Close to 4 feet of snow possible for Sierra Nevada Mtns

During the next three days!

Winter weather advisory for west slope of the Sierra, Western Plumas County and Lassen Park above 5000 ft from 11:00 pm tonight through 5 am Thursday.

Snow is still in the forecast in the western U.S. Several disturbances will move into the central California coast this week, bringing plenty of moisture to the area. Close to 4 feet of new snowfall is forecast for portions of the Sierra Nevada Mountains over the next three days.

From NWS Facebook page.

For more information, visit the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center’s Winter Weather Page:

NWS Weather Story from WFO Sacramento:

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5 thoughts on “Close to 4 feet of snow possible for Sierra Nevada Mtns”

  1. Its been a very dry winter in the Sierra Nevada Mts. around Mammoth Lakes. We were hoping for a miracle march but it didn’t happen. Now perhaps a miracle april? It better happen soon since only a couple of inches of snow are expected in the southern Sierra Nevada mts out of this coming storm.

  2. It’s not over in Europe either. All the ski resorts are rejoicing in snow for their Easter visitors.

    Hat tip: Swiss guides always used to say ‘the snow which falls before the middle of January is the snow which lasts’.

    Four feet in April will disappear in a week if the sun comes out…….

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