Climate skeptics are “assholes,” says French politician

“Pour NKM, les climato-sceptiques sont des “connards.” Thus reads the headline in the Figaro, a French newspaper.

Nathalie_Kosciusko-Morizet,_2014On Monday evening, asked what she thought of climate skeptics, French politician Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet (NKM) answered thusly:

“In my mind it’s very clear. I’d say it’s assholes,” she blurted.

“I would detail that a little bit,” she added. “When we say it’s going to improve tourism, it might be true if the temperature increased by two degrees. But that is not what climate change is. It multiplies “extreme weather events,” that is to say that where there is desert it’ll be even more dry, and where there are problems of a hurricane, it will there be still more,” she insisted.

“You cannot link an extreme weather event to climate change, but we know that multiplication is linked. It’s misfortune for humanity and it is an urgent struggle,” she lamented.

I guess we’re “connards” if we want to heat our homes without going bankrupt.

I guess we’re “connards” if we don’t want to be forced to read at night by candlelight.

I guess we’re “connards” if we don’t want to be driven backward 200 years into the days of misery and scarcity and horseshit blanketing the streets.

That’s if they even allow us to have horse.

All forced upon us by a modern-day Joan of Dark.

See entire article:

Thanks to a reader in France for this link

“This insult is indirectly directed toward Philippe Verdier, a well known meteo-journalist at the French public television,” says the above reader. “Verdier just released a book “Climate Investigation“, in which he denounces climate fraud.”

Often referred to by her initials NKM, Nathalie Geneviève Marie Kosciusko-Morizet is a French politician and the current deputy of the 4th electoral constituency of Essonne, France.

She is one-time mayor of Longjumeau, was an unsuccessful mayoral candidate for Paris in 2014, and is a former French minister of Ecology.


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    • There are pretty looking snakes out there in the jungle, too, that are deadly. Yes I do mean to equate the two. This woman is another progressive elitist who wants to dictate how you should live every facet of your life. She would have no problem if we cattle were reduced by 5 or 6 billion and, no doubt, would have no problem lending a hand in the process. Pretty lady indeed.

  1. keeping up the international rep for french rudeness rather well, isn’t she?
    a nice pile of Merd’e back atcha honey:-)

  2. Standard left-wing procedure: smear, insinuate, insult. With absolutely zero evidence. And if all else fails, lie. Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet is evidently “un tas d’excréments vapeur”

  3. She must be a climatologist, right? Or maybe she’s listening to the 98% of all scientists who, we’ve been told, agree that there is human-caused global warming/climate change. In 2009, two University of Illinois researchers sent out an online survey to over 10,000 scientists, 3,000 responded. Seventy-seven of those responses were chosen. Seventy-five of those responses agreed with the human-caused global warming theory and, as the French say, voila, you have your 98% consensus of scientists.

    Maybe NKM should be made aware of this site:

    1350+ Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skeptic Arguments Against ACC/AGW Alarmism.

  4. Ahh yes, global warming became climate change which, in turn, became extreme weather. Only problem with the alarmist computer models, however, is satellite data of the lower troposphere for about 19 years doesn’t show the warming (Dr. Roy Spencer’s data at UAH), the climate is always changing, and recent data has confirmed extreme weather events have not increased. New record during the Obama administration for lack of Cat 3 or greater hurricanes making landfall in the USA, and Warren Buffet said years ago they haven’t seen insurance claim increases which you would expect with more extreme weather. Very concerning that politicians are so ignorant of science and statistics. But then, we aren’t really discussing science with politicians are we? This is about the religion of AGW / climate change / extreme weather.

  5. The apparent absolute lack of knowledge and scientific understanding is always at the forefront of any opinion this type of person has. Their views are expressed loudly underpinned by ignorance and lies.

