Climate change is a scam, says Weather Channel founder

“Have temperatures gone up? No. Is global warming sweeping the planet? No. Is the ice melting at the poles? No. Is there any proof that it’s creating significant impact? No.”

16 Feb 09 – Excerpts: “Well over a quarter-million weathercasts—that’s the ballpark figure the 74-year-old founding father of the Weather Channel guesses he’s probably performed in his 55 years in the business.

“Coleman is angry because he believes we have been brainwashed into thinking we’re ruining our own planet. He wants to let us off the hook, and give us some good news for a change, because, you see, John Coleman says that climate change is a scam.

“John Coleman has dedicated his life to studying weather and the science that creates it—so shouldn’t we at least hear him out?

When Coleman posted his first climate change brief online, he was surprised by the attention it got. “I thought I was the only one,” he says. “I started finding that there were plenty of people out there, it’s just that the media was ignoring them and the place to find them was on these little corners of the internet.”

In May, 2008, an organization called the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine released a petition at the National Press Club, with the signatures of 31,000 scientists rejecting the U.N. consensus of man-made climate change. Nine thousand of the names reportedly belong to Ph.Ds.

“Environmentalists, they think CO2 is a pollutant,” he says, and then makes an act of exhaling. “There’s a little pollution for you,” he says, and then points in the general vicinity of vegetation that isn’t looking all that vibrant (unless brown is vibrant). “See that bush beside you there? It’d be dead without CO2.” Without CO2, he says, “We wouldn’t have any food. Humans couldn’t exist. CO2 is vital to life.” He pauses for a moment and then raises his voice an octave. “My God! Calling that a pollutant? Ridiculous.”

“Have temperatures gone up? No. Is global warming sweeping the planet? No. Is the ice melting at the poles? No. Is there any proof that it’s creating significant impact? No. Can you produce a computer model that predicts that it will? Oh yeah, anyone can manipulate a computer model, and they have.”

See entire article by David Puner in Good Magazine

7 thoughts on “Climate change is a scam, says Weather Channel founder

  1. this whole issue with global warming is Poppycock!!! can attest to the fact the temperatures are manipulated upward,, and the true temps for the days are about 2-4 degrees less than recorded, the high today was 62 at midnight and it is now 44 degrees here now! oh the hot weather we had was because of the drought,, look at all drought years or dry periods and you will find record highs for that period, jet stream and enso patterns influence that! not global warming!!

  2. Robert,

    The biggest threat to our advancement of knowledge is the mentality by our scholars that the “science is settled”.
    We still do NOT know enough. Yet our scholars have us believe that is enough.
    I just did something NASA should have done years ago and that is the mapping of the different rotational speeds of this planet. This can be applied to any rotational body and gives a higher understanding of the forces that are strongest and weakest.
    But with the science is settled mentality,it threatens what scientist regard as their strict discipline to the theories at all costs.
    Will this be published? No. Too much of science has been damaged by bad science being published and used as references for making points that do not make sense, yet are then claimed as certain.

  3. sad that it’s only the folks retiring or privately employed that can speak out safely.
    if you want to keep your job, free speech is no no.
    someone pointed out that the BBC pension funds were hevily invested in Greentech funds..ergo the BBC pushes the Prowarmist agenda very very hard.
    same for GMO health/safety issues speak and be discredited.
    we don’t need GMO crap to feed the world due to climate change..that fact they too are onto the bandwagon should be a wakeup call it’s shonky.
    breaking the soil surface and incorporation oxygen water and plant material, compared to pouring poisons all over the land. ah but thats “green”??

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