Climate summit language reveals real but hidden agenda

“The goal isn’t saving Earth from climate disaster – it’s changing the world order.”
– David Wojick, PhD____________

“Climate Change News has published a helpful glossary of technical terms that it thinks are most important during the Katowice, Poland “climate summit,” says Paul Driessen. “Analyzing the list reveals a great deal about what is really going on there. For starters, not one word in this glossary addresses climate change. The 30,000 activists, bureaucrats and other “forward thinking” folks at the IPCC confab are actually designing a New World Order, not saving the planet. Their real focus is on how they will change the world, who is going to pay for that – and who is going to be in charge.”

“Science and logic analyst David Wojick explains it all in this revealing article – which outlines how the UN and its minions are using “climate change” as a smokescreen for planetary governance.”


Climate summit language reveals real but hidden agenda

The goal isn’t saving Earth from climate disaster – it’s changing the world order

David Wojick, PhD

People complain all the time about UN jargon. But the technical language of the Katowice, Poland climate summit is actually very revealing. It is all about changing the world order.

Words exist because there is something important to talk about. Words also embody basic beliefs. In this context, it is very useful that the ever-green Climate Change News has published a Glossary of the 32 technical terms they think are most important in Katowice.

These folks are designing a New World Order

Analyzing this list tells us a great deal about what is really going on there this week. To begin with, not one word on the list addresses climate or climate change. That means calling this a “climate summit” is just a semantic smokescreen. These folks are designing a New World Order. The primary focus is how the world will be changed and who is going to pay for it – and who is going to be in charge.

In fact, the largest group of terms includes those that refer to the various political alliances at the New World Order design table. There are twelve such groups, plus the term “negotiating group” itself. These are groups of countries that feel they share enough of a common interest to team up. Thus a full 41% of the technical terms refer to interest groups.

The largest negotiating group by far is called the G77 + China. Despite the old name, this group has 134 member countries. I have no idea why China gets special mention, except it is by far the most powerful member.

These are the countries that stand to benefit immensely from the new world order, because its central feature is enormous, never-ending payments from the so-called developed countries to the developing countries.

(I say so-called because the USA is still developing. It’s also important to recognize that the more these rich developed nations are forced to reduce their fossil fuel use, de-industrialize and pay money to developing countries like China, the less developed and wealthy they will become, the lower their living standards will be, the less they will be able to make the never-ending payments.)

Africa has its own group, since those countries stand to make more money per capita then any other region. (Most likely, though, most of that money will go to their kleptocratic ruling elites.)

The United States is part of something innocuously called the Umbrella Group, which includes many developed countries outside of the EU, which is a group of its own. Brexit appears not to have happened here, because the UK is not listed separately from the EU.

Katowice is all about a New World Order, not climate change

The avowed Socialists from the Western Hemisphere even have their own group of eleven countries, further demonstrating that this Katowice business is all about a New World Order, not climate change. Mind you these Socialists are not the only anti-capitalists at the table; far from it.

The next largest language group comprises five wealth transfer terms. The definition specifically says that this is “a central element” of the New World Order (which it calls “international cooperation,” which presumably alludes to the “international community” and “civil society”).

One of these terms is “climate finance.” However, it is not about financing climate, whatever that might mean. It is about the developed countries paying for everything the developing countries do in the name of stopping, or at least adapting to, supposedly human-caused climate change. Annual payments of $100 billion (!) are supposed to begin in 2020, but may well rise thereafter if developing countries decide they need (and will demand) more, which they no doubt would. The more they demand or receive, the more money they will expect to get.

Every hurricane, drought, wildfire, snowstorm and flood is now attributed to human-caused climate change

But this $100 billion a year is by no means the big ticket when it comes to payments. That honor belongs to something called “loss and damage. This is basically “compensation for” all of the damage allegedly caused by climate change – which now appears to include all bad weather. Every hurricane, drought, wildfire, snowstorm and flood is now attributed to human-caused climate change, not to mention sea level rise. All must be compensated.

The Paris Accord acknowledges loss and damage, but stops short of requiring the developed countries to pay for it. That they do pay is certainly part of the New World Order agenda. The tentative figure put out by the UN is $400 billion a year, but it could easily get much bigger. There is a lot of bad weather in the world.

