Cold kills – Video

“The CDC says heat kills 600 Americans a year,” says John Stossel. “Cold kills more than twice that many.”

It warmed one degree in the last hundred years, and life expectancy doubled! says Dr Patrick Michaels.

See video

“The Truth About Climate Change”

with John Stossel

2 Jan 2017 – A couple of excerpts:

“Yes, temperatures have been increasing overall for the last several hundred years,” says Dr Judith Curry. “But there’s no agreement as to whether warming is dangerous or not.”

Scientists don’t dare speak out for fear of losing their jobs, says Curry.

“It’s dangerous to dissent when climate change is something politicians address with religious zeal,” says Stossel. “Admit it! It’s a religion!”

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  1. Iran, Azar 24, 1396 – (according to the Persian calender converter that is December 15, 2017)
    Aid to the vehicles surrounded by snow in the Taraz region of Andika
    The head of Red Crescent Society of Andika County has announced the release of 63 vehicles caught in the snow of the Taraz-Andika region.
    According to the reporter of the provincial youth club of young journalists from Ahvaz, Iman Norouzi, head of the Red Crescent Society in Andika, said that 63 cars were thrown out and rescued by the help of the relief and relief forces of the Taraz region.
    He pointed out that the drivers were caught by the surprise of falling snow and having no wheel chains in the area of ​​overcrowding.
    Nowruz acknowledged: Unfortunately, a trailer carrying fuel was also distracted due to the lack of a chain wheel on the road and the driver’s traffic difficulty.
    The snowfall in the area continues and the Taraz-based Red Crescent population population of 200 people is ready to accommodate passengers in the snow, the director of Red Crescent Society of Andika said.

  2. is that americans or world wide. I am so glad I started tuning into this site as I was thinking climate change was a hoax, but after two years of following you and I turned the other way.

    You site the exceptions and are no better than the climate change almarist

    • Robert post things like this as it fits into the larger cycles of the ice age.i Don’t think he is fear mongering nor is he saying climate change is a hoax as we all know climate changes with out any man made impacks and many big climate changes.

  3. I am really surprised CDC is saying that, since they seem most likely to be jumping on the global warming bandwagon (I’ve seen it before).

    Public health (in the US at least) has been chuck full of extreme liberals since at least the 90s … when a lot of gays and lesbians were put into the most senior positions after the onset of the AIDS epidemic.

    For example, I worked for the Boston Public Health Commission for years… and it was run mostly by lesbians, (and I experienced bullying from them, since I was both female and heterosexual). Such foolishness as putting a lesbian in charge of pregnancy prevention programs… yeah. like they would have great ideas how to do that, right?

    I say this as a person who has worked in public health for over 30 years (currently as an epidemiologist). When I started I too was liberal, but I changed my attitude and became more conservative the older I get. If I wasn’t so “old” by the time I figured that out and wasn’t having difficulty getting other work that would pay reasonably well (due to my experience being mostly in that field), I would have changed fields a long time ago. I like the work itself… but cannot stand most of my coworkers.

    Can not wait until I figure out how to retire.

    • Jean it is unfortunate that you are working with so many LGBT sex criminals. Then again those criminals are a reflection of the moral character of the organizations that hired them and the governments that made it legal to hire them and legalized their criminal perversions. Your country needs regime change badly.

  4. Robert:
    It appears that total Solar Irradiance is dropping. Although it may be a small change, small changes in the Sun’s output seem to have a large effect on this planet. While the “GloBull Liars” continue with their “Warming Tipping Point”, I believe Solar Irradiance will soon be the LIA tipping point.

    Also see:

    THE SUN IS DIMMING: Yesterday at Cape Canaveral, SpaceX launched a new sensor to the International Space Station named TSIS-1. Its mission: to measure the dimming of the sun. As the sunspot cycle plunges toward its 11-year minimum, NASA satellites are tracking a decline in total solar irradiance (TSI). Across the entire electromagnetic spectrum, the sun’s output has dropped nearly 0.1% compared to the Solar Maximum of 2012-2014. This plot shows the TSI since 1978 as observed from nine previous satellites:

  5. @Gee Smith –

    “The CDC says heat kills 600 Americans a year,”

    Perhaps if you could read it would help. And perhaps if you learned to write and spell too, we could understand what you are saying. If I were you, I would quit worrying about so-called “global warming” and worry more about improving yourself.

    • Squidly,

      I don’t know much about Gee Smith.. but it sounds like you may not have noticed there are some commenters on this site who are from places other than non-English speaking countries. I like that they do… its good to get opinions from places other than where I live.

