Climategate, 10 years on – still papering over the cracks

Trying to airbrush Climategate out of history.

“This month marks the tenth anniversary of Climategate — the biggest scandal in the brief, ignominious history of “climate science,” writes James Delingpole. ” So naturally, the left-wing media has commemorated the occasion with a series of articles and a documentary which could all have been titled: ‘Move along, nothing to see here.’”

“The most egregious offender was a BBC4 documentary, Climategate: Science of a Scandal.

“This examined the evidence with about the same diligence and objectivity of Stalin’s formal investigations into the massacre of Polish officers by his NKVD at Katyn in 1940 and reached much the same conclusion: the perpetrators were completely innocent.

“Not only were they innocent but, furthermore, they were heroic, wronged, and martyrly.”

Read all of this great article, entitled “Delingpole: Climategate – Ten Years On. ‘Move Along Nothing to See Here’, Says BBC and MSM.”

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14 thoughts on “Climategate, 10 years on – still papering over the cracks”

  1. We were told, fat was bad for us.
    It isn’t. That’s bad science.
    We were told orange juice is good for us.
    It isn’t. That’s bad science.
    We were told soy is good for us.
    It isn’t. That’s bad science.

    Now were being told cutting carbon will be good for us.
    I suspect that’s bad science as well.

    Bad physical science.
    Great political science.
    It ain’t about the power of the weather.
    Its about the power of the politician.

    • Salt is also supposed to be bad. Yet, about 40 years ago during military training we were issued salt tablets to replace salt lost along with sweat. We were told eggs cause cholesterol. Eggs remain a favorite for me along with liberal doses of salt. I’m more likely to die violently than of old age.

      • Roman soldiers were partly paid in salt. It is said to be from this that we get the word soldier – ‘sal dare’, meaning to give salt. From the same source we get the word salary, ‘salarium’. Salt was a scarce and expensive commodity and its value was legendary.

      • Herbivores have to graze all day long, while carnivores only eat at long intervals. It seems to me that meat is far more nutritious than vegetables. Cats and dogs seem more intelligent than sheep and cattle.

  2. It is amusing to watch AGW proponents tie themselves in knots in attempts to disprove the patently obvious.

    Example#1: They now accept that the Medieval Warm Period occurred, but argue that it just affected a small pocket of the Globe. It is always fascinating how they come up with this crap.
    Example #2: Canada’s Boreal Forest extends from coast to coast. As such, it is a massive consumer of carbon dioxide. Faced with this fact, the warmists applied some painfully convoluted logic to come up with the conclusion that the Boreal Forest is a net producer of carbon dioxide! Guess they better cut the whole thing down asap.

    • Wilson, A.T., Hendy, C.H. and Reynolds, C.P. 1979. Short-term climate change and New Zealand temperatures during the last millennium. Nature 279: 315-317.
      Wrote that one of their main objectives in conducting the study it described was to compare the temperature record from New Zealand – which they emphasized is “in the Southern Hemisphere and a region meteorologically unrelated to Europe” – with the climate record of England, where the MWP had already made its mark on that country’s and the surrounding region’s climatic history. Their contribution to this endeavor was to decipher the 18O/16O profile from the core to the surface of a stalagmite obtained from a cave in New Zealand, which was dated by the 14C method. And in doing so, they found that the proxy temperature record provided by the stalagmite was broadly similar to the climate record of England, exhibiting a period in the early part of the past millennium that was about 0.75°C warmer than it was in the mid-20th-century. And based on that finding they made the broader conclusion that “such climatic fluctuations as the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age are not just a local European phenomenon.”

    • Marshes/wetlands generate methane, which is supposed to cause global warming. Yet, the environmentalists are fanatic about preserving them.

  3. The BBC is just a communist mouthpiece. Last night they even had a “documentary” about whether there were war crimes by British soldiers. They will do anything they can to undermine their own country and destroy it from the inside.

  4. Dellingpole and Booker (RIP) were so “on it” early on we all owe them as well as Robert here and Anthony Watts and his team so much for their determination to expose the lies frauds and deliberate high jacking of what used to be fairly honest sciences.
    and the battle will need to continue until the sheeple start to wake up.

  5. oh NOT dissing the many others who have also battled for decades for the truth to be told, but theyre the ones mostly hidden, though no less worthy of admiration for their work in the facts figures and data side of it all, and the named folks are the blogs n frontlines

  6. Tony Heller is also a great contributor to exposing the fraud and deceit by the warmists on his YouTube channel.

  7. Ya becuz the media never pushes animal protein or dairy or eggs does it. Please orange juice is bad..can we leave diet out of this forum or else it’ll degenerate into vegan trashing. There are plenty of vegans who see through the bullshit of global warming. Most of our ancestors were in large part vegan..through choice or necessity. And the smartest animals next to humans are fruit eating primates. So stop it with the vegan bashing.

  8. We were told there was an impending ice age. Then we were told there was run away global warming. Turns out there actually IS an impending ice age.
    We were told eating animals and a lot of fat is bad for you. Then we were told animal protein and fat is good. Turns out it actually IS bad for you, keto is garbage and a low fat high carb diet is the way to go.
    Lol how’s that for an analogy?

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