Clueless Clooney – Video

“Rampant dumbf**kery now threatens our health, our security, and our planet,” warns George Clooney.

This parody on Jimmy Kimmel Live rips Trump and ‘Dumb F*cking Idiots’ for ‘Saying Dumb Sh*t’ About Climate Change.

The video is apparently meant to sound the alarm about President Trump’s failure to take the new 1500-page climate-change report from the United Nations seriously enough.

Instead, I think it shows Clooney’s cluelessness when it comes to so-called human-caused global warming.


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  1. yeah well dumbass fits clooney well;-)
    they do warn that people stupid enough to take a celebrity/actors/tv announcers word for anything is..
    oh extrememly unwise- being polite and restrained about it.
    unrestrained? as gullible and deserving a Darwin Award as one comes short of death!
    you can bet clooney ike gates gore and the rest has a pot of money tied into lucrative green scams.

  2. George ClooLessny? – Tool of Globalism?
    RE: The Mega Multi-Trillion Dollar CO2 Taxation Scam against ManKind Alone? …… OVER the past many 10’s of 1000’s of years, WARM has never been a Global Disaster! .. Excessive COLD Is…! .. CO2 has Never been shown to WARM the Planet (ref: Vostok)… AND? NATURE provides 32/33rds of the CO2 to this Planet..! .. AND? CO2 is GREEN and so is WARM!.. Always follow the Political Money Trail! .. Check this out!

  3. Very good actor, but he has chosen a lousy theory to be his standard-bearer, which can only lead to a great mortality. He is acting as the standard bearer of death.

  4. Clueless indeed but on the other hand George Clooney is well paid and therefore is unlikely to bite the hands that pay him.

    Being a rebel takes dedication and the willingness to make a stand for a principle or a truth even if the masses and their masters think you are an A-hole. First they laugh at you.
    Then they attack you and then you win. Today one of the street people came to me and told me I was right about it being a mini ice age.. Pass the credit up the line to the scientists who were not bought off. They were right.
    Watch the yield for grain and bean crops this year. It is cool and wet in Barrie, Ontario and the Lilacs have not bloomed yet and the leaves on the trees are only half there. It is a slow spring this year. I have not noticed much activity related to plowing and planting yet. It could be a short growing season this year… Something to keep an eye on I think.

  5. If there is one thing I have learned over the past 40 plus years of working; it is “Don’t Trust Anyone”! Do your own research! I remember reading about the ocean rising 3-6 meters by the “Turn of the Century” as front page news of the Contra Costa Times. I read it several times, yet figured that I would just avoid areas lower than 25 feet above sea level. Now, they claim it will happen maybe in another 100 years! Several years ago, iI went to the beach that our family visited often when I was a kid. (About 50 plus years ago) Truthfully, I can’t tell that the ocean has risen at all. Obviously, 2-3 mm would be difficult to determine, but 3 to 6 meters anyone could see! — It’s not there folks! “GloBull Lie #1” — The ice core samples clearly show that temperature rises first, then Co2 rose after; not the other way around! — “GloBull Lie #2” — 292ppm of CO2 in 1890? Cherry picked data! “GloBull Lie #3”! — CO2 was low for thousands of years until humans created more CO2? — Wrong again! Real analytical chemists determined that CO2 surpassed 400 ppm in the early 1940’s with less than a 3% error factor. (Read –180 YEARS OF ATMOSPHERIC CO2 GAS ANALYSIS BY CHEMICAL METHODS — by Ernst-Georg Beck)
    By the way, George Clooney, if you did your own research, you would be calling those “GloBull Liars” a whole new set of swear words!

  6. It may just be showing how easily most people can be bought. He may or may not agree with what he’s saying, but we all know he’s getting payed a whole lot to say it.

  7. This very scientific comment is a nice accurate summary of this moron’s mentality.
    No knowledge to use for a debate or argument so he just swears & curses. Yo all left wing wanker!

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  9. The same Clowney that is pro immigration of migrants across the globe, that recently moved back to California from England stating, England is becoming too dangerous and is worried about the security of his family!
    If ever a clown there was, a giant clown Clooney is!

  10. Well there “Looney Clooney” I see your house in L.A. has not one solar panel, no wind machine, no solar heating for that Olympic pool either! Of course, your “Summer Home” in Villa Oleandra in Laglio Italy looks the same way! And how do you get to your “Summer home”, Georgie boy? I can bet it wasn’t by row boat!
    Why do we always get people like you that claim others should do “X, Y, Z”, yet fail to act like they believe in it! Typical “Do as I say, not as I do” jerk! Just like Gore, the only “Green” around you is lining your pocket!
    Obviously, you must have been looking in the mirror when you said: “Dumb F*cking Idiots”, because you are one! You think you will be exempt from the “New Green Swindle”? Just wait for the power outages because that “Overpriced, unreliable, short term renewables” fail to deliver as promised! Yeah! 100 trillion wasted uselessly! And the real “Kicker” — It won’t change a dang thing, for “Mother Nature” is in charge, not humans!

  11. Could not help but notice, not much laughter during the entire bit. Sure, there was applause when the “applause” sign was given, but pretty much crickets up to that point.

    Has “Joe and Jane Average” had enough?

  12. Dear AOC, Anything you think will “Fix” the climate over here in the USA will be undone long before you get started!

    FYI — China has been emitting illegal greenhouse gas that destroys ozone layer, scientists find


    A study by scientists from the University of Bristol, Kyungpook National University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology finds China responsible for much of a recent spike in the emission of an illegal greenhouse gas.
    China accounted for 40% to 60% of the global increase in trichlorofluoromethane, or CFC-11, emissions between 2014 and 2017, the study says.
    CFC-11 was internationally banned under the Montreal Protocol because it can destroy earth’s protective ozone layer.

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