Cold next week could make nat gas prices soar

Brutally cold Arctic air could increase energy demand for nearly 118 million people.

Really cold air coming in next week, says meteorologist Ari Sarsalari. Temperatures will be well below average for this time of year in many of the northern tier states, the upper Midwest and northern plains. The high temperature in Minneapolis may climb to only one degree F (-17 C). (Link to video below)

“The Global Forecast System (GFS) weather model shows for the next 6-10 days, below-average temperatures could be seen up and down the East Coast,” says “The result of colder than average temperatures would increase energy demand for nearly 118 million people, reported Ed Vallee, head meteorologist at Empire Weather, adding that increased energy demand could put a bid in natural gas spot prices.”

Temps could drop to -22F (-30C)

“Brutally cold Arctic air will flow down into the north-central US mid-next week,” says “Current forecast indicates that air temperature could drop as low as -25°C, in some places even down to -30°C! Over the border in Canada, temperatures will be even lower. This is an unusually strong cold air outbreak for early December.”

Natural gas article:

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12 thoughts on “Cold next week could make nat gas prices soar”

  1. This is why we need to build more Solar Panels and Wind Mills…..I calculate that if we put 200-300 miles of Wind Mills along the Western slopes of the Appalachian mountains, we can supply much energy to West Virginia……….what do you all think?

    • If we put 200-300 miles of Wind Mills along the Western slopes of the Appalachian mountains it will be the ugliest and stupidest thing. The windmill NEVER recover the money invested. And building the and installing Solar Panels and WindMills will leave a huge carbon print. What W Virginia need is a couple of coal electric plants. They have huge reserves of excellent quality coal, it will bring jobs to the area and cheap electricity……what do you all think?

  2. Yeaugh I’m not so sure locally here in Charleston. GFS seems to flip back and forth sometimes. Now thru day 5 (Friday thru Tuesday) it will still be relatively mild here in SC at least thru Tuesday next week, as a coldfront approaches our area. So winds will be southwesterly here next Monday and Tuesday ahead of it – so still mild at that time. By Wednesday it should be considerably colder as cold high pressure over Tennessee builds back over the area and then moves into WV on Thursday. We’ll have to wait on further details a little later beyond that.

  3. I am glad the subject of gas has been brought up. I read about new houses in California which were being built without a gas supply in order to curb carbon emissions. Then there was talk about removing gas supply to existing houses for same reason. Suppose you heat the houses to same temperature using electricity? Your bill would be a good 3 or 4 times higher. Even higher if coal is removed and we (try to) rely on wind, solar and batteries.
    Quite frankly I am scared of this Greta idiot. Why? People BELIEVE her. I don’t believe in paying money I haven’t got anyway, for household bills which will only end up in the pockets of an Elite who will still eat all the steak they want, play all the golf they want and jet off to all the far locations they want. I will keep on topic and not talk about their sexual behavior but can you see how angry and frustrated one is getting over all of this?

    • You say: “Elite who will still eat all the steak they want, play all the golf they want and jet off to all the far locations they want. ”
      You’re right except eating steak. In California is tabu.
      I love vegans. More steak to me.

  4. wonder how the states that have banned new connections and want to stop existing gas use will fare?
    russia will be smiling as I gather you ship it IN from there, rather amusing if Putin pulled the pin after all the greentard ravings about evil empire coal gas etc
    this crap about spot prices..
    the cost TO the suppier doesnt change at all
    they would still profit more due to increased sales
    so like with power this is outright gouging and should be banned.

  5. Looks like this nice white snow will bring a black future.
    Natural gas prices go up, food prices go up, my bills go up and my paycheck goes down (more taxes and higher health insurance).
    The pay raise I get now and then don’t even cover the inflation rate.
    Is the snow black or what?

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