Climate change – The not so hidden agenda of totalitarian control

“The doctrine is suicidal not to mention antidemocratic.”
– James Wood

Climate change – The not so hidden agenda of totalitarian control

James Wood

A false and vicious doctrine of climate change has permeated the halls of power. It will have its way against science, economics and common sense. A constructed evil arising from notorious elites whose early representatives gave us the Club of Rome and the first Earth Day.

It is now nearly triumphant despite the growing opposition from dissident scientists and others who are increasingly aware of the economic threat these ideas represent. However, simply reflecting on the issues of climate change and its outrages is not entirely the issue.

The situation in the state of Washington is really not about environmental policy per se but the capture by manipulative elites of a large part of the public imagination to secure power. An anti-industrial movement which will destroy the fruits of the industrial revolution is taking control of the Western world in the name of planetary salvation and with the not so hidden agenda of totalitarian control. The doctrine is suicidal not to mention antidemocratic.

Currently, the tactic of the Republicans in Oregon seems almost like a joke. But note that popular supporters of the Republicans in the form of an armed militia point the way to the future. It is inherent that an anti-industrial and uneconomic program such as the Greens demand will produce increasingly desperate losers.

It has been said that society is not a suicide pact. Policies of this nature must be opposed by all means available. The walkouts by the Republicans argue that the current structures of government are stressed. The ability of the losers in a political struggle to abide the success of the winners is growing.

Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that resistance will grow fast enough to prevent Green dictatorship as it stands. Large parts of the government and essentially all of the media are in the hands of the Greens. The propaganda is incessant and the formal power in opposition is weakening.

It is likely the US and the West will succumb to this threat which has grown so large. Still, there is one hope of a deux ex machina saving the day. We all know it as the next Ice Age whose leading edge is seen as the Grand Solar Minimum. Long before it is admitted a new Ice Age has begun, the changing climate will wreak havoc on agriculture and give the lie to global warming.

We can only hope that the current damage to agriculture caused by global cooling will be enough to create a general crisis. A wet winter followed by a cool summer and early fall frosts would be truly devastating to farming in the northern hemisphere. The damage to the narrative of global warming inflicted by falling temperatures and the onset of major economic crisis triggered by those temperatures’ effects on agriculture could be a major blow to the Green movement and by extension the credibility and authority of the new liberalism. The economy is already heavily stressed by excessive debt, trade wars, political tensions, and a general failure to invest effectively in new plant and infrastructure in the US. This not-so-tiny straw could break the camel’s back.

Whether by democratic means or the activities of local militias a chance to gain public support for the destruction of the Green movement could come in the midst of chaos. All those who wish to reaffirm the value of the industrial age should make ready. Nature may be about to give us an opportunity to extinguish a vile doctrine which careless civil society has allowed to nearly claim complete victory.

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  1. Well stated. However, knowing how these people operate, it is certain that if there is a major, unmistakable cooling, one which causes massive problems such as food shortages, the CAGW opinion-shapers may have to admit the obvious cooling, but will blame it on a few volcanic eruptions. They will convince the low-information voters that it’s just a temporary cooling, and that the computer models show that warming and greater storm activity will soon resume and become catastrophic.

    As someone once suggested, it’s tough to battle anyone who buys ink by the barrel.

  2. James, you are correct about the next cold spell, i.e. Grand Solar Minimum, and that it will most likely change things around once the kooks realize that Global Warming is the least of their concerns.

    However, “… We all know it as the next Ice Age…..” is incorrect. You all may know it as that, but that is mislabeling. How on earth can we enter a “next ice age” when we are already in one? Its called The Pleistocene, and has been with us for 2.58 my. What you all should be calling it is the “Next Glaciation”, or “Stadial”. Its just one more chapter of this current book of the Pleistocene ice age. To call it the next ice age is to agree with the kooks, that the ice age ended around 12,500 years ago.

    It didn’t! And its right around the corner. Accuracy is important.

