CO2 available from all volcanoes active and extinct and in large amounts – Videos

The cold-water geysers found in Germany’s Eifel volcanic field are not driven by heat, but by CO2, says reader.

The CO2 escaping from magma sources below the Eifel dissolves into the groundwater at some places, says volcanocafe.

Whenever the amount of dissolved CO2 reaches a critical point, bubbles start forming, lowering the hydrostatic pressure of the underlying water.

This geyser continues erupting until enough CO2 has been released to stabilize the situation again.

The Geyser Brubbel in Wallenborn is quiet for about 35 minutes and ejects cold water for about 2 minutes

The Eifel volcanic field is generally located around the towns and cities of Hillesheim, Gerolstein, Daun, Mayen and Koblenz.

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“Considering how long this has been occurring the idea that CO2 is a serious problem should be dismissed as nonsense,” says Steven.

4 thoughts on “CO2 available from all volcanoes active and extinct and in large amounts – Videos”

  1. The atmospheric content of CO2 is very nearly 0%. Currently about 0.04%, up a whopping 0.01% (one part per 10,000) from a century ago when it was 0.03%.

    And CO2 is plant food, without enough CO2 in the air no plants can grow, no food for animals or us, no us. We cannot survive without enough CO2 in the air.

    The fact that much of the world really believes that an atmospheric content of 0.04% (one part per 2,500) is a problem is a damning commentary on the dismal state of science education in our schools.

  2. I think the whole system works like an engine, turn up the Co2 and plant life goes wild producing oxygen making all life bigger, stronger and more of it. Figures why genocidal maniacs hate Co2. Anyone ever notice a graph that compares or relates oxygen levels/wCo2 amounts? If it’s true, I heard once Neanderthal enjoyed a few more points higher oxygen than us so Ice ages might not even lower it.

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