Cold leads to record electricity use in Alberta

On Thursday between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m., the Canadian province of Alberta was using a record hourly average amount of electricity at 11,442 MW.

This surpassed the December 7 record of 11,404 MW, and the December 5 record of 11,400 MW.

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1 thought on “Cold leads to record electricity use in Alberta”

  1. So the snowflakes claim we are in the warmest years now and it can only get warmer, until we reach 10C warmer than now over the next 20 years and most of the world’s icecaps melts and the sea rises by 50M.
    NOT I say.
    Yet, I would hazard a guess that in the US, winter electricity demand has continued to rise with each winter, with the only exception being the El Nino winter of last year.
    A couple of years ago I suggested on this blog that the US would get 1 warm winter in three. However, I will now go further the next 6 will be harsh in sequence, breaking more cold and snow depth and start and finish records as they progress.

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