    • Agreed John, this current Integlacial is a very stunted afffair compared to the three previous one, with much higher head line tempretures of some 4C higher than now.
      Robert has a graph on the main page:
      This interglacial is trending down over the next 1500 years.
      Based on the 172 solar cycle of a GSM of 30 years, a tepid Gleissberg period of 70 years and a Solar warm period for around 720 years, we probably have another eight of these cycles to get though. They will be good preparation for the Glaciation tipping point to come. when the significant portion of the NH growing area ceases to be productive, with year long snow and ice on it.

      • I should have wrote:
        Solar warm period for around 72 years
        G Sharps site and graphic shows the cycle.
        It also show the variable Gleissberg period which can be cold, tepid or warm, dependent on the same moderation factor caused by the interactionof the other four major mass objects on where the Solar system BarryCentre is positioned and moves in conjunction with or against the Sun’s own montion.
        Gravity is the moderator of the Sun’s output, every thing else is a by product reaction to it, on any of the inner rocky planet. Even Mars warmed up since 1945, its cooling now.

    • Thank you John, for the technical correction. However, you may not have taken it far enough.
      My understanding is that, in geological terms, an ice age exists whenever either or both poles have permanent ice caps.
      Antarctica has been almost continually ice covered since roughly 34 million years ago (when the Drake Passage opened up between South America and Antarctica, allowing the establishment of the Circumpolar Current) and the Arctic Ocean has had an almost permanent ice cap for 2-3 million years. The fact that BOTH poles are currently permanently ice covered (due largely to the present-day distribution of the continents) is unusual. For some 80-90% of Earth’s history, there have been no ice caps at all.
      So, as you rightly say, we’re IN AN ICE AGE NOW – and it’s a humdinger by terrestrial standards!
      My only reservation about your learned contribution to the discussion concerns just how long this present ice age has existed.
      I would suggest it’s considerably older than 2.58 million years – at least 30 million in fact.
      Thank you again for clarifying the terminology. It grates on my nerves too when people spout on about how the ice age ended 12000 years ago!

    • I agree also. Getting the terminology right is important as a misuse of terminology can get people believing something that just is not true which can be fatal to the species.

  3. If the only hope of winding back draconian rules suppressing humanity instituted by megalomaniacal genocidal idiots lies in the “hope” of devastation due to an impending ice age then I am amazed that anyone can be so pessimistic !

    I can’t imagine the population will meekly accept the loss of virtually everything modern society offers once they taste the frugal subsistence lifestyles offered by the “saviours of the planet” !

    As electricity generation is about 20% of energy consumption coming anywhere near emissions neutrality means a return to an agrarian society which was left behind centuries ago.

    Imagine the costs necessary to stop people driving let alone shutting down all international transport, tourism, mining etc etc.

    I can’t see even the latte sipping virtue signaling cheer squads of this ridiculous campaign to net zero emission in any time frame, let alone 12 years or 30 years , staying onside once they witness the loss of their iPads and the internet and perhaps the forced genocide necessary to reduce 7 billion to 1 billion their beloved leaders claim is necessary to “save the planet”.

    I’m not sure I believe the Orwellian nightmare is the only future awaiting us – Hunger Games anyone ?

