Climate lunacy takes center stage in Poland

“People resent being scammed and get angry when they realize their taxes and energy payments often line the pockets of climate activists, scientists, bureaucrats, politicians, and wind, solar and biofuel cronies.”
– Paul Driessen___________

“The IPCC recently claimed carbon taxes worldwide must climb to $5,500 per ton of CO2 by 2030, to avoid climate chaos,” says Paul Driessen. “Meanwhile, the Deep State’s 2018 US National Climate Assessment predicted that continued use of fossil fuels will make global temperatures skyrocket 15 degrees F by 2100, bringing unimaginable cataclysms to civilization and planet. Both were timed to generate scare stories ahead of the IPCC’s ongoing climate conference in Katowice, Poland. So once again, headlines and computer models reign supreme over real-world evidence.”

“My article this week tears into these reports – and notes that the Yellow Vest protests in France … rampant energy deprivation and crushing poverty in Africa … and carbon colonialist attitudes at the World Bank show a very different aspect of the climate issue that rarely gets mentioned by the “mainstream media.”

Climate lunacy takes center stage in Poland

IPCC Poland conference presents fictional climate chaos and fake renewable energy salvation

Paul Driessen

The unwritten rule seems to be that each successive climate report and news release must be more scarifying than any predecessors, especially during the run-up to international conferences.

Thus Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report 15 claims governments worldwide must make “unprecedented changes in all aspects of society,” spend $40 trillion by 2035 on renewable energy, and impose carbon taxes that climb to $5,500 per ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) by 2030. Or temperatures could climb another 1 degree F (0.5 C) and bring utter cataclysm to human civilization and our planet.

Not to be outdone, the 1,700-page 2018 US National Climate Assessment wailed that failure to eliminate fossil fuels and roll back American industry and living standards would send global temperatures soaring 15 degrees F by 2100! Chaos and food shortages would ensue; US economic growth would plummet.

The hyperbole continues in Katowice, Poland – where 30,000 activists and bureaucrats (and a few scientists) are meeting to finalize regulations to implement the 2015 Paris climate treaty and compel wealthy nations to give trillions of dollars in “adaptation, mitigation and compensation” money to poor countries that have been “victimized” by climate change, even as the rich nations de-industrialize.

All of this certainly plays well with those who orchestrated these reports and programs, are ideologically opposed to fossil fuels, or get paid to advance climate chaos and renewable energy narratives. However, a very different response among other audiences is increasingly evident around the world.

The “unprecedented climate and weather chaos” isn’t actually happening

People look out their windows and realize the “unprecedented climate and weather chaos” isn’t actually happening, is little different from what they and previous generations experienced, and cannot possibly be attributed solely to fossil fuel use. They know the sun and other powerful natural forces have driven frequent climate changes throughout history, and play equally important roles today.

They understand that the scary headlines are the product of “scenarios” conjured up by computer models that blame climate change on greenhouse gases. They see the boy who cried “fifty 20-foot-tall wolves” far too often. They don’t buy the notion that today’s incredibly wealthy, high-tech, energy-rich societies are somehow less able to deal with climate change than those that lived through the Little Ice Age, for example. They typically put climate change at the bottom of any list of pressing concerns.

Fossil fuels are essential to lifting billions more people out of crushing poverty

More and more people understand that fossil fuels provide 80% of US and global energy – and are essential to lifting billions more people out of crushing poverty. They see Asian and African countries building thousands of new coal- and gas-fired electrical generating plants, and making and driving millions of new cars. They know even Germany and Japan are burning more coal, as they realize that wind and solar subsidies and facilities raise energy costs, kill jobs and hurt poor families the most.

People resent being scammed and get angry when they realize their taxes and energy payments often line the pockets of climate activists, scientists, bureaucrats, politicians, and wind, solar and biofuel cronies.

Above all, a growing number see the proposed solutions as far worse than the wildly exaggerated and even fabricated climate disasters. They won’t tolerate having their livelihoods and living standards disrupted or destroyed by carbon taxes, even higher energy prices or fossil fuel bans – especially when the antipathy toward those fuels is combined with plans to terminate nuclear and even hydroelectric power.

People resent being scammed

In recent weeks, millions of mostly poor, working class and rural French citizens have joined the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement, protesting and even rioting against President Macron’s proposed carbon tax hikes on their driving and living standards. Even a French police union has sided with the protesters. A shaken Macron finally postponed the tax for six months, then scrapped the plan entirely.

The protests are the first serious backlash against international eco-imperialism. They won’t be the last.

Can actual, real-world climate risks possibly be worse than the horrid poverty, deprivation and disease that afflicts Africans now?