  6. Those eyes suggest to me nothing is very clear in her head, one thing is clear in mine, NONE of these people will be eating any of my food when the power goes out. She must be a spitten image of those people in Seattle. I wonder if these idiots know their about 4 to 8 days away from starvation when the power goes out? I don”t think so. I have been doing a small farm market for about 15 years selling plants and veggies , with 5 or six other vendors. We recently had some little joo run dooshbag from the county unheathty department come and tell us we can’t sell our fresh eggs there anymore. I grew about 250 tomatoes and 100 pepper plants and a bunch of other things for all seasons. between the crummy weather,rodents due to deep snow all winter , dampness due to the weak uv from the sun, my production is down 50 to100% in just the last 2 years . So piss on it ,I quit. I will pull my sign and not go back. If this keeps up it may be like what George Carlin once said Pack your shit folks we”re going away.

  7. “French Politicians Are “Assholes,” say Climate Skeptics.”

    “Politicians Are “Assholes,” say virtually anyone NOT a politician…

    … and: Sociopaths. Liars. Panderers. Thieves. (Insert your epithet here.)

  8. And, a died in the wool Euro climate communist. I hope she has her skates ready for ice skating on French rivers during the coming European Mini Ice Age. Oh yes, and a nice warm Snow suit for her journeys to the Hot House of the Paris Climate stitch up in December.
    Much better to say an English Longbow man’s Two Fingers to her and her kind. The French are very ware of what the gesticulation means.
    The entire purpose of the Euro experiment is to restrain the French from upsetting their German neighbors, who then over stay their welcome when the summer is over. Its expensive turfing out a migrant army who either speaks German or English, when you were misunderstood in the first place

  9. She’s obviously uneducated and arrogant. “Climate change” does not multiply “extreme weather events.” There is no observational evidence of this at all. Neither is there any observational evidence that “climate change” so far has crossed beyond natural variability bounds. Given this well established science fact, we can’t even talk of “climate change.” These naturally occurring fluctuations are what climate is.
    It is scary and symptomatic to see people this ignorant at the highest levels of an EU government. They prattle nonsense, know nothing, and through their sheer stupidity drive EU right into a wall.

  10. Ah, the French! Gotta love ’em! France has a long tradition of having a vigorous Communist movement going back to the 19th century, and a long tradition of resentment for having to play second fiddle to the British Empire and later the United States.

    Name calling is usually the last resort of someone who doesn’t have a case; if you can’t make your point with the evidence, or don’t have any evidence to make a point with, or, you don’t know anything, can’t talk or can’t think, you can always create an emotionally charged distraction by calling someone a dirty name. At least this didn’t start a war. In the 18th or 19th centuries, it might have.

  11. General Patton once said that he would rather have two German division in front of him than
    one French division on his flank. Sounds like their ineptness still exist!

    • At the beginning of WW II, in 1939, the French could have mounted a substantial frontal attack directly into Germany while most of the German Army was busy invading Poland, but they didn’t. They chose to sit behind the Maginot Line and feel secure, confident that the unfortified part of their border, the Ardennes Forest was utterly impassable. Unfortunately, The Germans didn’t know the Ardennes was impassable, and in 1940 launched their blitzkrieg into France through, guess where? (NOT to be confused with the “Ardennes Breakgthrough” of 1944, which was the Battle of the Bulge). When France fell, the French hated the Germans for occupying their country, then, In 1944, they hated the British and Americans, because the Allied Forces had to break things and kill people to get the Germans out of France. American soldiers got along much better with and thought much more highly of the German civilians (with whom they weren’t supposed to fraternize, but did anyway), than any of the French. So, with all this in mind, it isn’t hard to see why Patton said what he said.

      Incidentally, my father served under Patton briefly toward the end of the war in Europe, and mentioning that name to him, was a good way to make him start cussing 🙂

  12. Yes, yes, it multiplies the effect of climate events, says the dunce. I suppose she means like the Sahara desert? Which has been retreating in recent decades (“greening”), due to the higher CO2 levels. The increased CO2 acts like a fertilizer, and also enables plants to flourish when the same limited amount of moisture or survive with lower levels of moisture.

