Cold records broken across two-thirds of the lower 48

Not a very elegant image, perhaps, but it gets the point across.

Record cold temperatures

When looking at the image below, the states cross-hatched in blue broke or tied records for either coldest high or low temperatures observed on Nov. 11-13, 2019.


“According to the National Weather Service reports, nearly the entire eastern half of the United States tied or broke records due to the arctic blast.” Looks like two thirds of the continental US (lower 48) to me.

The Midwestern Regional Climate Center reported that more than 850 daily records were broken across the Midwest in just two days.

We’re talking about records that go back for more than a century.

But when I look at the huge number of states involved, I find that hard number to believe.

How many cities and towns and villages are we taking about here? How many weather stations? I’m guessing we’re looking at thousands broken daily records.

See lots more: (Of course this article calls it an ‘unseasonable cold snap’.)

9 thoughts on “Cold records broken across two-thirds of the lower 48”

  1. Yes and you never see record highs in summer taking up two thirds of the country!! Those are normally just scattered areas in a few states. The record lows are highly overcoming the record highs!
    This is yet another indication that strong Climatic Cooling is already in progress over land for many years.

  2. and its the snobby side of the coastline:-) isnt it..
    wonder how their teslas are doin?
    pennsylvania where they played round with gas heating ? refused to allow new connections and are at full stretch on old happy are the folks there paying the same for the gas but having less actual gas and more air(to keep pressure up_) in the product they pay for??

    • Laurel,
      People on both sides of the coast in the US are snobby. Having lived most of my 69 years on one coast or the other… I find it almost laughable. Consider the current state of San Francisco… nothing to get snobby about, but they do.

      Many refer to the middle part of our country as “fly over states” – meaning, the only time they’d be seen is when you are flying from one coast to the other and don’t stop in the middle. There are even a few country songs that use the term (tho in a respectful way).

      The worse tendency is for some to disdain those millions of people living in “fly over states” as if they were of no value, and that is especially politicians and people living in CA or NY that do that. Why else do you think they get away labeling anyone who won’t vote for them as “the enemy” (that would be Obama) or “despicable” (Hilary and the rest of the Democrats)?

  3. Sadly IMHO, when this becomes patently evident to everyone, i.e. Another “Year without Summer” in NE(and by the time that happens it will be the first if many going forward). The AGW zealots will not be using their carbon Tax and Fee money to help. Lets hope I’m wrong.

  4. Kind of surrealistic, but some evil part of me have this “hope it will happen” just to show “them”.

    But I am begging that I am in the wrong here. “They” won’t die due to food shortages, people like us will. Unless we can find a way to prepare.

    • I expect at some stage, during the early part of the glaciation die off, some that are left with the right training, have a choice go into the night after doing their best for themselves and their families, or take some of the green scoundrels (I used another political word then but edited it out) with you.
      But under normal climatic conditions, without a major Geological incident or interference from the Nutty Green UN, this cold GSM will recover as from 2033 into a tepid 90 year Gleissberg period with energy levels similar to SC20. Sea levels may drop nearly 1M over that time and average temperatures by .5C or 1C which is just above the Glaciation tipping point, the following 70 year warm period should recover temperatures back to current levels.
      This next 25 years will be a cold rehearsal for the main event, Governments need to take these 20 year finding under advisement and start preparing for: At worst a snowball Earth, at best Ice down to 40 degrees Lat. and coping with 140M drop in sea level and that might mean moving our manufacturing industry into the Solar System
      As each 172 year cycle comes and goes the closer we get to that tipping point and its then downhill on the Polar Express.

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