Climate Science is NOT Settled

Climate Science is NOT Settled

“Wind and solar can never run modern industrial societies, modern transport or big cities. Such a policy is a recipe for blackouts and starvation.” – Viv Forbes

Climate Science is NOT Settled

Climate change is normal. Today’s climate is not extreme or unusual.
By Viv Forbes, Founding Secretary of “Clexit” (Climate Exit).

31 Aug 2016 – For at least a decade we have been told by the UN/IPCC, by most government media and officials, by many politicians, and by the Green “charities” and their media friends that “the science is settled”.

We are lectured by Hollywood stars, failed politicians and billionaire speculators that anyone who opposes the World War on Carbon Dioxide is ignorant, mischievous or supporting some hidden vested interest.

We endure calls for an end to free speech for climate sceptics, smearing with derogatory terms like “denier”, and even aggressive punishments like dismissal and legal action against sceptics for speaking out. The new low is the use of anti-racketeer legislation against sceptics:

We notice the sudden and unexplained denial of pre-booked sceptic conference facilities and the steadfast refusal of alarmists to debate facts and issues.

Why are they so afraid of words?

Surely this is a sign that their facts are shonky and their arguments are feeble? They fear they are losing the confidence of the public.

The tide is turning, and informed opposition is growing. It is time for the thinking media to give sceptical evidence and conclusions a fair go in the court of public opinion.

In a short time with no costly international meetings and very little publicity, Clexit has gathered the support of over 115 members in 20 countries. Please look at the list of Foundation Members and countries. 

Clexit (CLimate Exit)
Clexit (CLimate Exit)

Look at the skills, qualifications, experience and wisdom of our founding members; and the many other well-qualified dissenters listed at the end.

The science is not settled.

This global warming alarm started with UN sponsored groups such as the IPCC. But Clexit has members who were official IPCC reviewers but they dissented from the final public IPCC reports which were prepared by political appointees.

The climate alarm rests totally on computerised models of atmospheric physics. But Clexit has highly qualified meteorologists, physicists, astro-physicists, radiation experts, climate modellers and long-range forecasters who reject the science, maths, assumptions and forecasts of the greenhouse-driven computer models.

We are told that Earth’s climate is controlled by the gradual increase of a tiny trace of one colourless gas in the atmosphere. But Clexit has specialists who can show that the warm and cold currents in the deep and extensive oceans, the variable water vapour in the atmosphere and Earth’s changing cover of ice, snow and clouds have far more effect on weather and climate than carbon dioxide.

We are told that carbon dioxide is a pollutant. But Clexit has organic chemists, biologists, physicians, naturalists, graziers, foresters and farmers who know that extra carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is very beneficial for Earth’s biosphere – deserts are contracting, bush and forests are expanding, and crop yields are up.

We are told that sea levels are rising alarmingly. But Clexit has experts on sea level history and measurement who can prove that there is nothing unusual or alarming about current fluctuations in sea levels.

We are told that today’s climate is extreme and unusual. But Clexit has geologists and geographers who have studied eons of climate history via ice cores, stratigraphy, paleontology, deep-sea drilling, historical records, glaciers, ice sheets and landscapes and who say that climate change is normal and today’s climate is not extreme or unusual.

The long-term trend is now towards global cooling

We are told to fear the coming global warming. But Clexit has geologists and researchers who have studied the cycles of the ice ages and the climate effects of the Milankovitch cycles in Earth’s orbit – obliquity, eccentricity and precession. They say we have passed the peak of this modern warm era and the long-term trend is now towards global cooling. We will still have short-term periods of hot and extreme weather, and some heat records may still be broken, but the 1,000 year climate averages are trending down towards the next glacial epoch of the Pleistocene Ice Age.

We are told repeatedly that the Great Barrier Reef is doomed by dangers that change annually – rising seas, river sediments, warm seas, ocean acidity, fertiliser run-off, coal port development, over-fishing or marauding star-fish. But Clexit has qualified members who have studied oceanography and ancient and modern corals and report that the Reef is healthy, and corals have survived far more dramatic changes in sea levels and climate in the past.

Solar cycles get no consideration in the IPCC climate models but Clexit has astro-physicists and long range weather forecasters who have demonstrated that solar and lunar cycles have big effects on Earth’s climate and weather cycles.

Little is known about the strings of undersea volcanoes

In addition, while billions of dollars are spent fruitlessly on failed climate models and endless climate conferences, little is known about the strings of undersea volcanoes or how much geothermal heat is released from Earth’s molten interior during orogenic upheavals.

We are told that we must embrace green energy. But Clexit has power engineers and logistics experts who say that wind and solar can never run modern industrial societies, modern transport or big cities. Such a policy is a recipe for blackouts and starvation.

Clexit also has naturalists and conservationists who see more harm than good in extensive wind, solar and bio-fuel developments.

Finally, we are told that to save the world we need to hand powerful taxing and regulating powers to unelected officials of the United Nations. But Clexit has politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen, columnists, lawyers, army officers and bloggers who see that this political agenda will destroy the freedoms we cherish.

