Cold and snow in the Baltic States and Belarus

When hot weather comes…is manmade global warming. When it’s freezing cold… almost 1 month late, this is nothing to worry about.”
– Martin Siebert

Shortly before the calendar summer, not only the Russian regions suffer from the cold, but also neighboring countries.

In the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, the outflow of arctic cold intensified on the eastern periphery of the Scandinavian anticyclone. A couple of very cold nights, in places with temperatures around zero, are expected in the Baltic republics. In some areas of Belarus it can freeze up to -2°C, wet snow is forecast with rain.

On Thursday, May 21, a strong north-west wind will add a feeling of autumn cold.

-“Something like that happens in Moscow:

The nights will still be cool, in Moscow about 6°C, in the region of 2 … 7°C.

Still below the norm 3 degrees.

And this is May 21 already, although the temperature lags by almost 20 days behind the calendar! (Temperature feels more like May 1.)

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5 thoughts on “Cold and snow in the Baltic States and Belarus”

  1. This is a good example of the upcoming ice age and climatic cooling.
    Ignore the heat in summer – it’s not important and means nothing. If anyone wonders why the hell you have hot days in summer, it’s because of a ridge of high pressure aloft when the sun is shining and the days are long because of a high sun angle. Doesn’t have a damned thing to do with any humans LOL

  2. Wonder why everything is speeding up? Even the earth is I’m told! What is the forcing factor there. Later on I’m told it will slow again!! With only six gigs on this cheap cellphone it’s a blessing to visit here, from Nome. Shore ice thinning out now. But harbor still frozen. Travel screenings and permits necessary for visiting and two week Quarentine on arrival!
    Funny I don’t feel any safer!

  3. Weather Channel had report yesterday saying climate change warmer temps causing more frequent flooding since warmer temps allows atmosphere to hold more moisture. Here in Roanoke, Va high temps were 25 degrees below normal during this week’s deluge. Last week we had frost on two mornings. Sorry Weather Channel, I’m not buying what you’re trying to sell me.

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