CO2 concentrations up to 95,000 ppm bubbling out of the ocean floor

More than 200 times the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (just over 400 ppm)  … and we’re worried about the puny amount that humans emit? – Also see video


Science Alert’s headline reads “Divers Discover a Magical Bubbling Underwater Spring on The Ocean Floor.”

Really? Magical Bubbling Underwater Spring? I don’t know much about Science Alert, so I don’t know whether they’re trying to downplay this finding or not.

However, a press release from the University of Texas used a much more honest headline: “Deep Diving Scientists Discover Bubbling CO2 Hotspot.”

The amazing bubbling location, which geoscientist Bayani Cardenas captured on video, is not a climate change nightmare. It is linked to a nearby volcano that vents out the gases through cracks in the ocean floor, and has probably been doing so for decades or even millennia.

When Cardenas, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin Jackson School of Geosciences, went diving off the coastline of the Calumpan Peninsula in the Philippines, he and his coauthors found the ocean floor bubbling like champagne, pumping out vast amounts of carbon dioxide.

They dove about 60 meters (200 feet) down in “Soda Springs”, a high CO2 hotspot, where they measured CO2 concentrations from 60,000 ppm to as high as 95,000 ppm, more than 200 times the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere (of which manmade CO2 is an extremely tiny percentage). The scientists traced the CO2 back to cracks in the ocean floor venting gasses from an underwater volcano.

The CO2 levels fall quickly away from the seeps as the gas is diluted in the ocean, but the gas still creates an elevated CO2 environment along the rest of the coastline of the Calumpan Peninsula, with levels in the 400 to 600 ppm range.

These high CO2 environments are actually close to thriving reefs, said Cardenas. “How does it work?”

Let me say it again: More than 200 times the concentration of manmade CO2 in the atmosphere (just over 400 ppm) … and we’re worried about the puny amount that humans emit?

And when your remember that there are more than three million underwater volcanoes, and that they could all be pumping out similar amounts of CO2, well, you get my drift…

Press release from the University of Texas on 22 Jan 2020:

Science Alert article:

If for some reason the above video doesn’t play, you can also see it here:

Thanks to Laurel for this info

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          There is nothing FUNNY about that statue. I’ve always wanted to hook a chain on it and tow it around behind my 4X4 burning rubber doing donuts but that probably wouldn’t go over so good.
          That being said, the carbon bubbles in a healthy reef system is proof that the decarbonizer puke holes can STFU about it. WE are tired of the nonsense and I’m glad for this website where we can learn and have the freedom of speech .

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  2. According to Wikipedia, “Anilao Proper and Anilao East are two barangays in the municipality of Mabini, Batangas, the Philippines. They are located south of Manila on the large island of Luzon, at the southern end of the Calumpang Peninsula facing Maribacan Island. However, Anilao is now frequently used as a generic term for Mabini, Tingloy, and Bauan.

    Anilao features a great diversity of colorful and healthy marine life including turtles, corals, barrel sponges, macro photography subjects such as underwater critters inc. Colemani shrimps, Bobbit worms, cowries and nudibranch (563 species already identified). There is a great diversity of rare fishes, notably pygmy sea-horses, rhinopias, hairy frog fish. Different types of octopus can be seen including Mimic, Wonderpus and blue ringed octopus. Most species on the muck and macro diving critter wish list can be found in Anilao. …The reef is very healthy and a large variety of soft and hard corals can be observed in shallow and deeper waters.”

    • Wonderful! Diving off Saipan, a small reef was being naturally built up on a bunch of garbage. The reef comes, then the fishies come.

  3. The fact that the nearby reefs are healthy and thriving is bad news for the alarmists who are telling us that our CO2 emissions are making the oceans acidic and killing off the reefs. If that huge amount of CO2 being injected into those waters isn’t having any negative effects on the adjacent reefs, it makes the “acidic oceans” propaganda about as valid as the “12 years till global warming destroys the planet” propaganda. Of course, stories like this will be savagely suppressed by our Marxist-Leninist media and university faculties, as it rightly makes them look like morons at best, or more aptly, as serial prevaricators.

  4. Off topic but I wanted to post this somewhere where it will be seen – about Australia’s bushfires.

    “Leading climate scientist Professor Andy Pitman has hit back at Tony Abbott for misrepresenting him to argue against the link between climate change and the ongoing bushfire crisis in The Australian.

    “From the start [of the bushfire crisis], the role of climate change has been front and centre of public discussion, even though shortly before these fires really got going one of Australia’s leading climate scientists, Andy Pitman, said that it was impossible to attribute the present drought largely to climate change and that the incidence of drought hadn’t increased over the past century,” Abbott wrote in an opinion piece, published in The Australian on Thursday.

