Cold invades Western Europe – Record cold in Scotland

On April 5, Western European countries found themselves on the cold backside of a powerful Atlantic cyclone.

In England, gusts reached 144 km/h, in Germany – 108 km/h, in the Netherlands – 97 km/h. During the passage of the cold front, rain fell everywhere, in Germany and the Czech Republic in some places in the form of wet snow, which for a brief period covered the ground. In the mountains of the Czech Republic, deposits of wet snow reached 5 cm, even in Karlovy Vary, wet snow fell on the trees.

Behind the cold front, it got much colder, in London the temperature dropped 7 degrees a day, in the morning hours of April 6, the soil froze to -2°C.

In several cities in England, air temperature minimums have been blocked. In Aberdeen, the air temperature dropped to -3.4°C, breaking the 1984 record with a temperature of -3.2°C.

On the afternoon of April 6, England, France and Germany will remain in the zone of dense north wind, the maximum air temperature in London and Paris will not exceed 7°C.

On Wednesday, the wind will start to decrease, the sky will be cloudless, in the morning in England and western France there may be frost in some places, and in the afternoon the sun will come up and the temperature will warm to 10… 12°C.

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    Maybe Florida’s De Santis started something.
    Texas (Republican trifecta): On Monday, April 5, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) prohibited government agencies, businesses, and institutions that receive state funding from requiring people to show proof they’ve received a coronavirus vaccine.
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  2. finally, the weather in the Netherlands is as usual. Winter: stormy, snow, hail. I felt it during a bike ride in the dunes.

  3. Look, there really is nothing abnormal about a frost in London in April. OK, it doesn’t happen every April night and it certainly is the case that some Aprils in London don’t see a single night of frost.

    But just think back to 1981: on April 30th, the city of Sheffield saw 30cm of snow. That’s right: a really, really proper snow storm. All we had the past day or so in London was a few snow showers which didn’t even create a carpet on the ground: it just melted as soon as it hit the ground.

    Nothing that is happening right now is outside the window of longer-term normality.

    It’s just that people aren’t interested in what happened 60 or 70 years ago, they think that what happened the past 10 years should have happened the previous 10,000 years and should happen the next 10,000 years.

    Growing advice in NW London is that the ‘last frost date’ is in early May. That’s right, a month away from today.

    There was a frost at that time in 2020 – it caused many early potato crops to be put back, as the leaves died back and the energy stores of the tubers had to be used to regrow new ones.

    • For the record, the author never stated that England was having weather abnormally cold. But if you can read, he does state there was record cold in Scotland. And that there was very cold weather in much of Northern Europe. Don’t read between the lines, just the lines themselves.

  4. Frost in SE England this morning and the bruttaly cold wind has dropped but it is cloudy with very little sun. Cold. Without the sun my house is already feeling colder.

  5. Rhys,
    The only reason I think this is news to this site is because of the constant lies and propaganda shoved in our faces about “no more snow” or “were all gonna burn up”. If they would just shut the hell up for just a minute then I could give two hoots about frost in may or anything else weather related.

  6. Between -5°C and -7°C in the morning for several cities here in France. Records for the entire month of april, of course.

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