Cold crisis in Peru

50,000 alpacas killed. Around 300,000 camelids under threat.
Severe winter chill grips country. Livelihoods under threat. Intense cold

22 Jul 2016 – Excerpts from Al Jazeera

A state of emergency has been declared in the southern Peruvian Andes where bitterly cold weather has killed thousands of animals, devastating the largely indigenous families that raise them.

Peru is the world’s largest producer of alpaca wool and has around four million camelids.

Unfortunately, the high-altitude rural hamlets where the animals have been raised for centuries are among the most deprived in Peru.

More than 120,000 families here make less than half the country’s minimum wage, so any loss of livestock represents a major financial loss.

Overnight temperatures continue to fall to around minus 23 C (-9F).

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for this link

“Even Al Jazeera (a strong global warming advocate news agency) brings the news about the cold crisis in Peru,” says Argiris.

Also, the Dutch MSM keeps quiet about Peru.

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  1. I guess with 8 times so much CO2 around, humans and animals would be killed by such an amount in the atmosphere ? How much CO2 can we tolerate in the atmosphere, before we succomb to it ?
    And with oxygenlevels being far higher than today, up to 35 % in prehistoric times as against only 20% nowadays, perhaps these numbers neutralized one another for animals and humans to survive ? ?

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