Cold evidence in France

“This photo is from the south of France, 15 kilometers (9 miles) up the hill from St Tropez  at 360 meters (1,181 ft),” says reader Ed Hoskins.

“We have had it like this twice this winter, ” says Ed, who lives in southern France.
“Prior to that we have had snowfall twice in the last 20 years.”
Photo courtesy of Ed Hoskins in southern France

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  1. Unbelieveable.

    Snow practically in New York City’s suburbs too.

    That’s enough for agriculture’s sake.

  2. Global Warming equals deeper snow. You should know that by now! That’s why you get frost on a boiling kettle. Honestly – the science they teach nowadays! Stick a thermometer in the snow, I’ll bet it’s much warmer than the snow of 20 years ago.

    Source: Al Gore – The Pop-Up Book of Global Warming.

  3. Spain, 29/04/2018
    Hail, cold and snow: this is the month of May
    This afternoon and tomorrow, Monday, we will continue with unstable weather, with the possibility of storms and hail. On Tuesday the weather gives us a small truce before the arrival of another storm
    May starts with very unpleasant weather. If the Spanish proverb reminds us that until May 40 you do not take off your coat, it seems that we will start the month recovering some blanket and some coat that perhaps we had already relegated to the bottom of the closet. This morning the showers and the hailstorms have been the habitual tonic in many points of the Galician community and that trend will continue in the afternoon, with many possibilities of storms and hail.
    Meanwhile, temperatures continue to fall. Galicia is still under the influence of a large mass of cold air of polar origin that has made in just a few days we go from the 35 degrees that marked this week the mercuries in Arnoia (Ourense) to maximums that almost do not exceed ten degrees. For example Lugo, where today Meteogalicia predicted temperatures between 5 and 11 degrees.
    They are very low records for the time of year, which have left an unusual image: snow in the mountains of Lugo and Ourense. Meteogalicia announced fall of flakes over a thousand meters and this has been: the snow has surprised almost in May to the pilgrims crossing O Cebreiro, at 1,300 meters of altitude.
    The week will start with unpleasant weather, similar to that of this Sunday: showers occasionally accompanied by hail, alternating clouds and clearings and a rise in the level of snow, which will go from 1,000 to 1,200 meters. But on Tuesday we will enjoy a small meteorological truce. During the holiday, Galicia will be under the influence of high pressures, so a day of clear skies is expected, although not necessarily of higher temperatures. The thermometers, in fact, will continue to fall and frosts are expected in inland areas. On Wednesday another front will reach our community and the gray will again be the dominant color. It will rain throughout Galicia although it could be one of the last days of rainfall. On Thursday the weather improves and right now the weather models draw good weather, sunny weather, for the next weekend. Instability and temperature changes: it is pure spring.

  4. Spain, April 30, 2018: The snow does not leave León
    The town of Ferreras del Puerto located on the eastern mountain has dawned, on the morning of this Monday, April 30, covered in snow and with a temperature of minus 6 degrees
    The snow again leaves a winter landscape in León. At the beginning of the month of May the cold and the snow do not stop. Some points of the province of León have returned to dawn covered in white. The arrival of a cold front during the May bridge has led to instability and a sudden change in temperatures, where snow has also been the protagonist. The town of Ferreras del Puerto located on the eastern mountain has dawned, on the morning of this Monday, April 30, covered in snow and with a temperature of minus 6 degrees, according to this medium reported Valderrued Civil Protection.
    Tourists who during this holiday period have approached this area, far from finding a spring print, have had to take back scarf and gloves to enjoy this landscape. Valderrueda’s Civil Protection team had to work hard all night to condition the area and allow streets and transit areas to be accessible.
    The fall of the temperatures worries farmers who see their crops in danger due to the frosts that devastate these zones. The forecast in the coming days remains in the same dynamic, will only increase again over the next weekend.–624×385@Leonoticias-Leonoticias.jpeg

  5. …Late April Freeze Expected Tonight in Sheltered Locations…

    Including the cities of Flatwoods, Greenup, Grayson, Olive Hill,
    Ashland, Louisa, New Lexington, Crooksville, Somerset,
    McConnelsville, Stockport, Athens, Marietta, Belpre, Jackson,
    Wellston, Oak Hill, McArthur, Hamden, Pomeroy, Gallipolis,
    Ironton, South Point, Clintwood, Grundy, Vansant, Kenova, Ceredo,
    Wayne, Huntington, Point Pleasant, New Haven, Ravenswood, Ripley,
    Parkersburg, Vienna, St. Marys, Belmont, Paden City,
    Sistersville, Middlebourne, Harts, Alum Creek, Hamlin,
    Teays Valley, Hurricane, Charleston, South Charleston,
    Saint Albans, Spencer, Elizabeth, Grantsville, Harrisville,
    Pennsboro, West Union, Williamson, Logan, Chapmanville, Man,
    Madison, Clay, Sutton, Gassaway, Burnsville, Glenville, Weston,
    Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Welch, Gary, War, Mullens, Oceana,
    and Pineville
    Apr 30 2018


    * TEMPERATURES…In the upper 20s and lower 30s in sheltered
    valley locations away from rivers. In the low to mid 30s along
    rivers and in metro areas…which could still lead to frost

    * TIMING…Monday morning.

    * IMPACTS…Frost and freeze conditions may damage sensitive
    vegetation. Take steps now to protect tender plants from the

  6. I would be interested in keeping a close watch on the Chamonix / Mont Blanc area because over the 1990’s Mer de Glace lost about 100 metres of height and vastly more length as it receded like my hairline LOL.
    I have a link and it highlights Global Warming. But of course, the warming was temporary. And CO2 emissions were probably just 1 of many factors we don’t really understand. Here’s the link about Mer de Glace:-

  7. Not as spectacular, but worth noting we’re going to experience some thunderstorms with a high below sixty, and may dip into the forties (Fahrenheit) for a low early morning and overnight tomorrow here in San Diego. Very unusual weather for the first of May. It’s very interesting to be seeing unusually cold or cool weather all across both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, at various latitudes, during all seasons for the past year or two.

  8. In the Algarve Portugal, it is cold. Sometimes sunny but cold wind.
    At night it still drops down to 13ºC.

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