of wheat for years in a row? They will turn as they have before – to Ukraine.

The March 10, 2014 Global Climate Status Report states that this new cold climate will likely “…result in substantial, global, social disruption and loss of life.”  The US government, US agricultural conglomerates and the US main stream media are well aware of the new cold climate because of frequent updates provided to them over the years by the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC).

Putin cannot allow the western leaning Ukrainian government to permit European, or US agricultural conglomerates to have access to Ukraine’s wheat during the coming cold climate, leaving his people without the food they will be demanding.

History has shown that when the people begin to starve, they take down their government and wars begin. The French revolution of 1789, which eventually placed Napoleon Bonaparte on the throne, took place at the very beginning of the last 206 year solar cycle’s cold phase. Doubtless, President Putin has no interest in seeing any political upheaval on his watch. He will want Ukraine’s crops and will do what is needed to keep European and US agriculture conglomerates out of the way.

But what about the warm water port issue. The world has long known that Russia has historically sought out warm ports where its navy could hold up during winters and to be able to respond year-round to Russian military requirements as they also attempt to project their military force globally. But during this new cold climate, it will be different. The port issue will be paramount!

Again, if the Russian climate researchers are correct, then the far northern waters of the planet especially the Baltic Sea and waters around Russia’s northern ports could be frozen over, not just for a few months in winter, but for most if not all of the year! During the coldest time of the Little Ice Age from 1615 to 1745, the Baltic Sea was so cold for so long that roads, hotels, and shops were built on the frozen sea and people walked between counties over the thick ice. No, this would not be just another cold winter adversely affecting Russia’s fleet for a predictably short few months. This could be a period of time when Russia’s military, especially its navy, could be crippled, making it vulnerable to other foreign designs. Putin cannot permit that either. He will want to hold on to the recently annexed Crimea and its ports and as many other warm water ports along the Black Sea that he can capture, thus prohibiting NATO naval forces from moving in.

All the while, the wily Russian President Putin remains way ahead of President Obama. In the United States, the manmade climate change deception has become a joke. In Russia, as its history of incredible hardships shows, the changing climate may be viewed today as a matter of life and death. The incursion into the Ukraine though essentially political, may also be the first steps the Russians are taking to prepare for the coming cold!


Mr. Casey is a former White House space program advisor, consultant to NASA Headquarters, and space shuttle engineer. He is one of America’s most successful climate change researchers and climate prediction experts. Mr. Casey is best known as the leading advocate in the US for a national and international plan to prepare for the next climate change which he has predicted to be one of a dangerous cold climate era. He is also the Editor of the Global Climate Status Report© and is the author of the internationally acclaimed climate book, “Cold Sun.” Mr. Casey is currently the President of a climate research company, the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC), in Orlando, Florida. In March 2013, he was named “America’s best climate prediction expert,” by


Read more about John Casey’s eye-opening book Cold Sun here:



30 thoughts on “Does Climate Change Play a Role in Putin’s Aggression in the Ukraine?”

  1. The Russians have extremely long memories of the kind of winters solar minimums generate. During the last Dalton Solar Minimum which ended around 1812, Imperial Russia was invaded by Napoleon Bonaparte’s French army. The Russians allowed the French to take land, recognizing that with crops destroyed in front of the French, they couldn’t hold what they took and would be forced to retreat with vast losses. Mother Russia’s greatest weapon of war isn’t their technology or nuclear weapons (the west gave them those) it’s the Russian Winter. A repeatable sever winter, the same as that which has affected the US and Canada this year.

    A meandering Polar Jet stream is a fickle beast; it sticks in one location for weeks at a time, on the cold side it is arctic cold, on the warm side its very wet and 7C cold but bearable. The UK and Western Europe has had such a winter, Eastern Europe has been as cold as the US.

    The cycle time for a solar minimum is calculated to be 178 years: the following site and peer review paper. and should be read in conjunction with the above book and introduction.

  2. Does Climate Change Play a Role in Putin’s Aggression in the Ukraine?

    Probably not at this time however if and when a big ice age sets in Russians are either staying in Russia or they are living a little closer to the equator.

  3. A very interesting piece.

    Geoffrey Parker has written an interesting history book which explains the general crisis of the seventeenth century as a result of the Maunder minimum and resulting little ice age. It’s called Global Crisis.

    Too bad Mr Casey knows bs when it comes to mainline media propaganda about global warming but appears to believe all he is told about Putin.

    Webster Tarpley ( does 75 minutes of audio a week called World Crisis Radio. Archives are on his site.

    The revolutionary government of the Ukraine, which is dominated by the Svoboda neo-Nazi party, murdered the leader of the other neo-Nazi party, Right Sector, yesterday. Anything about it on the mainline media? NBL.

