Cloud tops dropping closer to Earth – Could lead to global cooling

Of course we’re being told that “global warming is bringing clouds closer to the ground,” and that “Falling clouds could counter global warming.”

Image of clouds over the southern Indian Ocean acquired on 23 July 07 by a camera on NASA's polar-orbiting Terra spacecraft. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Data from the NASA Terra satellite shows that the world’s clouds have lowered during the last decade,  says a new study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.

Most of the reduction was due to fewer clouds at very high altitudes

Data from NASA's Terra satellite shows that average cloud height declined by about 1 percent from 2000 to 2010, or around 100 to 130 ft (30 to 40 m). Image credit: University of Auckland/NASA JPL-Caltech

The clouds “may be falling in response to rising global temperatures and having a cooling effect on global warming,” say researchers at the University of Auckland

“We don’t know exactly what causes the cloud heights to lower,” said lead researcher, Professor Roger Davies. “But it must be due to a change in the circulation patterns that give rise to cloud formation at high altitude.”

The time frame is short (only 10 years), but if future observations show that clouds are truly getting lower, it could have an important effect on global climate change.

Lower clouds in the atmosphere would allow Earth to cool more efficiently, “potentially offsetting some of the warming caused by greenhouse gases.”

The global warming religion rears its ugly head once again. But I’m thinking they have it backward.

Is global warming bringing those clouds closer to the ground?

Or could it be that those clouds are coming closer to the ground because of global cooling?


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See also:

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“Two thoughts, lower magnetic field lets in more gamma rays deeper into atmosphere and temperature of the atmosphere is dropping,” says Paul. “My thinking correct?”

“This one is funny with the ‘global warming’ dig in the middle…. ie, helps prevent such, without mention of the opposite affect such conditions might allow, such as an ice age,” says Greg.

“I had to send you this despite the obvious fact that a colder upper atmosphere causes Earth’s atmospheric bubble to contract and as a direct result for clouds to form closer to Earth’s surface,” says C. Peter.

“Yet the global warmist nutbars STILL try to blame global warming for this sure sign of quickening Global Cooling. Why do they continue with their lies and double-speak when it is becoming so obvious that we need to start fearing the coming cold?”

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  1. Seems to coincide with drop in sunspot number to me. As this hasnt ever been measured before then there will be no proof it hasnt happened before for same reason. Some scientists amaze me for there belligerence in putting the warming myth as explanation for all. I shows their ignorance of the physics of thermodynamics and adherence to the false GHG paradigm which is based of incorrect interpretation of the Stephan-Boltlzmann laws and poor understanding of black bodies.
    see this

    • I agree, at the molecular level it’s equivalent to put a sample of slow moving molecules in contact with a sample of very fast moving ones and conclude that the slow moving ones will transfer energy to the fast moving ones by colliding with them! Therefore the slow ones become even slower and the fast ones faster.
      This goes against the 2nd law of Thermodynamics, to say the least.
      but it also goes against good old “common sense”.
      If it was a joke it’d be funny, but it’s not, then it’s just pure insanity.

  2. so if I’ve got this right, global warming is caused by human emission of co2, the warming is causing lowering of clouds which is causing cooling. so if we don’t stop reducing our emmissions it will continue to warm which will cause even more cooling, therefore we should start increasing our emmissions so that there will be enough warming to counteract the cooling that the warming is causing? my head hurts

  3. no I got that wrong, if we do reduce our co2 it will stop the warming so there will be more high level clouds wich will stop the cooling?

  4. The Sun is causing this, for me it seems obvious due to the dramatic minimum of 2008. Also looks like the El Nino of 2009-2010 had some impact too. Too bad we don’t have data for 1999 and 2011 to check this last statement.
    If this trend continues we’ll probably have the clouds on the ground during the next grand minimum … just kidding!:-)
    This babbling of “warming causing cooling” is starting to sound ridiculous already.

  5. When you are cold and hungry remember who pushed “Man Made Global Warming Insanity”. Rember who prepared for earth fire planting palm trees in Chicago. When you are told not enough food or energy to go around, REMEMBER,they won’t.They will lie or say, “We were wrong, we still should have food and heat because we are graduates of elite universities. We are gov’t.” Remember!

  6. I think John Christy was right when he said a few years ago that “the earth has gotten warmer but we really don’t know why.” There are so many variables that were probably not taken into consideration in the climate models which focused primarily on carbon dioxide. Of course when the earth was warming, the models based on carbon dioxide looked good.

    Regarding the history of climate, I think we have a good history of the last 30-35 years and that’s it. Despite what the climate change crowd claims, I don’t think we have a real accurate history of the climate for the earlier parts of the 20th century and we certainly don’t have one for the 19th century.

    • Yeah we have had good technology spread out over the globe for a few decades but it is flawed with heat islands and the bias of what weather stations to use.

  7. The study itself is flawed. Anyone visiting would notice an increase in severe weather and tornadoes being reported in that same time period However, even such reports are flawed, because the definition of such weather events has only been officially stated during the last 130 years or less. If you want to measure climate change, you have to do so over centuries. And don’t forget, severe weather usually means higher cloud heights, not lower. If we had a decade without a single U.S. tornado, that might indicate something is wrong climatologically in the U.S. alone. It says nothing about the rest of the world!

  8. It seems quite obvious to me that it’s caused by cooling. Warmer air will expand pushing the clouds higher, cool air is heavier due to condensing bringing the clouds closer to the Earth. Sort of like the AGW crowd, they are full of hot air, therefore their theories are sky high…. removing the lies causes cooling bringing the truth back to Earth.

  9. It is simple logic. Fewer sunspots bubling up our magnetic field causes our entire planet to contract including our protection from solar winds. This is just another sign as said before that we are headed to a colder period or should I say periods…

  10. In 2008 there was an article about how the ionosphere was found to be lower than expected:

    It seems to me that if the ionosphere is lower, then the clouds will be, too.

