Climate Justice Day buried in snow

As the saying goes: buwahahahahahahahahaha!

“The Gore Effect at work, yet again! As the Occupy Wall Street movement embarks on its protest against “global warming”, Central Park receives the largest October snowfall since records began, as NOAA/NWS reports (thanks to WUWT):”:




As the saying goes: buwahahahahahahahahaha!

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    • More than quadruple the amount of snow received in NYC during the entire month of October since records-keeping began, which was in 1869, four years after the end of the U.S. Civil War. That’s why it’s a big deal

      • Plus the fact that it is “snowing on their ‘Global Warming’ parade” is hilarious..!

        Snow Baby Snow..!

  1. didn’t know OWS was protesting global warming? thought they were shining a spotlight on the corruption of international banking and the washington political system… i guess you were talking about a different OWS.

    • Agree there Michael. OWS is doing a good thing by shining the spotlight on the “banksters” of the world. Hopefully some group like the AGW people don’t hijack them.

      • The Obviously Way Stupid are doing a “Good Thing?” They are hurting all the local businesses in the vicinity of their “Crock U Pation” encampment in NYC. They are providing a medium for the buying, selling, and taking of illegal drugs. They have caused an environment which has allowed for numerous rapes. They are damaging private property. They defecate on Police cars. They are promoting anti Semitic behavior. They have embraced the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, Union Thugs (Mafia) and the Global Warming Fraud…. Please, explain to us further how all this is a “Good” thing…

  2. “Climate Justice Day”– anything with the word “CLIMATE” in the title should be avoided like the PLAGUE, and hold on to your wallets, TIGHTLY.

  3. I am shocked that you claim to be a great thinker with all these amazing ideas of how to understand the earth and then you slam the people that have the guts and wisdom to stand up to the powers that be. How can you claim to be smart if you slam all new technologies to generate power simply because your a republican. Your a joke and you prey on peoples ignorance (just like your republican overlords). Also quit taking credit for other peoples articles and videos.

    • I’ll defend Robert a bit here. Maybe he can shed some light on the subject. I don’t think the article was meant to slam the OWS people who do have a good cause in fighting against the banksters of the world. I think his purpose was to slam the AGW people who are trying to hijack some of the OWS people for their cause. Correct Robert?

      • I’ve made a point of not mentioning OWS on these pages because (I thought)it had nothing to do with the climate. But if the AGW crowd is trying to hijack the movement, that’s a different story.

        • Robert, I don’t think it is a case of the AGW “Hijacking” the OWS movement. Rather, it is a case of “Birds of a Feather, Flocking Together.”

      • Kevin … Your “Good cause” is made up of a bunch of Sixties Socialist Revolutionaries, Anti Semites, Dope Smoking Imbeciles, Rapists, Prostitutes, Petty Thieves, Nazis, Communists, Global Warmers, Union Goons, and Trust Fund Brats…. Please, explain to us all how this is a “Good Cause.”

    • Oh Kargen …. How Lame thou Art..! There are no “Guts” or “Wisdom” with the Obviously Way Stupid Movement. Unless you believe that illegal drugs, rape, public nudity, and theft are “wise” and “gutsy” things to be a part of.

      Take your blather some place else….

  4. admit to laughing a lot!
    OWS is about banksters ripping folks off.
    agw fools using it to further their idiotic agenda deserve to get really chilled:-)
    poetic justice indeed.

    • I agree completely Laurel. OWS should keep there focus on the banksters ripping people off and not get tied in with the Gores of the world. Too many groups trying to hijack the OWS people and their cause. Makes me sick.

  5. Not sure why OWS is getting mixed up with the “global warming” cause. Very curious. I actually agree with Ron Paul on a lot of issues OWS has brought up. Lots of people got hurt by the big banks directly and indirectly causing them to lose their jobs and homes. OWS should focus on those issues not on global warming.

    • You got it right. The Obviously Way Stupid are “Mixed Up.” This is why they have aligned themselves with the American Nazi party, The American Communist Party, The Global Warming Gorgons, Union Thugs, etc. Perhaps it is all the Dope they are smoking at these “Crock-Upations” that is “Mixing Up” their thinking! LoL

  6. OWS is a stew of every type of complaint there is. Left, right , progressive, libertation everything. The only ones who aren’t there are folks who don’t believe in AGW. So what’s wrong with us? We should all get togther and occupy something.

  7. Exactly, John! “Occupy Global Cooling”!
    I have been thinking the same thing, except I don’t want to shut down local business, streets, or impede traffic. There is no need to camp in some park like a bunch of vagrants. We should show the world that we are both responsible and numerous. The world needs to know that the Earth is cooling and the natural warming event is over. The world needs to know that “Global Warming/Climate Change” is being fabricated as we speak. The world needs to know that it doesn’t take a scientist to know the truth. Furthermore, I want the world to understand that many governments are planning horrific taxes for oil, gas, coal and other forms of energy that will affect their daily lives while solar, wind and other “Renewables” pay little or no tax. We should demand the resignations of Phil Jones, Michael Mann, Al Gore, and many others as well as the dissolution of the IPCC for perpetuating the “Climate Fraud”.

  8. seeing as Enron came up with the carbon tax scam to put coal out of business you would think they would be protesting against that too since they are protesting corporate greed. Or at least that’s what I think they are protesting, hell some of them don’t even know what they are protesting. communist protesting a communist capitalism system? Let’s fix it with more government regulation. Weeeeeee!!!

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