Coal and petroleum created throughout the universe, study finds

Coal and petroleum created throughout the universe, study finds

New discovery validates my theories.

“Carbon Rain.” That’s the title of chapter 12 in Magnetic Reversals and Evolutionary Leaps, wherein I propose that carbon rains from the sky at extinctions.

Now comes this controversial study, saying that spectral analysis of the emissions from distant stars suggests that “compounds of unexpected complexity – some resembling coal and petroleum – exist throughout the universe and are being made by stars.”



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  1. Robert, coal has fossils of the plants embedded in the actual coal seems proving some coal comes from buried fossil plant material. As for oil yet quite possible that isnt from animal or plant origin.

    • The plants and animals were engulfed by the coal therefore you have the fossels but also in numbrous sites (coal beds) there have been discoveries of bones found still able to articulate this means that these animals alive or died during the event many of the plants and animals were also consumed in the process(explaned in CD’s Icelies)and yes spelling isn’t my thing.

    • You may be right, however all it proves is that fossils are found in coal seams. I suspect they were trapped there and are not the source of coal, otherwise they would be coal, not fossils.

  2. Fits right in with the abiotic theory of crude oil production doesn’t it? I never beleived the dead dinosaurs tripe.

    • well, it was never about dead dinosaurs, but rather the accumulation of dead Foraminifera in deep ocean sediments. However, that is a theory thrown into doubt by the Abiotic theory. Hard to believe that so much crude could be accounted for by the Foraminifera hypothesis alone. Coal however is another matter as it is found along with perfectly preserved fossils of lush plant life during the Carboniferous period(~360Mya).

  3. Lets just hope the population on our planet is large enough to burn it before we are up to our necks in the stuff! Turn it into harmless CO2 for food plants and we are saved with lots of clean oxygen rich air thanks to the other plants also sucking up toxins faster because of the extra CO2!

  4. A Soviet scientist Vladimir Larin suggested that our planet has an abundant volume of hydrogen inside and this leads to:
    – oil/gas creation as hydrogen releases
    – absolutely new plate tectonic (google for expanding Earth videos)
    – possibilities for very rapid Earth changes (Siberian trapps, cracks and holes, explosions);
    – ocean rifts as the lines of the Earth expansion (e.g see
    – possibility for new energetics (drill ~10 km to get to hydrogen in the thinnest places)

    There are several excellent books explaining the theory but, unfortunately, all in Russian.
    Though I higly recommend to read

    Hope this helps.

  5. Tommy Gold suggested “fossil fuels” weren’t “fossil” but made in the Earth’s lower crust from carbon minerals under extreme pressure and heat.

    The scientific consensus laughed.

    Many years after his death experiments confirm that under the right combinations it is possible to form “fossil fuels” in the manner he proposed.

    Now further evidence he may be right and “fossil fuels” aren’t “fossils” after all.

    Interesting times in science.

  6. Hi Quentin,

    if coal comes from plants why isn’t coal all fossilised plants? Fossilised plants are the exception not the norm. Would it not ne more likely that some plants are fossilised by the coal (formed by someother means)?

  7. @QuentinF

    You said:

    “obert, coal has fossils of the plants embedded in the actual coal seems proving some coal comes from buried fossil plant material.”

    Fossil plants are found embedded in shale, sandstone, limestone etc. But this doesn’t “prove” any of these rocks are formed by buried fossil plant material…

    • When I was a boy living out on Vancouver island my parents took me and my brothers on a drive up some logging roads near Cumberland B.C. and in a embankment beside the road I spotted a tree that was buried in red sand and it was made from bitumenous coal. There is absolutely no way that coal was formed from anything but a tree being buried for a very long time underground. Coal comes from buried plants and trees and that is just the way it is folks.

      • Steven Rowlandson said:

        “There is absolutely no way that coal was formed from anything but a tree being buried for a very long time underground. Coal comes from buried plants and trees and that is just the way it is folks.”