In Africa alone, twice as many people as live in the USA still do not have electricity, or have it only rarely and unpredictably. Can you imagine your life without electricity? And yet they are told by the EU, environmentalists, the World Bank and others that they must restrict their ambitions to what is possible with wind, solar and biofuel energy. Would you accept such carbon colonialism? Can actual, real-world climate risks possibly be worse than the horrid poverty, deprivation and disease that afflicts them now?

The World Bank recently said it would kindly give poor countries $200 billion during its FY2021-25 cycle, for “adaptation and resilience” in the face of manmade climate change. But still nothing for fossil fuel or nuclear power. The White House should read it the riot act, especially if US money is involved.

Poor countries don’t need climate cash. They need to develop: energy, infrastructure, factories, jobs, health, living standards. They need to do what rich countries did to become rich – not what (some) rich countries are doing (or at least saying) now that they are rich. Thankfully, many are doing exactly that.

“Green” energy is insufficient, unsustainable and ecologically harmful

Abundant, reliable, affordable electricity, motor fuels and factory power creates its own prosperity; its own ability to improve roads, hospitals, schools, homes and so on; its own “drop dead money” to tell carbon colonialists to take a hike. “Green” energy is insufficient, unsustainable and ecologically harmful.

With America likely being joined soon by Brazil in rejecting the Paris climate trap, poor nations are on firm ground. Ontario (Canada), Poland. Australia, China, India and other countries have also rejected carbon taxes and coal use restrictions. The Paris deal is fast becoming a climate Potemkin Village.

But what about that National Climate Assessment? Wasn’t that a Trump White House document? It certainly needed some adult supervision, to ride herd on the 1,000 Deep State scientists and bureaucrats who prepared it. However, the White House let them prove how loony climate alarmism has become.

Garbage In-Garbage Out climate models

Indeed, as Nick Loris, Roger Pielke, Jr. and other experts have pointed out, the NCA was based on absurd assumptions (eg, vastly increased coal use and no energy technology advances over the next 70 years) and a ridiculous worst-case global temperature increase of 15 degrees F by 2100. That’s twice as high as even the IPCC’s worst-case projections, and far worse than Garbage In-Garbage Out climate models are predicting. It’s more than 15 times the total warming our Earth has experienced since 1820!

Failure to factor in the incalculable benefits of fossil fuels

The NCA is also based on rampant cherry-picking of data, to wildly inflate climate risks; an almost total failure to factor in the incalculable benefits of fossil fuels; and a refusal to consider the plant-fertilizing benefits of more atmospheric carbon dioxide. It just depicts the CO2 we exhale solely as a dangerous climate-changing pollutant. The NCA also ignored the fact that actual observations show no increases in drought, no increases in the frequency or magnitude of floods, no trends in the frequency or intensity of hurricanes. It didn’t mention the 12-year absence of Category 3-5 hurricanes making US landfall.

Just as egregious, the Deep State NCA claimed continued fossil fuel use would hit the United States with $500 billion in annual climate related costs by 2090. That’s more than twice the percentage lost during the Great Depression. It’s 10% of the US economy in 1971. Even with modest economic growth, it’s likely to be a trivial 0.6% of America’s GDP in 2090. The NCA bogeyman is a little stuffed bear.

But based on IPCC and NCA fear mongering, America and the world are supposed to keep their fossil fuels in the ground – including what the US Geological Survey says is the “largest continuous oil and gas resource potential ever assessed!!” Over 46 billion barrels of oil, 280 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 20 billion barrels of natural gas liquids in just part of the Texas-New Mexico Permian Basin.

No one denies that the climate changes, or even that human activities have some effects on climate and weather. But there is no real-world evidence that human CO2 emissions have replaced the sun and other natural forces; that another degree of warming would be cataclysmic; or that humans can control climate changes and weather events by tweaking the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Want some facts and common sense? See what CFACT and Heartland have been saying in Poland, and read books by Dr Roy Spencer, Marc Morano, Anthony Watts and others. They’ll be a breath of fresh air.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and author of books, studies and articles on energy, climate change, the environment and human rights.


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  1. I find it curious that not one proposal has emerged on how to harness runaway heat through the taxes raised. How will aof this money be spent? Let me guess. More welfare— and not one cent spent to deal with the upcoming Ice Age.

    • This is a good point…I only saw the money being “donated” as the issue to “redistribute wealth”.
      Almost all problems identified in this century resulted in solutions not creating more problems.

    • To have runaway heat, as per Venus, you will need the Air pressure 900X more than it is now.

