‘Climate Seesaw’ Spurred Human Evolution For Millennia – New Study

Climate seesaw, including periods of glaciation, hammered humans for 620,000 years. NOT the other way around. No mention of humans hammering the climate.


In an article entitled “‘Climate Seesaw’ Spurred Human Evolution in Africa For Millennia, Scientists Say,” David Nield writes “Ancient, oscillating weather patterns similar to El Niño are chiefly responsible for environmental shifts in sub-Saharan Africa over the last 620,000 years, new research reveals – and they’re also likely to have played a big role in our evolution as a species.”

Looks like El Niños may be the culprit, not humans, doesn’t it?

Here another excerpt:

“According to the researchers, lush and verdant environments associated with heavy rainfall swung from the east to the west of Africa and back again, with each switch taking about 100,000 years. Animals, plants, and humans would have responded accordingly.”

Notice that each switch took “about 100,000 years.” I agree with that number. It corresponds with the ice-age cycle that I keep talking about in “Not by Fire and by Ice” and “Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps.”

That’s why I’m so concerned about humanity’s future, because I think we’re the very end of one of those cycles right now, headed for a major glaciation.

It’s a cycle! It’s a cycle! It’s a cycle!

“However, it seems likely that this ‘seesaw’ pattern needs to be accounted for in addition to the patterns of various ice glacier shifts, when it comes to trying to figure out patterns of migration overall, and why people might have moved where they did,” Nield continues.

Notice that Nield mentions “various ice glacier shifts” as contributing to the pattern.

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  1. Yup makes sense! We appear to be headed for major ice age. And it has nothing to do with our 15 watt porchlight LOL.
    So go turn it on – you have nothing to worry about.

  2. Prehistoric humans started hammering the climate when they discovered and then rediscovered fire on numerous occasions… unfortunately we just would not learn… so here we are again… hopefully our saviour Greta will help lead the way back to pre-civilization/climate change again so we can start all over once more with a Great Reset.
    The 1st Human “Magic” Trick

    … and hopefully the rhinos and likely the modern day green rino(s) and libs ww will save us from all this man-made climate change once more before it is too late to save the planet.
    Rhinos/rinos… the firemen of the jungle… past and present.

  3. The original article by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) of the United States of America:
    Human Evolution (racist) in Africa (racist) For Millennia
    is all racist… talk about not being woke or what.

    also recently from the same publication:
    News Feature: Keeping Black students in STEM
    (coincidentally and very likely the same race of guys who started all this climate change by discovering and making fire with STEM technology)
    Fire The 1st Human “Magic” Trick

    (if math/STEM and correct answers are racist then Human Evolution in Africa are most definitely racist while also being the obvious root of the climate change problem… namely fire – it’s 2021… either get woke or go broke)

  4. Like most people, I’ve seen Ancient Aliens television show, and I’ve read Zacharia Sitchin, but it was all just entertainment and an intellectual exercise until I realized that by Darwinian natural selection humans getting near furless in a repeating ice age is patently absurd.

    Less fur means you are less fit and thus dead, out of the gene pool. Then it hit me, the so-called naked ape, ie humans, is an impossibility without genetic engineering and an alternate explanation is needed for human origin, thus Sitchin and the alien theory.

    Any individual in the gene pool with inadequate insulation is going to die, thus it makes no sense humans look the way they do. Just take a good look at an Orangutan and it’s massive fur – and it lives in a humid jungle climate.

    Then there is another clue – that is not well known with the science types – that during the last couple of glaciations CO2 got way low, much lower than 200 ppm which is deadly to plant growth.

    So a few propose that low CO2 should be looked at as the cause of megafauna extinctions – including our Neanderthal cousins.


    “That 400 ppm is actually dangerously low is a fact the alarmists keep avoiding and suppressing. Below 150 ppm, plant-life dies off on a massive scale. The Earth actually came very close to that point many times over the last 2 million years during the ice ages. At the bottom of the last ice age just 20,000 years ago, life on the planet literally teetered on the brink when CO2 fell to a level of just 180 ppm. Do we really want to live on the brink of extinction.”


    “Ice Ages Were Very, Very Grim”

    “From a historical perspective, an atmospheric CO2 concentration of 400 ppm is actually almost scraping the bottom of the barrel. Over the Earth’s history, atmospheric CO2 concentrations have ranged from 180 ppm to 7000 ppm, … On that scale we are in fact today barely above the Earth’s record lows.

    As the Pleistocene progressed, CO2 levels fell and dust storms dominated the age of ice. You could not farm in North America 20,000 years ago because CO2 was much to low for plant grow, so low that trees probably were dying out. The bread baskets of the world were barren wastelands.”


  5. G*d tyrants are hammering California
    Look at this: In the entire State of California beginning June 15, when mask mandate ends, they now have to be worn anyway in the workplace– unless every single employee is vaxxed. Talk about pressure on the unvaxxed!

    California (Democratic trifecta): On June 3, the California Occupational Safety & Health Standards Board passed rules requiring masks to be worn in workplaces where not all employees are fully vaccinated beyond June 15, the planned date for California to end its statewide mask mandate.

    Some democracy, huh? Stupid, unelected tyrants just pass an order.

  6. even my non sceptical friends are now scoffing at weather n CCreports/claims.
    shooting themselves in their own feet;-) note 350 dot org needs a rebadge too ‘lol

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