Cold and frost in southern Brazil in the height of summer

The tenth frost of the 2017/2018 summer season.

15 Feb 2018 – The city of São Joaquim registered the third frost of February this morning, Thursday the 15th.

Temperature has dropped to as low as 3,9°C (39°F) in some localities throughout the mountainregion this morning.

The low temperature was registered in Vale do Caminhos da Neve, about 3km from the center of São Joaquim.

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2 thoughts on “Cold and frost in southern Brazil in the height of summer”

  1. More cold trends indications to Southern Hem.
    First half of February totally out of the summer pattern, that is, mild or even cold. Map below shows the negative deviation from the mean.

    -And continues to indicate the entry of another moderate to strong polar mass for season on days 22 – 26/Feb (South Brazil)

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