      Besides, if I were to try to read posts in the only other language I know (Spanish) and especially make comments in that language… I’m sure I’d get quite a few people laughing at my mistakes. I once visited a friend in Mexico and on the plane down (Aero Mexico I think it was)… I asked the stewardess in Spanish… for “coffee with milk and blue” rather than milk and sugar; they tried very hard to keep a straight face… but told me it would fine if I just spoke English to them.

      • Plus everyone makes mistakes in typing at times… I just did!

        I *meant* to say “from other places, including non-English…”

        I often type too fast and sometimes on a computer I can’t see the screen as well (my work laptop has a pretty small screen and limited how much I can adjust it)… either is enough to make a person make a spelling error or grammatical one.

  6. It is so obvious that extreme cold is far more deadly than the extremes of heat caused by natural events.

    Millions of people routinely live with the highest temperatures ever recorded for months at a time by staying hydrated and avoiding the Sun during the day. Just think of Baghdad for example – the troops unused to the climate survived months of what we would call heatwave conditions – the locals just live with it.

    However extreme cold can kill you in a few hours even when sheltered from the blizzard outside.

    Besides without the hot/cold air mass interaction there is virtually no weather.

    And did that scientist really use the “hot car” analysis ?

    A hot car traps the hot air inside while the air outside simply rises up and is replaced by cooler air. This cooler air uses “x” amount of energy to increase by 10°F say to reach say 80°F and rises away to be replaced by more cooler air which again uses “x” amount of energy to increase by 10°F say to reach say 80°F and rises away to be replaced by more cooler air which again etc etc but the air inside the car is already at 70°F and reaches 80, 90, 100, 110 … because it is already hotter because it is trapped in the car.

    It has nothing to do with any mythical “back radiation greenhouse effect” !

    The basic model for the “greenhouse effect”, and there is only one, is absolute junk science !

    It is mathematically incorrect but you don’t need to have any scientific training to understand it is “junk science”.

    All you need to understand it is rubbish is accept they claim the radiation emitted by the atmosphere has equal heating power to the radiation from the Sun. But wait it is even more ridiculous than this when the IPCC quote Trenberth et al who say the radiation from the atmosphere has twice the heating power of the Sun.

    Try a simple experiment. In the early morning stand some where open to the sky but shaded from the morning Sun. Then step into the Sunlight and note that the Sunlight is immediately obviously the real source of heat !

    You CAN trust your senses in this.

    And IF space at near Earth orbit is so cold how did the inside of Skylab reach similar temperatures to the inside of a car despite there being only vacuum space outside ?

    “The shield had failed to deploy at the scheduled time and subsequent ground commands had no effect. While officials were debating further action, Saturn engineers discovered flight data indicating an anomalous lateral acceleration about a minute after liftoff. The data, coming just before the space vehicle reached its maximum dynamic pressure, suggested some structural failure. A short time later, workshop temperatures began rising, strong evidence that the shield was gone. Within a few hours, readings on many of the outside sensors exceeded 82°C, the maximum scale reading. Internal temperatures moved above 38° C. Working from the thermal model, Huntsville engineers figured that workshop temperatures would go as high as 77°C internally and 165°C on the outside, endangering food, film, perhaps even the structure itself. Mission Control therefore began maneuvering the exposed area out of direct sunlight, and some cooling occurred.”

    Skylab’s sun shields were damaged and the Sun heated the sensors on the lab to over 82°C within a few hours ! Who’d enjoy working in a 77°C environment ?

    The answer was an adjustable “sunshade” to reflect the required amount of the Sun’s radiation away.

    I place a sensor for a weather station outside. During part of the day it is exposed to direct Sunlight but most of the day it is shaded.

    As it is summer at present it will typically indicate ~29°C at about 10:00 am but as the Sun hits it the temperature will rise to 40 to 45°C within a few minutes .

    The Earth would be a frozen snowball without greenhouse gases is alarmist nonsense and total junk “science”.

  7. Contrary to the comments temps have been dropping not rising. But hey, who’s worried. It will be 2 years before it hits the fan. Lots of time to prepare. NOT!

  8. @ Jean s
    It has nothing to do with cold or hot, but is related wit your comment. Enjoy!
    Elected UKIP politician Gareth Bennett was last week barred from appearing and speaking in the Welsh Assembly for an entire year after the Assembly speaker ruled his comments on minorities, particularly with respect to the transgender movement, “offensive”.

    During a debate on ‘The Equality and Human Rights Commission Annual Review 2016-17’ in the Welsh Assembly last Tuesday, 12 December, Bennett warned that at the rate society was going, it could “implode” if there was too much “deviation from the norm”:

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