Cold Records are going to be SHATTERED!

“By the end of NEXT week, we will be running 36 F BELOW NORMAL here in West Virginia,” says reader.


“This is according to the European model, which is very accurate this far out.

“You see, the new Little Ice Age has already begun..

“We are going to see records SHATTERED so be ready, be prepared!”

Thanks to Caroline Snyder for this info. Now let’s see how close the European model comes.

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  1. Ice age colder not warming is the real threat to the human race.
    Mankind did well when warmer Roman times and very poor when the world cooled —dark ages Bubonic plague Black Death red dead

  2. Alaska dropped 20 degrees from yeterday to today according to nullschool. This reader could be right if all that cold drops across the country.

  3. This is from for Spokane and surrounding areas E. WA…

    “Weather models continue to show a colder air mass entering the region early next week with high temperatures in the 20s and lows in the teens.”

  4. The years of the Great Frost of the Thames!
    The translation via Google Translate
    The years of the Great Frost of the Thames!
    by Maria Olivieri – March 16, 2016

    The River Thames, according to historical reconstructions by documented archives, has completely frozen in the past, in the heart of London, for 23 times, between 1309 and 1814, last known date.

    In London museum contains illustrations of the great winter events on London in past centuries, and especially the events of the Thames freezing, with the execution of large “Ice” on the River Exhibition, the first of which was held officially in 1608.

    But already in 1536, King Henry VII crossed the river from central London to Greenwich, the river which was crossed on foot, even by Queen Elizabeth I in 1564.

    According to the curators of the museum, the first of the river frosts occurred in the twelfth century, but the first big frost of the river, where they organized tournaments hunting fox and lit fires on the Thames, it dates back to 1309.

    The greatest and lasting freeze, lasting months, occurred in the winter of 1683-84, the last, however, between the end of January and early February of 1814, when an elephant across the river ice bridge of the Friars Blacks .

    But why the river is not ice cream later? Blame for Global Warming?

    Not entirely; In February 1895 the temperature dropped again to -20 ° C, and the winter of 1962-63 was as cold as that of 1739-40, however, the river no longer froze in London.

    Part of the reason is to be found in the Isle of more intense heat now than in the past, in part to industrial effluents who pour hot water into the river.

    But, above all, in the London bridge structure: the old London Bridge had more than 19 arches, each supported by a broad base “rompiacque”, which greatly slowed the river, favoring its freezing during periods of extreme cold.

    Since 1834 the bridge was replaced by the current London Bridge, which has only five arches and promotes rapid slide of the river water.

    In the image, the chill of the river and the Ice Fair in 1684.
    Each one of the 23 separate events where the river was completely frozen from bank to bank took place during Grand Solar Minimums, with the last during 1814 during Dalton/
    This is UK South east during the 1963 winter and SC20.

  5. Below average,please, not below normal. It isnt abnormal to be below average.In fact it would be highly abnormal if temeperature was never above or below average. Words matter.Lets use them properly.

      • Christopher Korvin is right! It actually is normal to get a cold front that can drop temps below average readings as to what states. In fact, as we get further and further into this new grand solar minimum below average temps may soon be the new average once the jet stream begins to break down worldwide and cold air becomes the norm in most places. These gradients and temperature differences are only a taste of what is to come. In a changing climate when the sun begins to weaken our magnetosphere even further. More warm and cold records back to at least the 1800s will be over as the jet stream continues to go out of wack. Sudden plummets of record warm to record cold will also eventually become the norm from record heat to record cold in just one day. In fact back when the little ice age struck the weather flip flopped so much they used to say there were four seasons in one day! Check out the article that shows record warm
        In the artic where it is 31 degrees while europe is experiencing temperatures of minus 50 degrees all at the same time! Climate change is indeed happening folks and it’s only going to get worse but it was always mainly driven by the sun NOT MAN!

    • Thank you sir! Words do matter and so many are not aware of this and use globally vague words. Are you by chance by any chance an English professor? My major was English and I’m very aware of words and their impact. Thanks for the message. Hope everyone reads it.