    • The right Sector is not a NAZI movement.
      It works for Jewish oligarchs ,western governments and have sworn allegience to the jewish people. No real NAZI works for Jews ever! Get that through your thick jewish TV adled skulls. What exists in the Ukraine is a false flag operation run by jewish oligarchs and their pet western governments to install a puppet government in Kiev and to provoke WW3 with Russia and China. The Zio Masonic maniacs that run the western world and Israel will get you all killed in the service of their agenda for world domination and total supremacy. They bought the malcontents known as the right sector to create the false impression that there is a NAZI regime in Kiev and to provoke the Russians. It isn’t working as expected!
      Already the leadership of the right sector is being purged by their employers.
      Every bolshevik revolution preys on its usefull idiots and the revolution in the Ukraine is no exception. In a little while the socalled neo nazis will be liquidated by their employers or in hiding. The next step after the Ukraine is secured will be to stage a bolshevik revolution in Russia and restore communism and all the evil political correctness of the western world. Christianity in Russia will be suppressed again and persecuted.
      That is the plan folks. Global Bolshevik Revolution.

  4. While Obama is mastering tic tac toe, putin is a chess master. Obama would be over his head in a parking lot puddle.

  5. Ukraine has a lot of financial problems –- it owes billons to Russia’s top natural gas producer Gazprom:

    Ukraine Won’t Pay Russia For Gas, Has Billions In Obligations Due; Europe Promises Aid Money It Doesn’t Have

    Ukraine Only Has Enough Gasoline For A Month:

  6. I hope I do not get in trouble for saying all of this comment. I have a lot of respect for US scientists. I can look at Mars in almost real-time and I can see an eruption on the Sun almost as soon as it happens. I take none of this for granted.

    However I also have huge respect for Russian scientists, and MSM as usual, block any breakthroughs they make, and the internet is the only place to find and get any info on their latest research. True science luckily has no affiliation to politics.
    This article (in my view only) is a bit of a leap. Putin is doing his own thing because, putting it bluntly, he can. He is not the first, and probably not the last leader, who is, and will be drenched in power. In his mind, at this stage he can do whatever. And he can. It’s just that EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION.
    A point that power drenched leaders forget, and it is always detrimental, more often than not to the population, than the instigator.

    Obama, follows the script.

    We live in a very different world now, where human life means very little, and hidden powers prevail. (and money definently rules ok).

    It is heartwarming to sort the rubbish into recycle bins. Who does not want to clean up the Earth?
    It’s just that the Earth is guided by the Sun, and cares less about what we are doing on it’s surface.
    My opinons only.

  7. A posting from the Interior of Russian Ministry stated that 52% of Russian youth are not physically fit to join the military. Why? Drugs, disease, lack of food(poverty)….
    Gay marriage has been banned in Russia, nor will be tolerated in the military.
    The scary part is that bibles are now being introduced into the school systems. Why scary? History has proven that a misrepresentation of the Book is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.

    Steven,if, ha.
    A done deal.
    So the question remains, Are we lagging behind them or purposely deceiving the people?

  8. In the mid Seventies, the CIA produced a report saying that there was “scientific consensus” that massive global cooling was underway and that much of Russia’s grain growing area would be permanently covered with snow and ice ( and Canada and Northern China too)

    The Soviet Autmun-sown wheat crop of 1972 was totally destroyed by very cold weather and lack of snow cover.

    The a Soviets managed a well coordinated buying raid on the Chicago market which was followed by tremendous price rises in 1973.

    I was in the grain trade at the time.

    • No, not specifically. I received it directly from Mr Casey, but my guess is that he almost certainly sent it to others.

  9. what is exactly meant with putin’s “aggression”? putin acted upon the overwhelming majority of crimeans voted to be part of the russian federation. he followed the will of the people as expressed in the referendum. so what aggression are we talking about?

    • Exactly!
      Crimeans were due for a referendum they chose to bring it forward and VOTED Democraticaaly to rejoin Russia.
      funny the devious sh*tstirring by usa funded NGO and admitted billions spent by certain americans to influence and get the people they wanted into Ukraine power?
      and dont any of you know that Exxon and others just did some huge deals to frack! ukraine..dunno if the average joe ukranians know about that just yet.
      like iraq libya afghanistan
      its about resources.

  10. Mr. Casey admires the telling of truth about climate while proclaiming politically correct lies about the politics of Russia. NATO has overthrown several governments in the past few years and has now used billions to employ demonstrators and mercenaries to overthrow the legitimately elected government of Ukraine and establish another beachhead on the Russian border. Mr. Casey’s spin that this is Russian aggression to reestablish the Soviet empire rivals Al Gore’s claim that global warming will flood New York by 2020.

  11. Makes complete sense to secure food and access to a warm water port which can bring in other supplies as necessary.

    What bothers me about claims by the author that American climate scientists refuse to go against global warming consensus or fear losing their funding? Only this: what if they’re wrong and we ARE headed into another epochal minimum? They [climate scientists] can still petition the government for grant funding to study adverse reactions to cold, so nothing will really have changed. So where is the moral hazard to questioning CAGW if your source of funding, regardless of facts, doesn’t change?