One of the sneakier wealth transfer terms is “technology transfer.” In the US, this term is widely used to mean the licensing of new technologies to companies, who then move them from the laboratory to widespread use. At Katowice, the term means something entirely different, including the unlicensing of technologies.

Forcing companies to waive their patents (Shades of Atlas Shrugged)

The idea is that companies holding patents will waive them, to allow developing countries to manufacture the patented stuff free of charge. It can even mean that these companies build manufacturing facilities and train the workers, also for free. I am not making this up.

Then there are various important words referring to other aspects of the New World Order, as well as to specific actions to be taken along the way. Chief among these are the “Nationally Determined Contributions” (NDCs), which are what each country (sort of) promises to do to reduce its emissions and the scourge of “dangerous manmade climate change.”

The NDCs are defined as “climate targets,” but of course they are not target climates. They are milestones on the way to the New World Order. As with most of this UN summit language, “climate” is a code word. The NDCs are to be renewed every five years, including in 2020, so this is another hidden agenda item in Katowice.

Using “climate change” as a smokescreen for planetary governance”

In short, what is on the table at Katowice is moving toward a New World Order, in the name of dealing with supposedly human caused climate change. One of the central elements is a vast wealth transfer from the developed countries like the USA to the developing countries. Another is the reduction or elimination of national sovereignty, in favor of control and decision-making by the United Nations, international community, “negotiating groups” and New World Order.

This is something the UN has always wanted to do, and the climate change scare is their grand chance to do so – or so they think anyway. Tens of thousands of national negotiators from around the world are hard at it in Poland.

The language is deliberately deceptive. But once you understand it, things get pretty clear. Language is like that.

David Wojick is an independent analyst specializing in science and logic in public policy.


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  1. “I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.” – John Galt, Atlas Shrugged.

  2. “The Debate” has long been over. “They”* are not “listening” – but are “debating” in the sense of win at any cost, damn the lack of logic and the facts – truth? Who cares?
    It is the “They” that worries me the most. Brazil and the US are the only governments that are opposing the Bull. Why is that? Why not China, Russia, Iran, et. al.? Where are the business leaders standing up? Why not? This is definitely a conspiracy. But who is controlling it? On such a grand, international scale? What do they get? Cui Bono? All businesses are going to suffer. Billion(s) will die. Mankind will sink to the neanderthal level. Cui Bono? How?

    • “Summed up in one word:” ???

      666 (The Beast) !

      And this is the “New World Order” in preparation for His (It’s) coming !!

      It was documented 1000’s of years ago !!!

      But few care…

  3. they are really good at what they do..
    they can make the most invasive draconian rficts sound so “nice and good” that if you dare refuse it seems youre nasty and self centred..
    i see aus medias pushing the smart homes spin heavily now
    think about your smart fridge ,lights and aircon etc ALL being monitored and controlled by someone with a low to no energy mindset
    with the ability to track and control everything inc your tesla crematorium on wheels.
    looking more like `1984 crossed with Eloi and morlocks every day ;-(

  4. The UN charter came into existence 73 years ago. That’s just a bit longer than I have been alive, but not by much. It is essentially a treaty that was ratified by our senate at that time.

    It is useful to read the preamble to the UN charter which states that the purposes of the UN are to eliminate war, affirm human rights and dignity, and to promote social progress and standards of living. To these ends, the UN has spent billions during the past 73 years, much of the money coming from US taxpayers. To be certain, some good has been done by the UN. However, I think a fair examination of how much success the UN has had in achieving its goals, versus what has been spent, will reveal that little has been achieved.

    The UN has had more than 70 years to accomplish its goals, with little progress shown. Isn’t it time for the US to withdraw from the UN and to quit throwing money into something that has obviously always existed for the covert purpose of transferring wealth?