    And I suppose she’s referring to all the increased deaths from natural disasters. (Oops! According to the Red Cross, those deaths are down 90% below the average, in the last year, as noted on this site a day or two ago.) Or maybe she considers the “shortage” of hurricanes and tornadoes here in North America in the last 10 years some kind of “climate crisis.” French logic, at least as displayed in their politics, is not always that easy to decipher.

    But as DeGaulle once said, “How can anyone govern a nation that has 246 different kinds of cheese?”

  13. NKM probably does have a degree-in Marxism.She either knows it’s bull bleep or she’s in with the big lie just like Joseph Goebbels of the Nazi SOCIALIST Party.I have French in my ancestry and it is really embarrassing.They did develop 2 of the greatest military manuevers known to mankind-retreat and surrender and politically “go along to get along”. And as far as a pretty lady-she became very ugly after that comment-an ugly control freak.Have fun in France when the Muslims take over in a couple of years.Instead of “Let them eat cake” it will be “let them remove heads” IDIOT!! Have fun when you freeze or your head is removed post-haste.

  14. Why do people continually blame the climate change alarm boondoggle on communism – really ??

    The 2 “bastions” of communism in the world seriously don’t give a fuck about climate change – except for the opportunity it presents for them to exploit our stupidity and sell us basically useless equipment at highly inflated prices !

    Russia and China do not give a toss about climate change – surely that is obvious !

    Pretense in diplomacy to continue access to market is entirely different to accepting the idiotic climate agenda – the Chinese have historically been amongst the world’s greatest negotiators in trade.

    Surely one of the best examples of free market economics if ever there was one – supply the demand for maximum profit no matter how facile that demand is !

    Communism is NOT responsible for the climate change boondoggle – it originated in western academia.

    NASA, NOAA, CRU, NCAR, BBC,Sierra Club etc. etc. – Jones, Hansen, Mann, Trenberth, Gore etc. etc. – need I go on.

    Not one major climate alarmist is from any country that has a communist government – the stupidity originated in western “democracies” – of that there is absolutely no doubt !!

    • I would bet you can’t make that as a blank statement, but its not worth the time to find out. I would agree it didn’t start in a communist country. The flavor of socialism favored by most academics in the U.S. and the world is fascism, not communism. The problem is there isn’t any real difference between the two as Americans understand politics. German fascists in WWII defined themselves as democratic socialists. The Russians used the term republic. It’s a question of flavors of socialism. They all end up with mass starvation and depravation, millions are killed, and everybody else is miserable.

    • Clearly you have never been to a university in the U.S. or to any gathering whatsoever of the Democratic Party of the U.S. Marxists in this places are thick as fleas in a repossessed house. Socialists and communists flooded the U.S. from Europe over the last century, and nested in academia and the Democratic Party.

    • Conspiracy theories aren’t necessary to explain the climate change mess in academia. Money, greed, corruption, and bureaucratic inertia will do very nicely.

  15. Climate has always changed…naturally. The last change is it stopped warming; more than a decade ago.

    Engineering science demonstrates CO2 has no significant effect on climate. Identification of the two factors that do cause reported average global temperature change (sunspot number is the only independent variable) are at (now with 5-year running-average smoothing of measured average global temperature (AGT), the near-perfect explanation of AGT since before 1900; R^2 = 0.97+).

    • Not wanting to create a panic, but if the CO2 sequestered in Earth’s (Gaia’s?) calcium carbonate deposits were released, the atmosphere would be quadrupled and CO2 would be WAY up on the hockey stick to 750,000 ppm. By the by, what process managed to sequester all of that CO2?

  16. Meanwhile a report from the Red Cross shows that loss of life and financial loss from extreme weather events are in decline. It’s such a shame that politicians are so thick that the make statements without checking the facts first.




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