        Actually, Steve, that’s the problem with non pure sciences. It requires “proof” that can not be obtained through experimentation (unlike the disciplines of maths and physics for example). So a “best guess” is used through observation. Observation tells us that it’s reasonable to assume, since we find fossils in coal, that fossils are linked to the process of the creation of coal. But it can’t be proved as it needs direct observation of the process, or a lab experiment that can be repeated.

        To date nobody has created coal using fossils in a lab – nor are they practically likely to do so. It *could* be that this is indeed how coal forms. But it remains a generally accepted supposition on behalf of science.

        If people really got this process (proof through observation and experiment = pure science) they’d not be duped by the likes of the IPCC and the Watermelons. A message many of us (me included) failed to grasp fully until a much embarrassing “too late”.

  8. if? oil was from animal or plant material the DNA traces should be there.
    oddly enough it seems no one has ever produced evidence to prove it is there..curious that?

  9. off topic a bit.
    uk paper the mail?
    has item in science section saying Venus isnt spinning as fast as it should?????????
    so yet again a MODEL or theory is found WRONG!
    so they blame the planet for noncompliance:-)
    gee it has a familiar tune to it..and Hansen based his Theory on runaway co2 on HIS theory about Venusian past events with NOT ONE shred of evidence whatsoever.
    and idiots worldwide seem never to have queried it at all?
    science? what science???

  10. I fully agree with you Robert, a couple of years ago a lady came to one of my social walks in Sydney and started to talk about the topic and she was a teacher in science at some school, anyway, she said that the fosil fuel therory was ‘pure junk’ and that said hey David, look while we are talking C14 is falling from the sky, how do they explain that? and many more such comments. I just love your books and info its so spoton.

  11. If I remember correctly, this is what Immanuel Velikovsky said the biblical “manna from heaven” was–petroleum. I think it was in his book “World’s in Collision.”

    • You’re spot on. In “Worlds in Collison,” Velikovski wrote about old Mexican and mid-Eastern “myths” that told of bitumen and naptha raining from the sky, while Carl Sagan spoke of “manna from heaven.”

  12. Plant material embedded in the coal and oil is circumstantial evidence. If such material is raining from the sky it would natural bury and mix in the plants and animals.

    Also I doubt there could ever have been enough plants and animals to create such huge deposits of coal and oil.

    • As regards Coal formation, you couldn’t be more wrong.
      Coal began to be produced in the Late Devonian, reached it’s peak during the Carboniferous, and extends clear through to the Miocene. That’s a span of about 350 Million years.
      See The Paleomap Project:

      I doubt there could have been enough carbon raining from the sky to create such huge deposits of coal found around the world. But there were plenty of plants, most of which are now extinct.

      Probably most, if not all, of the coal deposits were created in lush swamps that were filling in shallow seas after Pangea broke up and the tectonic plates began moving towards their current positions.

  13. Harks back to the ‘Deep earth gas theory’ of the 1980s. A Swedish guy (Sorry I forget his name) proposed it strongly and, I believe, drilled a fairly deep hole to investigate.

    • Every last bit of energy on earth is a by product of our dear Sun…1 second of the Suns energy is more than the Earth and man has ever used or seen. Crude oil is created mostly by common ocean organisms which convert the suns energy through photostnthesis live and die then sink to the pressures where chemical processes are different. Earths movin conveyer belt ex. (Mid atlantic rift)moves this sediment thru plate motion to higher ground ,subduction,mountains are buckled plates and on these plates is the trapped energy of the sun(crude). I really cannot think of known energy that our Sun isn’t responsible for. In another realm the energy of lifes blueprint,the atom ,the soul,God are questions open for constant debate. The Sun is still shining and that’s a good thing.

  14. Ushering in Solutions for the Gulf Coast
    by Kim Greenhouse on June 16, 2010

    “Geologist, meteorologist, and oil industry veteran Chris Landau . Landau, who has been involved in digging 50 high-pressure oil wells, explains what we need to know and what we should expect from our commander-in-chief on a geologic level of accountability.”

    It’s worth listening .

