Cold periods correlate with civilization collapse – Video

I highly recommend that you watch this video by Peter Temple, who warns “just when we need more energy and warmth, we have politicians trying to tax it out of existence.”

It’s a cycle, it’s a cycle, it’s a cycle!

“The sun and the planets are the main driver of climate change on our tiny little planet,” says Temple, who pretty much says what I’ve been saying all along.

The difference is that he doesn’t take into account our rapidly declining magnetic field strength, which I think will make things even worse.

Periods of warming correlate with major civilizations

Here’s a little hint of what you’ll see:

•   Periods of warming correlate with major civilizations. That’s when the greatest empires emerge. Egypt. Greece. Rome. The Mayans. The Vikings.

•   When the climate cools, civilizations collapse into ruin. Those periods get labeled as dark ages, because there’s little advancement in living standards

•   Social mood always turns negative with colder climate, and that brings about riots and wars

When the climate cools, civilizations collapse into ruin.

•   One of the ‘great’ features of the 172-year cycle is a financial collapse.

•   Just when we need more energy and warmth, we have politicians trying to tax it out of existence

If, for some reason this video does not display, you can also view it on Peter Temple’s website:

And if that doesn’t work, you can view it on YouTube

Thanks to Mike McEvoy for this video

19 thoughts on “Cold periods correlate with civilization collapse – Video”

  1. I’ve done a lot of research in economic and political history.
    Yes Rome was afflicted by the cooling trend. Romans in Rome admired those who lived in the Northern Provinces. For being thrifty and for their blonde hair. The latter became fashionable and those who could afford the cost had wigs of real blonde hair. Others bleached theirs’.
    The Emperor banned the fad, but it continued.
    As temps cooled, men started wearing trousers as Northerners did.
    The Emperor banned them.
    Eventually, freedom won.
    However, Rome’s collapse was that costs of both the military dictatorship and the welfare dictatorship collapsed the economy.
    When the money ran out Rome, the city collapsed.
    Ordinary folk left to get away from taxation and currency depreciation.

    • Eight Reasons Why Rome Fell
      Invasions by Barbarian tribes. …
      Today we call it diversity
      Economic troubles and overreliance on slave labor. …
      Today is Government overspending
      The rise of the Eastern Empire. …
      Today is the rise of China
      Overexpansion and military overspending. …
      Today is war in to many sh*t hole countries
      Government corruption and political instability. …
      No change here
      The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes.
      Illegal emigration. Trump called invasion!!
      Christianity and the loss of traditional values.
      The loss of Christianity’s traditional values and the loss of
      traditional American values.

  2. The sooner, the better.

    The Age of Reason has become irrational.
    The Age of Enlightenment has gone dark.
    However, the Age of Bat Sh*t crazy is going strong and getting stronger.

    A reset is desperately needed.

  3. meanwhile, our Qc mainstream media warned of a shortage of propane for the whole province, due to a strike of the CN.

    ..what surpised me is that my parents, who owns a gas fireplace, recived a text message from their supplyers ( not sure of the correct orthograph of most of the words i’m using )
    to ” ration their usage of gas “.
    ..incredible. idk what i should think else that..
    are they foreseeing a LONG / hard time because of this ?
    ..i heard you guys in the south just needed more because of the cold. our farmers have the same problem of “not be able to dry the corn or else ” …

  4. Pay serious attention to this. The current farming disaster that is befalling the country rhymes with the Great Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. Only this time its Ice Age Cooling, Precipitation and Inclement Freezing, not Drought and Dust.

  5. People only change over economics. This is proven by climate as well. In 30 years, there will be no debate

  6. The only apparent exception to the correlation between cold periods and civilisation decline is that the Little Ice Age of 16th to 19th Centuries coincided with the major global expansion of European civilisation and industrial technology.

  7. I am starting to be rather happy that at best I might have 20yrs more to be around to see and be forced to bear witness to the utter stupidity now occurring, and to have to cope with the fallout of all the bad decisions being made presently. and have enough ability still to try and plan to avert the worst of the irrationality happening in my own land and area.
    a small pleasure will be in seeing the useful idiots have to bear the fruit of their misguided efforts, without experience enough to be able to cope with the severe hardships theyre going to bring on themselves.
    and I for one will NOT be bailing the dumb bastards out!

  8. I’m sure I read or heard something about the increase in Galactic Cosmic Rays or even a de-stabled magnetosphere can cause the populace to go ‘Bat shit crazy’. Has anybody else come across this notion?. It may well have been one of Robert’s interviews from some years back… Robert?.

  9. Sorry, I can’t agree with the “civilisations ” theory. The great Renaissance in Europe, which started in Italy, has been omitted.
    As for empires , what about the Ottoman Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
    I can’t see that all empire-building follows any “global warming ” or “global cooling” data.
    What about the Spanish Empire? Christopher Columbus’s [ and Prince Madog of Wales and Eric the Red [Viking] may have beaten him to it by centuries] supposed “discovery” of America falls into the cooling period. There are other empires left out too.

  10. John- I sure hope your term for this age gets into the history books, lol! Nothing could be more descriptive.

    It’s great to see the GSM message get to another sizeable portion of the American public.

    Now if only the fundamentalist Trump supporters would realize that he’s part of the dog-and-pony show meant to distract us from preparing…

  11. The Dark Ages have two other reasons for being called dark, as well:

    1) There is a shortage of recorded history as the record goes dark.

    2) For at least the one starting in 536 AD, it was reported that the sun was dark. Shedding light at noon “like the moon”. Supposedly due to major volcanic clouds, but not proven.

    The latter one interesting in the context of increased cosmic rays changing isotope decay rates perhaps leading to more geologic heat and more volcanic eruptions. If that consistently repeats, dark ages really would be dark.

  12. Isn’t the doom and gloom of the Green’s among us, thean it is the doom and gloom of the bad weaher watchers. Come, on, get living. Don’t bother what will come cause it is unknown. Adaptation of altered situations is what life means. Humans will stay alive cause the world will not be totally bad but only parts of it. Getting into space is bad cause there it is cold.

    • Space doesnt exist! This reality is like the end of the film ‘FANTASIA’ have you seen it? If so so you recall it?

  13. E.M.Smith The Dark ages also correlates to the comet of 562AD which decimated Britain and ended up in Peru:

    The forgoing quote was taken from the Brut Tysillo, the most ancient surviving written history of the British Isles, which is recognized by the Oxford University as being one of the most important surviving artifacts of antiquity, thereby giving academic weight to the often chided claim by prolific amateur historians, that an enormous comet lit up the sky from Ireland to Gaul, taking the shape of a fire-breathing dragon, which struck Britain with tremendous force and heat in November 562 AD, devastating both the population and the landscape.

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