Cold kills 20 cattle in Matopo (Zimbabwe)

”We lost a lot of beasts last week due to the cold weather, said village head Timothy Ndlovu, of Nathisa village in Matopo district, Matabeleland South. “We are worried that if the situation continues we are likely to lose more of our wealth,”

Ndlovu said lack of pastures also exposed their livestock to starvation, adding the villagers cannot afford to buy supplementary stockfeed.

One villager, Zenzo Ncube, expressed fears that if the cold spell continued, most farmers would lose their livestock.

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4 thoughts on “Cold kills 20 cattle in Matopo (Zimbabwe)”

  1. I was puzzled till I saw the pics
    Brahmin x cattle
    they do not do well in cold, thin coated and designed to dissipate heat
    though the grazing available and the health of the ones pictured looked pretty good

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