Cold record in northwestern European Russia

Average daily temperatures far below normal.

On July 12, record low temperatures were observed in several cities – in Karelia, in the continental regions of the Leningrad region, in the regions of Vologda and Kostroma.

In Petrozavodsk the temperature dropped to 3.2°C, beating the previous record of 3.6 degrees.

In Cherepovets it dropped to 1.8°C, beating the previous record of 5.0 degrees set in 1968.

in Tikhvin it dropped to 2.4°C, beating the previous record of 5.3 degrees set in 1958.

In Kostroma it dropped to 5.4°C, beating the previous record of 5.5 degrees set in 1968.

The average daily temperature was 8-10 degrees below normal. This was not observed in these places in the middle of summer for almost 50 years !!

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