Climate and the Oceans

“The climate change brainwash needs to end!” says Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser.  “If you really want to help subsistence fishermen families in the Bay of Bengal, then don’t brainwash them into believing that their diminished fish catches are due to climate change.”

Climate and the Oceans

By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

The August issue of Water 21, the official magazine of the International Water Association has an article by Lis Stedman on “Reports warn of climate change impact on oceans” that is highly misleading. [1]

Stedman provides a summary of an UN Development Programme (UNDP) report issued around the time of the Rio+20 conference earlier this year in Rio de Janeiro.

To boost the message visually, the article is accompanied by a picturesque photo of three quaint-looking fishing boats with the caption:

“Fishing boats on the Bay of Bengal, where sea level rise is causing seawater intrusion into freshwater resources.”

Cause and Effect

As is well known from many locations (for example, atolls in the Pacific) with low elevation above seawater, any intrusion of seawater into freshwater aquifers raises (not lowers) the freshwater water table. That’s a simple consequence of the physics, i.e. higher density of saltwater compared to freshwater. Therefore, any such freshwater reservoir will not diminish in size or volume by any seawater intrusion, it will just become raised. Of course, if the withdrawal of freshwater from that aquifer is larger than the natural rate of replenishment, that freshwater resource may indeed become depleted. But that has absolutely nothing to do with any warming or cooling of the oceans.

Stedman next relates that the UNDP report found that “warming ocean waters are causing major shifts in fish distribution and severe degradation of coastal habitats” and that “climate change is threatening the livelihoods of billions [of people] who depend on the $12 TRILLION these systems generate each year. Well, isn’t that interesting. These (ocean) systems are very productive and generate an enormous amount of resources whose current exploitation may already be well beyond its re-generation capacity.

But, instead of blaming over-exploitation as the culprit, no, it’s got to be climate change, what else. As if there were not numerous examples of fish stock depletion due to over-fishing, destruction of spawning grounds and habitat by all kinds of means. I recommend the book “Out of Fishermen’s Hands…” [2] and my brief chapters on “The Cod Story” and related subjects in “Convenient Myths.” [3]

Further down in the article, the true facts are slowly coming out more clearly. “There are many causes of habitat degradation…” including shoreline construction, mangrove cutting, sedimentation and siltation. Of course, once again, such things are claimed to be consequences of climate change, not a result of local/area changes resulting from human activities. Increased sediment loadings by rivers must be due to climate change, not to any dyke-ing of river banks in their flood plains, or to dredging of river channels, and so forth.

Climate Change Brainwash

The UNDP report and Stedman’s summary would benefit tremendously by not trying to blame every conceivable problem on “climate change” and stating upfront and outright that it is the alteration of river flows, over-exploitation of natural resources and general habitat destruction which are the true causes of any problems.

Climate change (supposedly caused by carbon dioxide from fossil fuel consumption) and a myriad of effects claimed to result from it are nothing but lame excuses for the true cause.

The UN and all the climate-change-doom-and-gloom harbingers are actually doing a great disservice to the people most affected. By shifting the blame from local/country mismanagement to their cause celebre of climate change, they only encourage further mismanagement and prevent true corrective management actions.

If you really want to help subsistence fishermen families in the Bay of Bengal, then don’t brainwash them into believing that their diminished fish catches are due to climate change.

Short of earthquakes (even some of those can be the result of large man-made reservoirs) and volcanic eruptions, it is nearly universal fact that human alteration of the natural system is causing unforeseen consequences. Sea level rise (bunkum), melting Himalayan glaciers (bunkum), declining fish stocks (true in many areas – but not because of climate change), increased siltation (true in many areas – but not because of climate change) and numerous other changes are among them.

For example, the annual floods of the Nile River previously added large amounts of new, nutrient-laden sediments to the river delta. After construction of the Aswan dam (1970), the fertility of the delta area declined substantially and it also experienced a loss of size due to the lack of the (previous) annual sediment addition and natural erosion [4]. That decline had nothing to do with climate change.

The climate change brainwash needs to end!