  4. In the year 2100, the history books will say that the greatest genocide took place 70 to 80 years previously. Students will be baffled that 95% of the world’s population died because most of the world was convinced that Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere would need to be reduced or else all life would cease to exist, and the only way to do this was by depopulating the world through their food supply, starving almost everyone. The future students will study how plant life on earth grew over 20% between 1850 and 2020 due to rising Carbon Dioxide levels, thereby increasing food production per-acre throughout the world, unknowingly. They will study how Carbon Dioxide levels were then artificially lowered beginning about the year 2020 until 2030 when it was lowered to 200 parts per-million, when all plant life was on the verge of death, reduced by 95%, lowering food production per-acre throughout the world, unknowingly, since during the 2020s it was established as a scientific fact that Carbon Dioxide was a pollutant, so most people were convinced that there was a need to reduce the levels in the atmosphere to 350 ppm (parts per-million), but the plan went further than intended. Future students in the year 2100 will be studying how plants grow using the scientific method, with Carbon Dioxide at different levels and the percentage of growth associated with those different levels. It makes logical sense that plants grow best in an environment similar to the time of their evolution, which had a Carbon Dioxide level of 1200 ppm or more, and up to 8000 ppm. Plant life begins at about 150 ppm, therefore the decrease from 400 ppm to 350 ppm is 25%, thereby decreasing worldwide food production by a similar percentage, while over about 800 ppm plant life begins to reach its maximum growth potential. Students will study that before the GREAT genocide of 2030, some people were growing crops indoors and adding Carbon Dioxide to increase their yields, which meant that the knowledge was available at the time to know and understand that lowering Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere would genocide billions of poor farmers all over the world. During the 2020s many scientists were imprisoned for attempting to warn humanity of the dangers of low Carbon Dioxide levels in the environment. During that time, science was not considered the scientific method anymore, the definition changing to consensus and correlation. Because it was established as a fact during that time that Carbon Dioxide was a pollutant that would destroy all life on earth, denying the upcoming Climate Apocalypse from too much Carbon Dioxide was the most serious of all crimes. The scientific fact produced by the scientific method showing plant growth increasing as Carbon Dioxide levels rise was considered a myth during that time, and indoor farmers who increased their crops using extra Carbon Dioxide never dared publicly question the prevailing scientific fact, even if they knew the truth. The propaganda in the decades before the GREAT genocide claimed that temperatures were rising to new heights, while at the same time archaeologists were discovering that Vikings were farming in Greenland a thousand years before, in places that later became frozen, which logically should have meant that it was warmer a thousand years before. The propaganda was claiming that the sea levels would rise to flood all coastal cities, while at the same time even the smallest islands that were supposed to be sinking were actually growing. The propaganda warned people of heat, then when the cold came, they claimed that Carbon Dioxide caused any and all climate changes. The propaganda claimed that the rate of Climate Change had never been experienced before, while their own data that was available to all showed that the climate had changed much more drastically many times before during human history. The propaganda had convinced enough people that life would cease to exist without lowering Carbon Dioxide levels, thereafter causing the GREAT genocide of 2030.

  5. This years harvest will, if we’re lucky, be down about 40%.
    As there is only just enough food this will require a downsizing of the population.
    As prices will go through the roof a lot of that downsizing will be a major reduction in obesity.
    The rest will just downsize to death.
    Starting soon.
    The communist/freeloader strategy will fail as always.
    It would still be best to round them up and put them in the FEMA camps, you have over 800 camps already built that are just sitting idle.
    Oh, and build the wall.

    • Better yet recruit them to dismantle the FEMA camps
      and assist with other public works jobs.

  6. This is a superb essay James, thank you. I agree 100%.

    Regarding the hope of a Deus ex machina, cooling has indeed been underway for 3+ years … see NASA’s 6th graph, ‘Global MONTHLY Mean Surface Temperature Change’, here …

    … but will cooling progress far enough and fast enough to stop the Green dictatorship in time? Or will NASA falsify the temperatures of the next few years? These are desperate times.

    Robert, thanks for hosting. Please keep up the great work.

  7. “Something wicked this way comes!”

    As my brother just told me, we don’t know what and we don’t know when, but we all know it’s coming.

  8. The alarmists propose a miserable future for us all so there has to be a point where you feel you have nothing to lose and take up arms to fight back.

    • Gerry,
      If you are from England, then I ask “what arms”? In the U.S. Republican south, maybe…

  9. To begin with, the “climate crisis” crowd will argue that a cooling climate is the result of warming. Theirs is a system of belief, and they aren’t going to let go of their golden goose so easily.

    • Ian the Warmists will not renounce their heresy anytime soon as they are true believers and members of the church of global warming… May be in 100,000 years or so some of them will be found encased in permafrost like Mammoths by paleontologists.

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