    It seems to me, too, that the ionosphere is lower because the sun is less active. I’m guessing that a thinner atmosphere will be able to hold less water vapor – which leads to the greater amounts of precipitation during ice ages. Of course, the greater activity of the undersea volcanoes only causes greater evaporation, but that greater amount of water vapor just precipitates right back out.

  11. The reason why the warmist´s are connecting the lowering clouds with global warming is very simple, I suspect. They will try to connect everything that shows cooling, to warming, thereby continuing fooling the public. As everybody now, all over the globe, can observe the cooling, this obvious lying will soon not work.
    Then they change strategy. We will hear and read: new studies shows…
    They will never admit that they have been lying.

  12. Well that makes perfect sense to me. Since Global Warming isn’t happening then Global Warming must be responsible for global cooling… “See, we told you” said the crowd wearing the tinfoil hats…

  13. I thought it was just my imagination about the clouds being closer to the ground, to what they were before. going back before the year 2000! I mentioned this to my sister inlaw last month, and she agreed there closer to the ground than they were 12-35 years ago,,before I thinking maybe we were in an area that was uplifting geologically speaking,and becoming closer to the normal cloud ceiling,however that is a inpossible explanation, without earthquakes in this region. I heard a old Coast to Coast,latenight show speaker, talk about the stratophere getting colder and dropping down! back in 2002-2004? I dont remember exactly when it was aired on talk radio! This person was a” top” earth, and space, atmosphere,observationist and scientist. If this indeed is still happening the whole earth is headed for a big freeze soon!!!! Anyone out there if you have google earth, “look at the former shorelines in the oceans at about 400-2,500 feet below sea level, you can tell in the past they rose quickly, and fell quickly, and didnt leave sanbars or dunes or any erosion marks you see in a short period of time on lakes. A good spot to look at is the east coast of America,from Florida to Maine! if you look closely near the “former Ice age coast” you can spot some odd Questionable formations! Manmade or nature made? you be one to judge!

  14. If the weak sun makes more low clouds, then we would have less forming high clouds for lack of material, and the overall effect would be the “lowering of clouds”.
    That is Svensmark, isn´t it?

  15. sounds like another NZ climate event tailor made to make them seem heroes.
    their entire temp record was found to be seriously flawed, outright fudged in fact.
    wouldnt surprise me if theyve had this info and sat on it a while.
    and then theres the flares ripping the magnetosphere, as well as chemtrailing like crazy to boot.
    this is an ass cover item, by some worried people who need to find a way to backpedal and save face.

  16. “Yet the global warmist nutbars STILL try to blame global warming for this sure sign of quickening Global Cooling. Why do they continue with their lies and double-speak when it is becoming so obvious that we need to start fearing the coming cold?”

    Why is this? Apart from the quest for money the global warmers and their allies are not quite right in the head. A big ice age should cure most of that.

  17. There is only one reason for the clouds to go higher , more energy available either in the atmosphere or at the oceansurface . The lack of hurricanes making landfall in the usa during the recent years was already a sign on the wall and now nasa is confirming that there is less energy available in our atmosphere . The maps with seasurface temperature anomalies are telling the same stories . Global warming is replaced by global cooling and eventually the ice will be coming . In the last geological cycle ice was the norm and not the relative warm climate we are experiencing now.
    How shall we be prepared for the year 2014 ?

    • Good point! I’d only like to add the importance of CO2 in this process (please bear with me, I’m NOT talking about GW): /1/ CO2 is know to be increasing in the recent years (I believe mostly due to strong solar cycles than anything else) and this has happened repeatedly before just prior to the beginning of the previous Ice Ages.
      /2/ CO2 is also know to cause drying of the atmosphere:
      and a cooling of the stratosphere (Freeman Dyson interview)
      Well, my point is that first all these phenomena are intimately related with solar cycles and a drier atmosphere would also be a *less dense* medium and the clouds would tend to form in lower elevations. The cooling of the stratosphere is important IMO because it probably implies a cooling of the lower levels too, by direct heat transfer, decreasing the energy of the entire system, as stressed by commenter frederik wisse.
      All this indicates a steady cooling process is under way, and it’s being driven by the Sun, leading to… you guess what.
      To give a little more credence to the correlation of all these factors, I’d recall here the important collapse of the thermosphere observed by NASA in 2008-2009:
      which was considered *extraordinary* and they could *not* explain it with their models.
      The SUN is causing all this, it’s obvious isn’t it?
      If the “models” say otherwise, then we should change *the models*…

  18. “…Most of the reduction was due to fewer clouds occurring at very high altitudes…”
    This seems to confirm to a certain extent the cause of the phenomenon as connected with cooling of the stratosphere (“very high altitudes”) and drier atmosphere: less moisture would not permit or be enough for cloud formation specially in the upper layers. At lower altitudes this effect would be masked by air circulation and mixing with lower layers.

  19. Cloud formation is increasing and at lower atmospheric levels due to increased cosmic rays. The lower troposphere is now colder than anytime in recent history as a result. The culprit is the current solar minimum which will only intensify as we enter cycle 25. We are witnessing history as we watch the effects of a solar grand minimum, something no one alive today has ever experienced.

  20. Well, I read an ice age book written very long time ago. The author predicted the global temp within 1/10000 of a degree strictly based on rainfall. He stated that when the Earth’s rainfall falls below 65cm per year, there won’t be enough moisture to warm the upper Troposphere. It will then cause a sort of white out, he called it “diamond dust” to cover over the atmosphere. Almost like a very thin cloud. This will jump start the next ice age. That was his theory and I hope it’s wrong and is not really happening now.

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