Climate emergency alarmists are certifiably insane

Professor of sociology says climate deniers are encouraging omnicide, which is even graver than the Jewish genocide. Says the guilty must be held responsible.

Talk about hate speech and hate crimes !___________

Climate emergency alarmists are certifiably insane

Rosco Mac

“Omnicide, the gravest of all crimes. And as with all crimes, those responsible must be held accountable.”

So there you have it – all of us are responsible for killing everything and especially climate deniers !

The guilty must pay with their lives.

These people are deluded and dangerous – it seems even the worst genocide ever postulated is acceptable if “Omnicide” is to be avoided and the guilty are punished !

Here’s the article:

And here is a pdf copy in case they develop some morals and take this piece of insane bullshit down.

The author:
“Danielle Celermajer is Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Sydney. She is the author of The Sins of the Nation and the Ritual of Apologies and The Prevention of Torture: An Ecological Approach.

So she is not only certifiably psychotic but also exhorting her students to perform witch trials and murder in order to Save the Planet.

Spread the word far and wide – these people are insane.

Talk about hate speech and hate crimes !

9 thoughts on “Climate emergency alarmists are certifiably insane”

  1. It always something.
    Population bomb.
    Ozone hole.
    Global cooling.
    Bees going extinct.
    Global warming.
    WWIII with Iran.
    And on and on and on.
    Its either black or white. Up or down. Disaster or utopia.
    There is no measure of degree with these loons.

  2. Robert, I doubt that they will take it down anytime soon since it is an ABC site. Where is her lament about the environmentalists and politicians who caused all these deaths by their practices to feed the fire rather than control the brush? They are the real omniciders here. Australia will be a good example of what not to do going forward. Unfortunately, these same folks can not see the forest for the trees and will never understand that they have met the enemy and he is us. as Pogo would have said. Got a report from friends in SA and Queensland this morning. It is truly a bad situation with folks being caught between the fires and the ocean. They are mobilizing the reserves as the fire crews can not get ahead of it. And Perth is affected even though a cyclone is heading in. Keep them in your prayers. Take care, Earl

    • Don’t be so sure. ABC has disappeared posts of eco-nutters objecting to controlled burning in Australia in an area that has now been burnt to a crisp.

  3. This is as SICK as it gets, and I cannot imagine why Australians put up with this type of thing from a so-called “professor”…

    can anyone here explain that??

    • sadly yes, since the 60s crop of uni students graduated and went into schools and stayed at uni teaching our ed systems fllen into the shitter
      and utterly ridiculous crap like this is pretty standard for sociology and social manipulation students
      and the aussie abc IS filled with that generation and their minions movingup hired BY them for the same warped mindsets.
      whats worse is these people never get pulled up or thrown out and they wont leave their wellpaid jobs until they get their pension plums
      then emove to the abc or the ngos and keep pushing their lies and insanity.

  4. heres a laugh
    she cant even get the imaginary animal figures created by guesswork by others correct;-)))

    We are unlikely to identify anyone actively scheming the death of the five-hundred million wild animals whom we believe to have died in the first month of this summer’s Australian bushfires.

    500mil? oh FFS roflmao!
    youd have to include every farmed animal all pets AND battery chooks etc to…. not even come close to that

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