Many Clexit members have held very senior positions in research, industry or academia but no longer have sensitive positions, careers or incomes to protect, so are free to express honest opinions, which they have done by supporting “Clexit”.

We ask the media to give our soundly-based dissenting conclusions a fair hearing – there are two sides to most stories, but only one side is being aired.

The Clexit initiative was launched with no budget, promises or funds. So, unlike the alarmists with an agenda, those receiving rivers of government funds and those posing as tax-exempt charities, we cannot afford massive advertising costs.

We hope, in the interests of fair play, you see fit to give our valid concerns some space in the free media.

Note: The first informal meeting of many Clexit members will take place in London on Sept 8/9, 2016 at this conference (whose first booked venue was suddenly withdrawn).

Disclosure: The formation of Clexit was not prompted or supported by any industry, corporation, group or lobby nor have they had any say in our statements or conclusions.

6 thoughts on “Climate Science is NOT Settled

  1. Speaking of Climate Science is NOT Settled I would like the readers to examine the following and decide whether or not the seismic signals that look like a horizontal kite with red auto detect lines look exactly like Dr Chouet’s “B” type seismic signal or long period event or not. The YMR seismometer records with sensitivity of 125 micro volts and I have been watching it since 2013.
    BBC Science Documentary Volcano Hell Nature Documentary

    If Yellowstone is not getting LP events there is little danger of a climate altering eruption any time soon. But if it is pressurizing there may be a problem.

  2. “end to free speech for climate sceptics” ?

    Viv, soon “all” free speech will be outlawed, it just started with Climate Crap !

    When you “control” the Media, you control the Message, check History !!!

    • Control the media ,control the mind is the guiding principle.
      I think you will find that those who control the world of government, finance and the media are basically the same type of people.

  3. It is amusing to read and realize that a psychological war is being waged against lucid critical thought.

    When ever the Globalists , Democrats, Progressives, Socialists are lined up against basic common sense they use the same tactics. They lie, the lie often and they lie loudly while smearing the credibility of those whom they oppose.

    These tactics work against level headed conservatives who don’t do well in competitions against the loudly shouted hysterics of the Left. It all has to do with controlling the subject and knocking people off their defensive talking points using neural linguistics. The left has become professionals at taking control of the message by using changes in word meanings. For example>> Bill Clinton changed the word TAX to ((INVESTMENT)). Now when we hear a new tax is going to be foisted upon the American public it is referred to as an INVESTMENT into our future. The questions should be >>Who’s future and who will benefit? The answer will always be >> The politicians.

    The same goes for weather, Wild gyrations, screaming, shouting, threatening jail to for disagreement is all about controlling the subject and making people focus on the argument and not the subject. The subject is and should always be the subject not the wild inactivity preventing us from dealing with the critical subject. Let me show you what I mean.

    In 1970 300 established scientists approached the UN to offer their warning of a coming ice age. It was based on much of the very same science we see and refer to today. It was founded in ICE core readings, tree rings, Carbon dating, established historic agricultural data and archeological findings, all of which has advanced in clarity with technological advances now. What happened? The UN top leaders put them off for 3 years. What happened in 3 years? Three years later they were permitted to make their presentation with two opponents. One was the newly devises Global warming crowd with their newly formulated Global Warming message and a second well funded supporting group that went by an acronym I do not recall. This second group supported eugenics and the depopulation of the world. Interesting bedfellows aren’t they. I will simply ask you: today do these groups share the same platform?

    Back then when we were in science class the teachers we had shared the information their thoughts and the probabilities. The teachers I had did not display the political green theology even vaguely. Then we saw the mocking’s of the idea of a Global Ice Age start to appear in cartoons and on some news reports. It looked like an effort to stop the message then much as the Globalists are trying to do today. The same, but less sophisticated neural linguistic technology was being employed against the public. Over time those Warning us had no podium to speak from and all you saw was the derision of the subject from the left.

    Now we have the UN in full support of the Lefts lies along with ROME’s Pope who ignores the advice of his man in charge of the studies of the science in this subject. In fact Rome is now supporting alien life will come to earth with with some kind message to save mankind. You make your own assumptions on that one.

    My point is, the Globalists have an Agenda. This Agenda has been in the works for a very long time. They have accomplished the majority of their goals to bring them to where they can with impunity shut down Free Speech, Liberty, the Constitution and ignore the courts. Nothing in this world can stop them >>> use your mental filters to block all the noise they make that stops correct thinking and prevents necessary discussion and planning. Stay on the facts and the science. Trust GODS words, watch the sky’s for signs, the sorrows are starting and the plagues will soon follow.

    • “When ever the Globalists , Democrats, Progressives, Socialists are lined up against basic common sense they use the same tactics. They lie, the lie often and they lie loudly while smearing the credibility of those whom they oppose.”

      It is called the consistent message Craig and it is a propaganda tactic for either demoralizing the public or countering demoralization. (brainwashing) Leftists and globalist oligarchs are good at it but they do not have a monopoly over it.
      You may use the same tactics to counter their BS.

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