      The only runaway heat is from the Warmists frothing at the mouth in Poland on having been caught with thier hand in till.

      So the UN dictates who can speak on world issues, is that not censorship of the worst order. Time to defund this bankrupt organisation, which is frankly worse for human than organisaed crime.

  2. First 10 days of December, far below normal in much of southern Brazil. It was the colder beginning of December in many years, in São Joaquim the coldest in more than 20 years.

    The High Mountains (Serra da Catarinense) had the coldest dawn, Inmet de São Joaquim-SC (1955/2018) since 1971 and the fourth colder of the whole series, and we saw on the national news that the cold was “normal!!!”
    Apart from the standardized stations that registered values between 0…-3 ° C in December! Lamentable!

  3. CO2 is not a plant fertilizer, it is the essential gas of photosynthesis. Plants are typically “fertilized” by adding trace nutrients or Nitrogen to water and feeding the roots.
    6CO2 + 6H2O + light energy = C6H12O6 + 6O2. This is photosynthesis not fertilization. We cannot fix carbon from the atmosphere, we must get it from plants or animals that have eaten plants. As carbon based organisms we need carbon for everything.

    • Strictly speaking you are correct. Photosynthesis provides the plant with energy by separating the Oxygen atom and fixing the carbon.
      To do so it, still needs trace nutrients from the “fertilizer” or Nitrogen provided by rainwater via the roots, and CO2 from the air.
      However, if your look at any farming or gardening manual, the term for plant food is fertilizer and the plant does not grow without all the components in place to do so.

    • I agree that people should stop calling CO2 fertilizer – it is FAR more essential that that as you say.

      It is the source of everything all animals need to exist – plants !

      I can’t bear how stupid people can be to talk about “carbon pollution” meaning 0.06% of the atmospheric mass.

      Let’s reduce it way down and all die – that is what these idiots want.

  4. Why do we allow the left-radicals always set the lexicon? It always has been and always will be alarmism about man-made global warming, or climate change solely caused by man-made global warming. Saying things like “climate always changes” gives them undeserved credibility. Call it by its real name and make the alarmists justify their branding of global warming.

    • The whole point about AGW is to remove Hydrocarbons as a power source for declining western economies, because of the snow flake lefts hatred of western economic power based on technology and development.
      Yet the BRICS are now pumping far more CO2 from really dirty power stations without check. Out of sight out of mind, yet the west will be bankrupted because of it.
      Better start learning Mandarin.

  5. “Why do we allow the left-radicals always set the lexicon” ???

    Because generally (In general), people are stupid (Still many more REAL-STUPID)) !

    It comes naturally, and then the same VOTE towards it, which keeps stupidity going (Evolving)…



  6. Oil isnt ‘fossil’ fuel. Wrong theory like the RGHG theory, both BUSTED.
    Swedish Scientists & Geologists: Fossil Fuel Theory Busted
    More here.
    ‘Rare’ oil maked the price higher than would be if it was proved to be ‘renewable’ The green lobby AND big oil DONT WANT YOU to KNOW, so they can play games.
    Sir Fred Hoyle, the great astrophysicist, once said It is absurd that oil comes from some ‘squashed fish’ .
    Oil is too deep, shown by Russia, to be from any sedimentary deposit. Alkanes of high chemical potential cant be made from carbon compounds of LOWER chemical potential, which is required for the oil from fossil theory.

    This doesnt refer to Coal which is probably fossil..probably at present.

  7. Women were made upset, and they still are, as the predictions of the U.N. c.s are pointing into the direction of a bad environment to raise their children. To change the mind one needs more then explaining the so called scientifical methods. When it is getting colder a few years in a row, people will start to change their mind but as long as the winters are mild like overhere, they will believe the U.N. despite the unscientifical methods used ( can nature be treated as if it is a system? Accepting nature is a system one is using metaphysical ideas not physical ideas).

  8. Oh no! All this CO2 will brake the earths biosphere because the climate models (that have no verification in fact) say this will cause a 1-1.5°C or so of warming.
    It’ll be a great catastrophe unless send more money the UN-IPCC and the cAGW faithful chant.

    But wait, a 1-1.5°C or so of warming, that would put us back to a climate similar to the Medieval Warm Period (MWP). Why fear taking global temperatures up to MWP levels or above? Why or maybe it should be why not? After all that was a time when life thrived and flourished, when human development blossomed.
    That would be in complete contrast to the (relatively) recent Little Ice Age when most life, especially human life suffered greatly. A time when the growing seasons were curtailed, when harvests were meager, when starvation, disease, and early death ranged over the population. A time when according to the UN-IPCC the CO2 levels were good.

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