Cold kills 48 children between May and June in Peru

Most deaths occurred in Cusco department, Junín, Huancavelica, Ayacucho and Puno, in central and southern Andean country.

4 Jul 2016 – According to the Peruvian Ministry of Health (MINSA) in this period, there were 7,569 cases of pneumonia in children under five years, with 48 deaths.

In these regions, with localized areas above 4000 meters above sea level, the temperature reaches 18 degrees below zero in winter.

In May, the Peruvian government declared an emergency for a period of 60 days in 14 regions of the country by because of the sharp drop in temperature in the Andes.

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  1. meanwhile so called “helping”charities like OXFAM
    spend millions pushing their climate change barrow in EU etc
    but arent doing much to help supply clothes etc to the REAL people affected by REAL COLD climate concerns

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