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9 thoughts on “Climate and the Oceans”

  1. This article is exactly what I have been saying for years – the climate change hype has caused us to overlook and underfund all sorts of real environmental problems – actual pollution and unsustainable practices – while spending billions on a “non-problem” that lines a few people’s pockets

  2. Anybody who believes the atmosphere at 20 C with a density of 1.205 kg/cubic metre and a specific heat capacity of 1.05 kJ/kg.K and thermal conductivity of 0.0257 W/m.K is capable of heating water witht a density of 998.3 kg/cubic metre and a specific heat capacity of 4.183 kJ/kg.K and thermal conductivity of 0.58 W/m.K is clearly delusional.

    The density alone ought to tell you that – water is about 1000 times more dense than air and soils are some 2200 times more dense than air.

    To transfer any energy of any significance the air would have to be on fire.

    The soils and the oceans heat the atmosphere – not the other way round.

    The atmosphere acts like a heat pump removing heat caused by the solar radiation – without the atmosphere acting in this manner we would fry under the sun – it heats the Moon’s surfaces to over 107 degrees C.

    Many people say that the Moon’s 29 Earth day long period is why it gets so hot but they are wrong on this – experiments on Earth show the solar radiation can increase temperatures by 30 or more degrees C in about an hour in the absence of convective cooling.

    The Moon’s 29 Earth day long period is why it gets so COLD – 29 days to radiate all the heat away at a decreasing rate as it cools down.

    The Earth never gets the time to radiate all the heat away before the heating re-commences at a given point.

  3. Thanks for posting this Robert and thanks to Rosco for his spot-on comments. It is indeed the sun that heats the earth and then the earth heats the atmosphere. Rosco’s moon comments are spot-on too. Have you read our book Slaying the Sky Dragon?

  4. “Global Warming” AKA “Climate Change” is the intellectual cop-out of (almost) a whole generation. There is no need to really study anything in great detail, or to determine actual cause and effect anymore.

    The “experts” just point to any phenomenon or observation and say “global warming caused this” or “climate change caused that” and their fellow “experts” pat them on the back for being so brilliant.

    The “deniers” and “skeptics” are the ones who actually put their brains in gear, do their homework, and connect the dots properly.

    We are already witnessing a whole generation of young people who don’t know what critical thinking looks like.

  5. As Shari mentioned, follow the money to find out why people and organizations want us to believe that man is causing global warming. Undersea volcanos cause the oceans to warm. The earth goes through cycles, it is a living thing. To think that man can cause global warming, which is now called “climate change”, is arrogant, stupid and evil when it is done to line a select few’s pockets with other people’s money.

  6. I accept the fact that fossil fuel usage does, in fact, affect the environment. But to me, the greatest mystery surrounding it is why do we spend billions of dollars attempting to find energy supplies to replace it, instead of spending those billions of dollars in actually dealing with it? Consider. If we spent the same amount of money in putting scrubbers and such on smoke stacks that we have spent on chasing solar panels, would we not already have more power and cleaner air? Had we spent the money on ethanol and fuel additives for something more constructive, like actually building engines that don’t need them in the first place, wouldn’t we already have cleaner air and environment and still have the mobility we enjoy? Had we rewarded industry for moving in the correct direction by assisting in the research rather than penalizing them, wouldn’t EPA have actually fulfilled its purpose?

    Climate change is just an extension of the same lame approach to “fixing things.” Don’t help the productive to meet the requirement, penalize them and support the non-productive raise the costs of living and punish the people that can least afford it.

  7. Yesterday the leading dutch newspaper nrc spent half a page in their science section on the rise of the sealevel and the expected disasters . No word about the satellite observations that seasurface levels are falling during the recent years . The summarizing of crap in ths newspaper has absolutely nothing to do with science . It concerns a highly politicized meassage only to frighten the readership and to subjugate the generak public under marxist banners . How deep our society has fallen and the uncritical acceptance of this propaganda is frightening . The msm nowadays is a tool in tha hands of climate-gangsters robbing our society into poverty , without contributing a penny to the creation of wealth . Shall we continue to fund persons and institutions without asking a moral obligation at least ?

  8. CO2 emissions might drop drastically over the next 20 years simply because we will be unable to burn coal fast enough to increase CO2 emissions. The economic growth fueled by high EROEI energy is essentially over. The imaginary climate doom will quickly be replaced by the very real doom of energy shortages.

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