    Silly stuff. The climate scientists just need to report the truth of raw data logs instead of fudging data up, down, left, right, and every which way.

  12. Mr Casey

    I’m not convinced that the USA will suffer under a ‘cold climate’ as it stretches far enough south that more southerly regions may become more-, not less productive in agricultural terms to balance out the loss of productivity further north.

    Canada is far more likely to suffer, as is Russia, Scandinavia, the UK and possibly Japan.

    For Russia, Ukraine teaming up with Canada agriculturally could be a serious threat to national security. Same if they teamed up with China, northern Germany, Scandinavia or the like.

  13. While I find a little bit of John Casey’s writing style distracting, (and as I have great admiration for him, I mean that in a very gentle way, as I think he could take a page from how Paul Craig Roberts self promotes his experience and attempts to steer policy in his writings in language and tone that does not overtly self promote), I found Cold Sun to be a compelling read that most laypeople can readily digest. In the upcoming election cycle, I hope he finds a good publicist that can get him on shows like Red Ice, Phoenix Radio,and the Robert Christian show. I would also love to hear you more too, Robert as i listened to your most recent interview twice! In any event, I am confident people don’t quite grasp the enormity of food supply problems based on our current food delivery systems in the USA and abroad. As you pointed out, food costs rose 14% in a short amount of time. I find that the Russian people are pragmatic: if Putin is truly listening to Abdussamatov who at the Heartland Institute conference last year said his predictions were “right on track” for a Maunder Minimum, if not worse, ( his latest paper is here: ) then Putin’s geopolitical stance is not only sensible but of urgent importance to Russia’s survival. I doubt this is at the heart of Putin’s foreign policy, but I doubt he would let Abdussamatov run the Russian side of the International Space Station if there was not some support there.

  14. Putin ;Is he the “prince of Rosh “?
    Will he cast his gaze to the south ?
    Is the world’s population of humans sustainable
    in a cold climate ?
    If not, then war is very possible .

    • The world’s population of humans isn’t sustainable in a warming climate either, K.B. When 1/3 of all the world’s land mass is desert, when we plow under the most productive farm land for expanding suburbs, when the Ogallala aquifer is being pumped dry at a rate that ensures its 10,000+ year formation to be drained in just 25 years, and when we use CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operation) to promote factory industrialization of food sources, it doesn’t take much jiggling of that shaky platform to cause a collapse of food supplies regardless of climate change.

      I’ve always said you can’t eat dirt. There’s a reason why water and food are at the very bottom of Maslow’s pyramid of hierarchal needs, along with proper shelter. It becomes a lot harder to do THAT when cold compared to hot.

  15. Just incase you all had any doubts as to who is really incharge in the Ukraine.
    Before the bolsheviks kill their enemies they grab their guns.
    What would they like the climate in Russia to be politically? A replay of 1917 to 1990.
    Russia is now worth looting.

  16. Putin is cold and ruthless and learned his lesons at the KGB well. He is smart though and plays Obama and Kerry like a fiddle. As someone once said “Putin is playing chess and the Obama administration is playing marbles”. Russian scientists have been predicating the start of a Little Ice Age during this decade for several years now. It makes sense that Putin would heed these warnings and include them in his strategic thinking. I agree he will continue to push until he has taken the entire Ukraine and then continue expanding southward. Whether you believe in a future Little Ice Age or global warming what matters is what Putin believes when predicating his future course of action.

  17. Putin can be a friend of the West too!
    There was a great photo of him and George Walker Bush (senior) pinned up on the wall in a coffee shop in Kennybunkport when I visited some 10 years ago.

    Lets be practical about this. Crimea has been Russian since the Crimean war. It was an accident of history that it became Ukrainian. Had the citizens of Crimea been able to vote in 1954 in would have remained with Russia.

    Despite this, what John Casey has said above is right. Russia is only keeping its options open if, as its scientists say it does get too cold for the Russian wheat crop some years in the coming decades of the new grand minimum. But Russia also needs the military and port assets on the Crimean peninsular.

    • If the climate gets real bad the Russians will have no real choice but to move south or perish. My guess is that their iceage refuge may be Turkey,Syria, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan. Some where in those areas. It sort of suggests something about their foriegn policy.

  18. Like him or not, Putin is thinking and planning for his country’s future needs.

    The current US leaders think of nothing but their own individual needs and wants (re-election, riches, power), with no concern for the future of our nation.

  19. It seems that none here could even imagine that Obama and Putin are not enemies but GOOD friends pursuing the same goal of NWO.
    By portraying themselves as a TOP DOG and the UNDER DOG they successfully fool everyone into believing that they are enemies.
    That’s the only way to create tensions and start WW3.

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