  15. There is no need for exclusivity in the formation of coal/petroleum/methane deposits. It is clear that much coal was formed from Carboniferous vegetation, just as it is clear that much petroleum was formed from deposits at the floors of ancient shallow seas (e.g., Tethys). But carbon itself is simply the end product of the solar Main Sequence. “Diamonds from the sky” is just as plausible.

  16. Hmm, I can hear Al Gore and Prince Charles now; these people that don’t think as we tell to think are a danger to the Planet, which we have only 6 months to save. They should be re-educated to think as we bloody well tell them. And if they refuse, well, other measures may have to be used to save the Planet from them. Hey, isn’t crazy prince Charles 6 months up by now?

  17. Something tells me that oil is formed from deep underground high pressure geological processes, not a pile of dead dinosaurs. In any case even if you could make it from decaying fauna then you would need hundreds of millions of them compacted together, in the same places, over and over again for millions of years, even accounting for extinctions this would never be enough to account for the amount needed and the frequency of fossilisation needed. Finally where are the bone remains of these dinosaurs were they magically fossilised into oil too?

    I think the fossil fuel theory is a scam to keep us all in the ‘finite resources’ and global warming frame of mind don’t you think? I mean the oil men are hardly going to make a killing saying oh there too much of the stuff for us to ever to even bother worrying when it is going to run out?

    • Oceans produce 50percent of earths oxygen,therefore it has half of earths plants now(zooplankton)so it is still making oil which won’t be ready till hell freezes over and the frozen gas hydrate which is limitless in the ocean floors but is too costly to bring from the deep oceans.Yup,its snafu as usual for the worlds continuing thirst for black gold.

  18. To confuse the picture, consider yet another source of hydrocarbons. Search YouTube for “expanding earth”. The precise fit of the continents, the young age of all ocean rock, and actual GPS measurements over several years by NASA show that the earth is expanding by about 20mm/year. An analysis of the physiology of large dinosaurs shows they must have less gravity to exist. It appears nobody has any idea where this additional mass is coming from, but it’s a lot, and there is evidence that other bodies in our solar system are also expanding. Some of this new material could be in the form of hydrocarbon elements and could be a source of methane and carbon dioxide in the atmospheres of Mars and Venus. Now, if the earth’s expansion is exothermic, and increases and decreases with the cycles of the earth and sun, that would indeed be a great addendum to Robert’s books.

    • There exists a complete theory (scroogle Patrick Geryl and Cliff High) about the “Expando Earth model”, and briefly summarized, it says that it’s not molten iron/metal that lays in the center of Earth (and other planets too), but it is heated plasma that is supplied by our Sun. The outermost parts of that plasma gradually add up to the existing layers of matter that builds the lowest layers of the planet, and this process leads to the planet’s actual expansion…

      Follow the link and read some more before you accuse me of blasphemy ->

  19. If you are willing to accept the conventional theory of decomposed plants and animals converting to coal and oil, then coal and oil are just as green as alcohol or switch grass or whatever, since all of that carbon had to come out of the atmosphere also, just at a little earlier time.

    • Another good place to get information about oil and coal is J. Marvin Herndon’s website and also his book “Maverick’s Earth and Universe”. Dr. Herndon was speaking on the radio several years ago about oil being created from methane gas and that methane gas was part of the composition of stars and the planets.

      I believe that a lot of Dr. Herndon’s research goes hand in hand with Roberts Felix’s books and information.

  20. Boy, the bacteria in my gut produces natural gas in less than 24 hours. I believe that a combination of many things is able to bring about oil in the ground and it requires several possible conditions. I think much of this is possible, but I seriously doubt that the oil is bing replensihed at even a small percentage of the rate of extraction. If you do your exponential calulation with the entire mass of the earth, it shows that at 7% increase of extraction rates, we extract the entire earth in 370+/- years. After the entire earth is extracetd at the same rate we would go through another entire planet in 10 more years. We have gone through about 1/2 the known oil in 100 years, we might have a lot less time than anyone imagines to go through the remainder if the exponential law holds up. Just food for thought. same goes for any other natural resource, Lithium, Copper, etc. all will be gone in 2-3 decades at currently growing rates of extraction.

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