Cold hammers apple and peach crops in Indiana

“The polar vortex that plunged Indiana into a deep freeze in January has taken a toll on the state’s peach crop, and an April cold snap has done the same for apples,” says The Herald-Times.

“Orchard owners are bringing in peaches from out of state and say they may have to do the same for apples this fall.

“In January, the peaches were in pretty good shape dormancy-wise, and we thought they might make it. But then it stayed cold for too long.” said David Byers, owner of Bedford’s Applacres.

“The apple crop also took a hit with below-freezing temperatures in mid-April, which killed about half the buds within hours.

“Byers is no stranger to crop losses. In 2012, he lost all of his peaches and apples to a single cold snap.”

I keep warning you: Make sure that you have a food supply.

Thanks to Caroline S. in West Virginia for this link

9 thoughts on “Cold hammers apple and peach crops in Indiana

  1. Thanks for posting these crop stories. It reminds us how fragile our food supply. Just think.. Population going up while temps going down is not a good combo.

  2. We just had an amazing bout of lightning and thunder hit about 11 lasting till 2am before tapering off here in the Willamette Valley! Easily the best show in 20+ years!

    Bright pink flashes most intense around 1am where there were several flashes at once in many directions! Most of the lightning was cloud to cloud though so no forest fires around here!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

    Two years ago the Cascades had lots of lightning and part of August thru late September were all yucked out with smoke here in the valley from a wildfire in Washington!.

    Back then we went to Mary’s Peak 4K in elevation on the coast range and the entire area from Salem north was almost a Ring Wraith black color like the Ring Wraiths from Mordor.

  3. Between 1 and 2 the lightning was unnaturally bright! It was actually blinding. I was expecting the house to shake but the thunder took 8 seconds to come.

    The way the lightning was so dam bright I thought it was almost overhead!

  4. North American and Eurasian Farmers get prepared for a
    big or little ice age. I am serious. Operators of Nuclear power plants get ready to move south with all your radioactives and equipment. When the problem becomes obvious you may not be able to act. The world can not afford any more nuclear accidents or sabotage.
    Make plans and technology and act responsibly.

  5. This Hoosier that lives about 90 mi. south of Ft. Wayne can attest for the voracity of the article. Last fall bumper crop of apples in the field behind me. This year the few there are small. Think the honey bees took a pretty hard hit during this last winter too. Heck the winter killed the English Ivy and that stuff is tough!

    • You’re spot on, man. I’m in Muncie, Indiana. This last winter was hell for us. However, we’re already being bombarded with mice for the last few days, and that normally wouldn’t happen until mid October at the earliest. I’m thinking the coming winter is going to be much worse. If the first freeze comes before farmers get the crops out of the fields, it’ll be a whole lot more than peaches and apples that are lost!

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