Climategate, Part Duh!

Perhaps the latest release of thousands of emails between the IPCC perpetrators may push them to release us from the penalties and costs imposed by the global warming hoax.

Climategate, Part Duh!
By Alan Caruba

At what point will it finally occur to the pea-brained legion of journalists, academics, alleged scientists, United Nations propagandists, and others still blathering about “global warming” and “climate change” that there is no global warming and that the climate has been changing for the past 4.5 billion years on planet Earth?

It would appear that no amount of the evidence of fraud is sufficient to convince them they have either participated or been taken in by the greatest hoax of the modern era.

Perhaps, though, the latest release of thousands of emails between the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change perpetrators may push them toward a rational conclusion and release the rest of humanity from the penalties and costs imposed by the global warming hoax.

It’s not that the IPCC is not relentless in this ugly business. A report released on November 18 by these reprehensible liars predicted “more extreme weather events.”

Well, duh! There isn’t a day that goes by without an extreme weather event occurring somewhere on the Earth. One might consider the weather at the northern and southern poles extreme. Or the heat of the Earth’s deserts? Then throw in the usual blizzards, floods, and droughts—and you have a non-stop variety of “extreme weather events” to which to point.

To put it another way, the whole hoax was working just fine until the Earth began to cool around 1998. So naturally the IPCC had to (1) change the terminology from global warming to climate change, (2) deny that its “scientists” were lying, and (3) continue the pathetic prediction scheme by pointing to “weather events.”

As reported in The Wall Street Journal, “The scientific link between climate change and extreme weather, however, isn’t uniformly clear, according to the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, established in 1988 to assist policy makers with climate change.”

That’s right, this whole farce has been going on since 1988. At what point will the “enablers” of global warming accept defeat? Not soon if one considers that the IPCC is laying on another climate conference to be held in Durban, South Africa from November 28 to December 9. It will be the 17th opportunity for these deceivers to gather to wine and dine while taxpayers from the many nations they represent pick up the tab.

Here’s the kicker. “Christina Figueres, executive secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, said “the report also underscored the need for governments to take action to reduce emissions.”

What emissions? Carbon dioxide? A trace gas in the atmosphere (0.038%) that has no effect whatever on climate or weather?

Does anyone grasp how costly all the lies about “emissions” have been and continue to be? The Christmas tree to be erected at the Capitol in Washington, D.C. comes complete with the purchase of so-called “carbon offsets” to pay for its transport 4,200 miles across the country from California. Eighty million tons of “carbon credits” were purchased.

Bear in mind, that tree and all others depend on carbon dioxide in the same way humans and other creatures depend on oxygen! CO2 is vital to the growth of all vegetation on Earth. Without it, we all die.

But what is one Christmas tree compared to an entire nation, Australia, whose government just imposed a carbon-emissions tax on everything? The tax will drive existing heavy industry and other generators of CO2 from the nation that can afford to leave and make those who cannot less competitive with global manufacturers and other businesses. Some business will just shut their doors.

This kind of deception is global. The International Energy Agency announced in early November that “dangerous climate change will be essentially irreversible within little over five years.” The news report concluded saying “The IEA uses conclusions from research collated by the United Nations. Most climate scientists agree with the U.N. conclusions, although recent polls show a growing proportion of the public in many countries is skeptical of climate change.”

No, most climate scientists do not agree with the U.N. data because they know how flawed and frequently fraudulent it is. This kind of casual journalistic reference is a lie, along with all the rest of the global warming and/or climate change data from “official” sources like the IPCC and IEA, et al.

In early November the U.S. Department of Energy published “estimates” of global carbon dioxide emissions for the year 2010. Writing in Forbes, James Taylor of The Heartland Institute, took note that the Department concluded that “emissions rose by 6% from 2009 to 2010. This constitutes the largest rise yet recorded.” And then he added that “global temperatures have not risen during the past decade.”

There is no correlation. Never was.

Whether it is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the International Energy Agency, the U.S. Departments of Energy, Interior, and the Environmental Protection Agency, all depend on people being too ignorant or indifferent to grasp the truth that everything done in the name of global warming, climate change, or carbon dioxide emissions is a costly, evil deception.

