Cold kills 61.000 cattle in Peru

Some 44.426 alpacas, 3902 llamas, 4370 sheep and 4183 cattle have died because of low temperatures, according to the Regional Directorate of Agriculture Puno.

Meanwhile, in Arequipa, about 5,000 alpacas have died since this cold period began in May this year, said Mirko Avendao, regional manager of Agriculture.. campaign=shareaholic&utm_medium=email_this&utm_source=email

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9 thoughts on “Cold kills 61.000 cattle in Peru”

  1. Time to consider ditching diets and embracing extra insulative blubber. 1 pound of jiggles will buy you another day or two, according to water-fast enthusiasts. 😀

  2. Even in other countries, people who suffer are blaming self-righteous elected officials. One comment on the website above translates to “Who has responsibility??? ….. because they provide electricity and heating with solar panels to areas of the south …. instead of blankets!”

    I guess that feel-good emotion of living a green life, not polluting with CO2, is supposed to keep people warm in times of need. After all, we keep hearing over and over that every month is the new record-warmest ever.

  3. The August Olympic Games in Brazil could provide an interesting test of the media’s ability to ignore exceptional cold weather events in south America in the shadow of a sharply cooling Antarctic.

    • That may be the only reason to tune in live, before editing. I suspect we will see extraordinary cuts to cmmercials and b footage….. LOL. Might want to move the ski events to Summer.

  4. I am starting to get past sorrow and feel anger at these reports of animal deaths in huge numbers..
    ongoing for the last 3 or 4 years
    and theyve done naff all to prepare?
    not even some stored hay and some rock or stick walls for shelter?
    if survival of the fittest is correct..then a whole shedload of humans arent fit to survive anyway, or keep animals they dont plan ahed to ensure the safety of!
    and yes I know thats harsh, and a lot of them are poor, but its NOT a viable excuse ..without the animals theyre poorer again.
    even herding them into the town areas for mass warm/thermal bodymass protection isnt beyond doable as most are well handled.
    at the worst the skins and wool of the prior dead should have been used to make clothing for themselves AND as covering for the animals, skins even badly cured make shelter roofing or walls to hide behind in wind snow etc.
    hell the old europeans and others made homes with space for animals below living areas
    they stayed warm n safe and the people gained warmth from their body heat
    smelly? yes alive?? YES! sometimes the price of inconvenience is worth it.

  5. 4,000 LLAMAS died of COLD?

    No. They can stand incredible temperatures.

    This is something else – there is some kind of electromagnetic energy in these storms, just like Robert Felix says in “Not by fire, but by ice”

    • That was my curiosity. Alpacas dying? From cold? I thought they were hardy in cold weather. However, if they are not getting a good water supply, because people are not used to keeping water supplies cut clear of ice that would be deadly. It does not get terribly cold by me, but we have had periods of bitter cold, and had trouble with cattle dying from colic. When the rancher fed them plenty of dry hay and yet failed to keep the ice open to where the animals could drink water from the ponds. That packs the animal’s bowels and they do not have enough fluids to liquefy it all, it can kill them quickly (within hours) if untreated.

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