  5. Well the yellow jackets rebellion in the French speaking areas of the EU, as well as the two fingers from Poland, indicate it isn’t going to straight line to a Regional world order government over night during the next 15 years. The real cold climate change come will fix that. Particularly when Governments allow their own people to starve because they didn’t think it would happen.
    History repeats itself, with Macron telling the French to eat the fuel tax equivalent of cake.
    The People are fed up of the minority which run most western countries and do exactly the opposite of the electors wishes.
    A little bit of revolution is good for a country. The UK had its first in the 1640s and frightened the establishment to death since.
    If BREXIT is defeated by the left, and it will 52% of the electorate and possibly 75% of the electorate now that they have seen the spite, rage, and traitorous behaviour of the EU and the supposed UK democrats with the political classes of the UK. The EU is not democratic, it’s a trade club which want to be a country using somebody else’s money.

    • “The UK had its first in the 1640s and frightened the establishment to death since.”
      Bad news Jim Bob but that is not the case. The
      establishment had a moment of pause but it improvised ,adapted and overcame and has been in charge for quite a while. It merely remade itself into the leaders of business , democratic and Marxist politics, social engineering, education and the secret societies. Cromwell and his gang were not the real opposition to the establishment. He and his colleagues were merely competition with in it and it is no different today.

  6. Read the Global Immigration Pact of the UN and one gets the idea that beneath the surface there is lurking the idea of controlling the world. The term ‘holisme’ is also used for earth is far too complex and usually it means I don’t have any clue and maybe this will help. It is a term mostly used in the alternative medical practices. Then UN is also using the term ‘system’ which points to a quite different idea of how to control something. Of course climate change will help to get through the difficulties countries could have with that Pact. Above all: never put questions on the table about the Pact. All is decided out of view of Joe Sixpack under the ideology of ‘democracy’.

  7. POTUS has a revised agenda, NO NAFTA, NO Paris Accord Treaties, NO resources for Humanitarian Aid Council(UN), NO Open borders, NO, NO, NO to sell out of Liberties and Freedoms!
    Going to be rather difficult reversing the Patriot Act with majority of Demoncrats taking over the House next year(SIGH)

  8. I think it is a stretch to claim “David Wojick is an independent analyst specializing in science …”.

    I showed him a simple analysis of why you cannot algebraically sum radiative fluxes to calculate the resulting temperature involving Planck’s law, the Stefan-Boltzmann law and Wien’s law.

    This proof exposes the complete failure of climate science modeling – their “equations” aren’t right or even “equations” at all.

    His response was he had never seen these equations before and hence had no interest.

    If the climate model “equations” are wrong – I say they are and I can prove it – then all the rest of the “science” such as “radiative forcing” and its effects are just mumbo-jumbo.

  9. Look up International Baccalaureate Schools. The liberal administration in my son’s school district is implementing an IB program at his school. UN created, supervised, and often funded. Their own website talks about implementing social justice and pushing income equality…all about brain washing our children. Everyone should educate themselves and be concerned about these IB programs implamented in our American schools. My son’s district website states they are creating global citizens out of our kids….scary stuff. We pulled our kids out of that system. This is a conservative area too.

  10. It is quite obvious to most. First bring in 3rd world migrants to 1st world countries to make everyone aka “equal” ….equal in misery, next claim the world is much too much overpopulated so squeeze as many humans (called “stock” in UN Population paperwork) into mass regional urbanized areas where they become more dependent on govt. Next take all vehicles saying it causes global warming and again we become more reliant on govt transportation. Food will be grown only by govt to keep green house gases down (GMO’s and fake meat) then mandated vaccines (some will die from oops them being tainted) and lastly legalize euthanasia worldwide…we will be in a bird cage and the elite can continue to wreak havoc by child trafficking, having sex slaves, afghan poppy fields for drugs and travel unlimited with no objections by the canaries in their cages….
    and that my friends is why…btw the globalists want $125 Trillion in 10-20 years in order to hurry this along.

  11. The “closed door meetings” are the give-away. Since when was weather such a secret and critically important issue requiring billions to be spent on it ?

  12. As my dad said a few months before he passed. ” I do not fear what these changes will bring to me….I fear what will happen to the world my great grand daughters will live in”.

  13. Good luck with that as Nationalists are taking control across the world- should put a stop to that nonsense as seen as the reason for the riots in France as taxes are increased to pay for it.

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