Climate has been cooling since 2000

Computer models had predicted a 1°F rise—showing that the computer models are invalid.

The climate has been cooling slightly since 2000, not warming, so projecting continuous gradual warming into the future is not warranted, says Don J. Easterbrook, Dept. of Geology, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA.

Winter temperatures in the US over the past decade. Note that temperatures in the Pacific NW have cooled at a rate of 2.22° F per decade, not warmed.

The trend of global temperature since 2001 has been cooling at a rate of -4.0°C (-7°F) per century. Computer models had predicted a 1°F rise in temperature during this same period—that did not happen, showing that the computer models are invalid.

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12 thoughts on “Climate has been cooling since 2000”

  1. But wait! You don’t seem to understand! AGW IS for real! See, if you listen to the truth, you will finally understand – turn up the burner on the kitchen range, and the refrigerator will get colder. The ice will get thicker or thinner, the sea will rise or fall, hurricanes will be more frequent or less frequent, we will have more severe weather or less severe weather, droughts will be more frequent and worse, or the opposite. The fact that temperature is falling only proves that global warming is happening. Why can’t you understand that? What does data have to do with anything, when it is obvious that it doesn’t matter what happens, global warming continues. We need more biofuels and less food, and of course, we need to get rid of stinky old coal and oil electric generators as well and replace them with beautiful, efficient wind generators. So what if you can’t feed your family or heat your house! Global warming has to be controlled so your children will have a future! What’s that you say? They froze to death because they couldn’t get any food to keep up their body temperatures? How callous of you! Now shut up and remember that my privileged children are still here and they need the land your house is on.

  2. “climate scientology “says the dat must be adjusted to fit the models a la hansenism:-)

    comes the time when theres enough data available to be unable to hide the facts:-)

  3. Not here in Maine…no way. 2011 was our warmest year on record and the first 13 days of 2012 are running 6.3 degrees above normal. It used to regularly drop to -20 here in the winter, nowadays -10 is rare.

  4. Careful now Dr. Easterbrook, the AGW fanatics will have you burned at the stake as a heretic. Providing of course if they can get enough carbon credits.

  5. Winter still hasn’t begun here in the UK either, heard plenty about winter storms etc.. but I have not seen a single snowflake so far this winter and definitely no lying snow. Unusually warm too, with spring flowers coming into bloom.

  6. Dont know about the temperatures in your part of the world, but here on the east coast of Australia we are into the second month of summer and it should be hot – very hot. This is the first summer I can remember when we have used a blanket at night. eg todays temperature only got up to 23oc. Everyones asking, where’s the global warming?

    Heard on the news yesterday, this is the mildest Australian summer in over 60 years but universally, 2011 was one of the warmest on record?
    Were certainly not complaining, enjoying the mild temperatures and hope they continue.
    The local avocado growers are complaining though as their trees have not seeded due to the mild temperatures and will have no crop for next season.

  7. Julie Australia , In The Netherlands the same, also Spain and Greece when I’m there for the holidays. We always go at the end of may when it used to be about 30 degrees celsius. Last years, it’s much colder then it used to be, only in some way they keep trying to convince us it’s warmer globally. And where exactly would that be? The places we as humans never go so we can’t verify.

    I can’t stand the heat very well but now I have no problems going to places where it used to be hot, only problem now is that I’m sitting under a palmtree, shivering and wrapped in a towel no way I’m going into the sea.

  8. Record breaking cold reported during past weeks even near the equator. Today in Nuwara Eliya city in central Sri Lanka, 1800m above sea level the temperature dipped to a low of 3.8C early morning. Ground frost has become a common sight in mornings this “winter” while shallow waters becoming frozen overnight. These things do happen in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, but very rarely.

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