Cold Killed 180 British Pensioners a Day Last Winter

“180 pensioners died every day as a result of cold conditions during the 2010-11 winter months in England and Wales,” says this article on

The annual ‘Excess winter mortality’ report estimates that some 21,800 people over the age of 65 died as a result of adverse conditions last winter. This was “on top of the average mortality rate for the same period of time.”

“Many of our poorest pensioners, families and disabled people, put their health at risk by having to choose between heating their homes or putting food on the table this winter,” said Audrey Gallacher, director of energy at Consumer Focus.

“Energy bills (are) almost double what they were five years ago,” she added.

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And Obama says he will bankrupt our coal industry and cause electricity rates to soar:
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7 thoughts on “Cold Killed 180 British Pensioners a Day Last Winter

  1. Here in Helsinki Finland they are now forcasting the unusual mild conditions to continue thru to February which will be a bit disapointing because without the brightness of the snow it will be depressingly dark until then. Still no snow at all here. 5C this morning.

    • I would not despair in Finland. Was just looking at the ECMWF (European) model which forecasts Finland to become quite cold at times by next week, with some good chances for snow as well.

      It appears that the unusual mild spell is breaking. Whether it returns again at some later date is anyone’s guess.

  2. I was right when I commented in an earlier article that they know that it is getting colder and they are doing it on purpose in making poor people suffer and die by freezing in the dark. Downright brutal and callous behavior in decimating the population and unless they’re stopped the deaths will increase exponentially.

    • Yes …. and the Global Elitists couldn’t care less. They figure it doesn’t matter what we say because in the end we will all be dead and they won’t … Or so they believe.

      I got news for ’em. When we stop workin’ they start worryin’. When it gets really cold, and we stop workin’ … they’ll begin to panic!

      Then we’ll see how “Elite” they feel.

  3. This in a socialist country to boot. I just can’t understand how in this day and age such things can happen? Where are the kids and grandkids? How can they let their kith and kin suffer like that? To heck with the govt fixing the problem, the root of the problem lies at the feet of the families that let their elderly suffer.

    • They shoot dissenters in “Socialist” Countries. So why would you have a difficult time believing that something like this could happen in a “Socialist Country?” And for sure let’s blame it on the Victim’s “Families.” That’s always productive… NOT!

  4. The sad truth is …. I bet every day, each and every one of these poor souls was wishing for some “Global Warming” to come their way.

    And where was Al Gore while this was happening? At home, of course! You see, he has a 30,000sq ft mansion that costs more to heat in one month than most of us pay to heat our homes in a year….

    With the agenda of the Global Elitists to reduce global human populations “… to more manageable numbers”, we can look for more lies from the IPCC as the U.N. continues its attempts to force us into mass suicide.

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