Cold kills more than 40 people in Poland

One of Poland’s deadliest-ever cold snaps killed at least 21 people over the weekend, with temperatures falling to -18C (-0.4F), officials say. (Interesting how they call it a “cold snap.”)

National police spokeswoman Bozena Wysocka said Monday that 39 people have frozen to death since Nov. 1, including 21 last weekend when temperatures fell to -18 C (0 F).

In addition, six tourists have slipped and fallen to their deaths since Dec. 25 while trekking on frozen snow and ice in the Polish Tatras.

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  1. Central England Temperature Pause Now 17 Years Long
    January 2, 2016

    By Paul Homewood

    The blog contains a number of interesting observations:

    Despite the warm end to the year, the annual CET ended up pretty close to the long term average.

    As I have pointed out before, the Met Office only like to show the CET since 1772. For some reason, they don’t like people to see the full picture, which just happens to include the much bigger and faster rise in temperatures in the early 18thC!

  2. 05.01.2016 Blizzards Hit Armenia . Unusually strong snowstorms have swept through Armenia in recent days, killing one person, blocking major highways and leaving many cars stranded.
    “We haven’t had such a long and intensive snowfall for years,” Hovannes Khangeldian, a senior official at the Armenian Ministry for Local Government and Emergency Situations, told RFE/RL’s Armenian service (

    Truckers stranded without food and drink near Verkhny Lars.
    Jan 5 ,2016. The Verkhny Lars crossing point on the border between Russia and Georgia has been waiting to open for several days. Its work was suspended due to heavy snowfall, Rustavi 2 reports.
    Employees of the TV channel tried to get to the trapped drivers, but due to bad weather conditions they failed.
    Georgian Government takes measures as unusual freeze continues. 5 Jan 2016

    Snow in German capital Berlin. Jan 06, 2016
    Traffic paralysed, hundreds of accidents.

    Wednesday, January 6, 2016. 6 pregnant women rescued in snowstorms TEHRAN — Director of the Rescue Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent Society Nasser Charkhsaz announced that 16 pregnant women who were stuck in snowstorms across the country received rescue and relief services.
    Charkhsaz explained that 84 persons were hurt in the snowstorms, of them 50 were hospitalized and the other 34 received outpatient services, the Nasim News Agency reported.
    21 provinces of the country were stricken by the snowstorms over the past week, he added. He went on to say that 16,679 were provided with relief services on 121 roads, and about 2,400 passengers stranded due to the heavy snowfall were accommodated. Meanwhile, 3,281 cars which were lodged in the snow were freed, he noted.

  3. The BBC calls it a “cold snap”, not the Poles.

    The Polish government and people have been very strong in their denunciation of the climate change crowd.
    They are getting severely pressured by the EU. The EU climate crowd does not care who dies from the cold.

  4. Winter hits Syrian refugee camps in Latakia. Jan 6, 2016.
    A powerful winter storm has covered some parts of Syria in snow and created difficult conditions for refugees staying temporarily in the country’s Latakia Province.
    A video posted on social media showed a snowstorm hitting the Latakia refugee camp.
    “We are refugees here from Turkmen mountain. We have been here for four years,” said an unnamed refugee.
    “The local councils are lacking, the relief and support was all given to the new refugees. We have many shortages, we don’t have wood, no heaters,” the refugee said.
    “We ask those who are concerned to look into the refugees’ rights because our situation is very very bad.”
    Most of the refugees live in very hard conditions, using basic shelters made from wood and plastic.
    “I got displaced from the Kurds’ Mountain… it took us a couple of days until we secured ourselves in this cold. It is -10 degrees here. It’s cold and there’s snow,” said another refugee.
    We barely managed to get a tent, we don’t have anything at all. We have an old person. It’s too cold, we are unable to get wood or relief,” said the second refugee.

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