Cold kills 20 percent of farm animals in Arequipa, Peru – Videos

Children dying too. Crops destroyed.  Temperatures plunge as far as minus 20°C (-4°F).

24 July 2018 – Children dying too in the south of Peru
Intense cold continues in the south of the country, where the number of children killed by the cold have been reported increasing. The villagers affected by the intense cold report that they are also losing their livestock and fields of crops.

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these videos

6 thoughts on “Cold kills 20 percent of farm animals in Arequipa, Peru – Videos”

  1. hard to believe theyre descendants of the people who built those incredible monuments and cities with excellent stonework needing no mortar that are still standing..
    might be time somone figured out mud bricks/and mud mortaring! obviously woods not available, but a DIY approach might save their own lives as well as some animals
    all the bloody aid/ funding places like those get sent and not a skerrick of roofing iron can be given to them?
    the odd length of flue?
    damned govts and the NGOs supposedly taking donations to aid them need hauling over the coals!!

    • Uh, those living there are NOT those who built the excellent stonework.

      It is becoming more obvious that those structures were built by a previous People, perhaps around 11,000 years ago OR before the last Ice Age.

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