Climategate 2.0: The Warmists’ seven stages of grief

Even warmists are lamenting that Climate 2.o may be ‘devastating’: ‘These [emails] sound worse than I thought at first – their impact will be devastating.’

Climategate 2.0: The Warmists’ seven stages of grief

  • ‘Stage 1: they aren’t real emails
  • Stage 2: they are real emails but they aren’t in context’
  • ‘Stage 3: they are in context, but that’s how scientists work
  • Stage 4: ok, this isn’t really science, but you guys stole the emails!
  • Stage 5: this is old stuff
  • Stage 6: this is nothing
  • Stage 7: look everyone! Winter storm!
    See, we have proof of our theories now’

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13 thoughts on “Climategate 2.0: The Warmists’ seven stages of grief”

  1. If I were President of the US, I would request airtime for a Presidential Address, but I would not give the media a clue as to the nature/subject of the address.

    I would then announce that in the wake of the Climategate 2.0 release which revealed the outright collusion of scientists and false, perhaps criminal behavior on their part, that the person(s) behind the release via “” would receive, in abscentia, the United States Presidential Medal of Freedom for services to the nation, and indeed the world, in the pursuit of truth.

    I would then announce that the United States would immediately cease all funding to the UN IPCC, and freeze all existing grants/funding for AGW research to all institutions worldwide and cancel any pending awards.

    I would then announce that I had directed the US Justice Department to add 1000 agents/investigators to fully investigate the conduct and research of all US scientists for potential criminal indictments.

    Finally, I would announce that all funding within executive jurisdiction to or for green energy projects would be cancelled henceforth.

    While the above is simply a feelgood wish for me, I sincerely hope that the republican presidential candidates will be made acutely aware of Climategate 2.0 and add these revelations into their campaign platforms and future debates.

    God Bless


    • Alas GW democracy once it meant “by the people; for the people”. Now it operates as by the bureaucrats for the minorities. Common sense has been lost when hundreds of millions are give to the IPCC when so many in the US (and elsewhere) are struggling to fill their bellies and keep warm. When was the last time a politician admitted they were wrong? Instead they dig in; spin like crazy and check their pension date.

    • “If I were President I would;” Blah, blah blahbbity, blah, blah, etc. etc.. Delusions of grandeur much?

      • @C. Peter Davis …

        It seems you completely missed the point. It seems perfectly clear to me that GW’s comment has NOTHING to do with him wanting to be president. It’s about his wish someone in authority would start telling the truth and holding people accountable for the significant damage that will be cause if this AWG charade continues any further.

        But it is quite interesting your focus is on an obvious NON-issue that distract’s from the REAL issues. Why would you do that?

  2. Yes, of course. The bottom line of an imminent Ice Ages is death, and lots of it. Grief — YESSIR! In spades!

  3. how about a competition for the best expression for the Manns, Joneses and Gores (pseudo-scientists)of this world. Perhaps a copy of your DVD as a prize?

    My suggestion is Gravy Train Riders hereinafter known as GTR.


  4. Of note is the one where “Adams” says [we need to get the public to think that] “climate change is extremely complicated”.

    When I say that AGW has a simple 2 point rebuttal (1. current temps are not unusual [no hockey stick], 2. Co2 has not been shown to be a cause of temp increases) that is easy for everyday people to understand, they will resort to saying “it’s just too complex; leave it to the lab coated experts.”

  5. if you want to stop the carbon ripoffs, you need to break ALL the UN and IPCC treaties that give their agenda priority over those of your own laws.
    ie Kyoto treaty ratified by a certain fool pollie in Aus, meant OUR laws meant to give protection To the landholders, can and are over ridden to conform to kyoto and agenda 21. you own the land legally, BUt you cant graze clear or use it in any way, while paying taxes and govt charges for it.
    its worthless so you now can’t sell either.

  6. Once again it’s time to play Change That Name!In the last installment of the game the warmistas decided that instead of referring to their agenda as global warming, they opted for the more politically expedient climate change. Now it’s our turn, how about Climate Scammers for them and Climate Truthers for us?

  7. The Eco Freakos can say what they want, BUT, it will take more than magical thinking to convince people they are going to roast to death when there is snow on the ground and ice in their hair.

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