    Pitman, ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes director at UNSW, who has contributed to Nobel Peace Prize-winning research work, said he was “confused as to how Mr Abbott quotes me on drought in a sentence about bushfires, when in fact for 15 years I have been warning that the risk of fires is increasing as a consequence of climate change, and have published papers on that”.

    Abbott was referencing a statement Pitman made during a lecture at the University of Sydney last year about Australia’s ongoing drought.

    “As far as the climate scientists know there is no link between climate change and drought … there is no reason a priori why climate change should make the landscape more arid,” Pitman said in the lecture.”

    “The statement has since become fodder for climate denialists such as Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones to rebuke links made between natural disasters and climate change.

    Pitman has gone to lengths to clarify his statement, telling Media Watch last year that he should have said “there is no direct link between climate change and drought”, but that there is an indirect link.”

    “But you would have to be a moron to think there is no link between climate change and drought,” he told Crikey.”

    Wait till you here what his direct link is – CO2 causes more vegetation and when the vegetation dies during a drought ( no link to climate change) the build up of fuel on the forest floor causes larger fires.

    Exactly what sensible people including Tony Abbott have said all along – more fuel bigger fires, less burning off bigger fires !

    “There is no ambiguity or wriggle room that the bushfires are linked with climate change … And I don’t think that there is a bushfire expert that won’t make that link. The strength of the link can be argued, but the existence of the link is not disputable.”

    Pitman explained the science behind this link to Crikey: high carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, in some places, leads to “greening”, meaning more vegetation — like leaves, branches and even trees — growing above the soil. When you are hit with a drought, the vegetation become stressed and drops to the ground or dries out, becoming fuel for fires. So when a fire breaks out, the dead vegetation feeds bigger, more powerful flames that are harder to fight.

    So there you have it in a nutshell – climate change causes bigger fires because plants love CO2 not because of all the stupidity spruiked as “science” !!!

    Climate change may or may not be linked to drought but the link between more plant food and more vegetation because of climate change is indisputable !!

    EXCEPT – this is exactly the opposite of what these idiots have been saying for nearly 40 years !!!

    “Science is about accuracy and appropriate conclusions being reached from the data, and not about cherry picking parts of science to suit your argument. I respect that is how it works in politics … but that mustn’t translate into science, because science has to provide all sides of the argument and reach an appropriate conclusion,” Pitman said.

    “It’s frustrating that years and years of research can be dismissed by a politician. The reputation of The Australian is being trashed by publishing utter rubbish.”

    I know who the moron is – someone (Pitman) who thinks he is rebutting another argument (Abbott) whilst all they are doing is agreeing with their opponent!

    If this guy is a leading climate scientist heaven help us !

    Wish I could “bold” some of the pertinent bits of text.

  5. You do know that subducted previously living and breathing CO2 reefs made of calcium carbonate “rock” are the souce of the seabed and volcanic invisible CO2 gas, “invisible” unless they are like bubbles, no troubles, big bubbles like all around the Grumpy Grinch when he/she is sitting in the bathtub with CO2 and methane gas bubbling up around him/her like an underwater volcanic CO2/methane gas release while she’s also breathing in 400 ppm and 40,000 ppm out CO2 and imagining while practicing his/her now famous “HOW DARE YOU” line imagining that folks might find out he/she likes fartin’ and breathing out high concentrations of CO2/methane in the bathtub… and most likely Kathleen Turner too. (Kathleen Singing)

    The crust of the earth is much like the slag (except with calcium carbonate “CO2 old reef rock” and molten magma all mixed up and more than a bit twisted together like RWF’s mind…or it actually looks more like “when genius starts goofin’ off”;) on the surface of a molten steel pouring ladle. That’s why they like the “pure clean steel juice” that settles to the bottom of the ladle:

    Quick Dick McDick says the CO2 levels are still climbing around the Philippine volcano and says there’s gas bubblin’ up all around the rig too – they say the petunias in McDick’s cabin are likin’ it but the boys are hopin’ real hard down there that things don’t go “way south” like they did back in 536 at Ilopango. He also says they all like watching the Sassy/Lassie/Deb vids on YT and wish they could be back home with their Sassy Lassies too… even if it’s mostly the (((fake feminist[Mr]s))) and Grumpy Grinches that more than get a way bit too sassy more than a bit too often… oh, and just one more thing, McDick closed by saying that rig crews from all around the world are concerned about the (((globalists))) maybe starting to ban “Sassy” like they banned “Bossy” and “no beef” on the rig. McDick says he can’t hardly keep nuthin’ down… and like how (((they))) are now tryin’ to ban “meat” and “CO2” and “information” and “truth” just like they did with lots of words and stuff in Orwell’s “1984” and in Bolshevik Russian and in China right now… ’cause thoughts, and words to express them is dangerous:

    Cheers from a way different Robert – Winston Smith

    p.s. Jean S. did you know that ol’ Jordan_Peterson (he’s actually younger than me but we both like medium/raw young bull beef with lots of testosterone from time to time) is kind of a free speech straight talkin’ “nut from Canada” too and he grew up in Fairview, Alberta, just a few hours north of where I’m ranching grassfed chemfree (except for them cows having no choice but to breath the chemtrail fallout) Angus now. And just about nobody’s eating a bunch of soft kill vegan chemical fake meat up here yet ’cause more than a few of us are starting to “get it”. We used to drill a bunch of oil wells around Fairview. Must be these northern lights or cosmic rays or maybe the 5G Deb… they’re fryin’ our minds. Cheers

  6. Big Sister says:
    if you see something, say something:

    That sassy Jennifer Kolari [Mr] parenting advisor in that last video above sassily rolled his/her eyes at the 00:34 sec mark.

    …and to think I learned everything I need to know about parenting little Timmy from (((her))).

    Timmy, that’s it, a two day no YouTube blackout for you.

  7. Current CO2 levels are not a problem for any humans and plants really need a higher level. The environuts have chosen CO2 as the enemy because burning any hydrocarbon emits CO2. Humans are charged with 4% of world wide annual CO2 emissions; remaining 96% is natural. If CO2 were the problem, it’s not, think about this:
    Does anyone really think we can reduce human generated emissions by 50 %?
    Even if that were possible does anyone seriously think a problem can be solved by eliminating 2% of the cause?
    I doubt it!
    Climate change is simply a vehicle to implement totalitarian
    government–globally. Be careful what you ask for, you’ll likely get it in the case of “fighting climate change”.

  8. Just a note – man made CO2 is not 400PPM. That number includes natural sources of CO2. Man made CO2 is a trivial part of that number.

  9. 95 000 ppm = 9.5%, presumably the concentration of CO2 in the gas bubbles, not the adjacent ocean water. It proves that volcanoes are important sources of CO2. One can expect coral reefs to flourish due to elevated CO2, the source of the carbon in coral reefs.

  10. science alert WAS down playing as they have shifted from science to faith in warming slanted heavily on all their items wherever possible(some IMpossible but they still try it on)
    they also ran the mass pap garbage and bragged about their support for it pre COP recently.
    orchestrated panic inducing media handouts our ABC in aus and almost every outlet accepted and used.
    Robert sift the mails I sent yesterday cos theres one on how “natural carbon??hmm? from the oceans is “different” than the evil manmade version
    and NO it wasnt meant as comedy…but it IS!

  11. That’s the S flank of Taal, no wonder:,13.775,121.014,10

    I drove through there 45 years ago many times on a big gray ship with white hull numbers flying the stars and stripes. USN Ship Repair Facility was just around the corner.
    We did weather logs every half hour, 24/7. Navigated using Loran fixes, ha !
    Thickest jungle there ,monkeys. Wish I could have done scuba to see all the reef dwellers 😉

  12. Deb Darling, like your singing in the rain comment earlier/later… I’ll have to find it again, thank you. Go to there again sometime. I’ll explain why (like with the Angus, and I’ve just now re-named the “lead Bossy one”… “Deb”, as in come boss, come boss, come bossy, bossy Deb; when I’m calling them in…. and when I’m singing to them when I’m walking the field to keep ’em calm the same song we used to sing in Air Cadets while practicing – precision marching drill team – back in the ’70’s, and even to my kids while pushing them on the swing I’d made for them when they were way to young to understand “Three German Soldiers crossed the Rhine… Wholy Scheiße, I actually found about fourty different versions (raunchier and tamer – I still like our version best) of it on line just now:
    it’s unbelievable the parallels/triggers/coincidences like with your “singing in the rain” comment. I feel like I’m in the Truman Show or this really is the last stage of by Canadian, Robin Sharma…it’s all been that good, and with this much variety, I mean really, look who we’re more than half indirectly talking to here seriously – no joke – like Herr(s) Rolf and Alan too.

  13. This “headline” severely overstates the manmade CO2 atmospheric concentration as 100% manmade. Man can only account for perhaps 4% of the 400PPM signature.

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