© Alan Caruba, 2011

8 thoughts on “Climategate, Part Duh!”

  1. Professor Phil Jones admitted that the original data used to advance his theory of an impending global warming catastrophe has gone missing. Seems that the original raw data has gone poof—-gone missing into thin air. The University of East Anglia received millions in research grants but it seems never got around to spend a few thousand to buy hard drives to save the original data. Simply amazing.
    Suppose a PhD candidate came before a university board to defend his research thesis. He explans his thesis and comes up with a startling new scientific theory that is revolutionary. When the board asks for the original data the candidate explains that he can’t find it anymore and their all going to have to take him at his word. What do you think the board would do? They would shake their heads in disbelief and then flunk him on the spot.

  2. CO2 rises lag temperature increases, not the other way around. As SST’s rise, CO2 follows. This has been proven scientifically. This is why there is no correlation between current rising CO2 levels and cooling global temperatures. The cause and effect observations have been completely corrupted, not misunderstood but corrupted by slight of hand just like “hide the decline.” I simply can’t believe people ever bought into the biggest scam to ever purported on the public. Hopefully these emails will further reveal the scam. Those responsible should be held accountable and prosecuted for the vast amount of taxpayer dollars wasted on junk science.

  3. the bullshits already in motion, today in Aus theyre on about how the CFC replacements are now dangerous.
    yeah for a newly found and Not understood “ozone hole” they managed to get the entire World to scrap multi billions of dollars of appliances replace them, all of which used masses MORE raw ingrediants power etc.(no brainer) and then the chinese had a ripper scam going supposedly disposing of said gases at a lovely subsidy and immense cost.
    all of which began with some xcreative ecoloons and Enrons ken lays creative accounting for derivatives etc. our Unelected LIAR thats so fixated on her”doing the right thing” is mentally unable to admit or read anything that may disturb her mindset and make her will take some serious event like a month of snow for her to begin to(maybe) realise shes an A Grade sucker for a fairystory, even then youv’e not seen Denial like a committed aussie Labor greentard warmist has.

  4. Why do people write articles saying “when will they learn” when the hoax has been in place only for the reason of depopulation? Cold kills, far faster and more efficently then does excess heat. The whole scam, as far as I can see, is to set the world’s population up for “depopulation.”

    Not only does cold kill, but it prevents effective farming, thus the food supply plummets. And as long as we are wasting food production on alternative fuels, we can worsen the starvation problems, instead of offset them. The whole damn hoax, and why it will never be denied, is because its a cheap way to get rid of what Kissinger once called “the useless eaters.” So stop pretending that scientific proof will change the minds of those that have chosen to be the ones left after the rest of us freeze and starve to death. The only way the hoax goes away is when people wake up and get rid of the hoaxers.

  5. This giant scam is a wealth redistribution model created in the darkest halls of the Third World United Nations to take the wealth from the middle classes of the Western World and transfer it to the Third World bureaucrats. Me thinks – NOT.

  6. Theory is when you understand everything, but nothing works.
    Practice is when everything works, but nobody understands why.
    At the IPCC, theory and practice are united, so nothing works and nobody understands why.

    I’d rather be a DENIER than a LIAR!

  7. Far too many in the msm have far too much of their credibility tied up in the agw myth to suddenly do an about face. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, overwhelming evidence of fraud, and overwhelming evidence that the public is no longer buying the bull, they will, to the bitter end defend their positions. Like water on a rock, we have to keep dripping logic on their arguments.

  8. What I find most interesting is just how much in denial the “deniers” really are. This isn’t about wealth redistribution and you can never change their views with data. Until you finally realize that this is about killing off a couple or more billion people, you will never grasp just how serious this really is. Destroy the energy industry, replace farming for food with growing “green energy” plants, and watch what happens when the “big chill,” and not the movie by the same name, really takes hold. Sick, starving people will die quickly and easily, and the population gets culled of all the “weak” stock. When you absorb that reality, you might be able to work towards heading it off, but if you think it’s just a bunch of dunderheads trying to suck your wallet dry, you’re wrong, and might very well end up dead wrong.

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