  6. When the US above the Mason-Dixie line is snowed in, under FEET of snow, what then?

    How are trucks going to get in or out? How are truckers going to supply the stores?

    What then? Is the US ready for what is coming? Imagine 36 inches of snow covering the Northern States? Push it out of the streets to…where……..?

    • I’m about a hours drive N. of mason dixie line. We have pay loaders & plenty of trucks, but I would get ready for slooow deliveries & empty store shelves when that happens. I used to know a few people from the local power plant nearby who went to college at Mich. Tech. in Houghton, they said the parking lanes and half the sidewalks would be piled 10 ft. high on the main street, no parking, they dug tunnels from street to side walks. All hill streets close, then they haul it to a lot out side of town, then they get more snow like a lot of great lakes towns. That was in the early 80s.

    • 36 inches wouldn’t be that bad. Wouldn’t be first time. The real threat in that case would be the drift effect where places could easily reach over 10 feet with that much accumulation.

  7. Yesterday it was about 72 degrees here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Most of the month has been 10 to 15 degrees above normal. I don’t have any agenda here, I just don’t see how anyone can be talking about an ice age with temperatures so consistently above normal?

    • It’s the divergence. I remember seeing such a long term D chart covering many ice ages, and from the level of divergence, it’s already started.

    • Even if we suddenly reverted to the climate that existed 15,000 years ago, Texas would be in good shape. The Cordilleran ice sheet carved out Puget Sound down to about present day Olympia, WA. While Seattle was under a “mile of ice,” there were humans residing in the Columbia River valley as far east as Portland, OR, and beyond.

    • First, global climate is not one town, for one week,
      The alarmists claim C02 mainly drives global climate, and doesn’t give much to the solar model, nor ocean cycles.
      Looking at temps the last hundred years, they closely match the solar, and ocean cycles.
      The sun has peaked recently, and temps were beginning to drop just when El Nino hit. Now temps have dropped a record 1 degree the last six months.
      The alarmists use the water vapor feedback to almost triple the Co2 direct affect. there is no empirical evidence for the water vapor feedback, and its not fully knowable yet.
      I am no expert on Solar cycles, but this will give some of the basics from others.
      A man who used to work for the Australian government working on the climate models, quit rather than lie about the numbers, and became a skeptic.
      It could take days to read all his theory, and get technical,
      nut the overview is good.

    • Look at towards the top right hand side of the Home page.
      Click on the Ice age maps.
      Texas including most of the Southern US states would become far more temperate and much wetter than they are now.
      Normal is what you personally have become used to, as have the majority of climate forecasters who don’t accept the earth’s climate is affected by long periodic warm periods and short periodic cold periods, with both driven by the Sun’s energy output.

  8. It’s a mixing bowl … energy in at the poles … pushes cold from the cold (at the moment) poles, towards the equator; over time, albeit … temperatures balance out, the warm warming the cold and vice versa … a lot of weather and atmospheric mixing taking place, in the process …

    IF indeed the sun continues to open coronal holes on an ongoing basis .. sun spots or solar flares gone, even … more energy will stream in from the sun … that energy hits at the equator and shifts North and South to each pole … and unless it all gets deflected … if taken in … energy dynamics resulting …

    IF in at the poles … it will warm at each pole … yet cold air there will also head further south as that energy in at the poles drives the jet stream and expands its range … dipping towards the equator more from each pole … polar vortex, anyone?

    IF such coronal hole stream increases take place over time as has been the case of late … it could be the history books can be tossed … at least for a time … in other words … what’s happened in the past can be discounted for now …

    At some point, if such a point is reached … AND there is a mass extinction … i.e., tied to life forms or whatever animates them … leaving … then watch for a massive drop in energy … and THEN Ice Age …

    In the meantime … watch for global warming to actually take place … over time; driven by more solar energy streaming in from the sun … NOT via sun spots and solar flares though … and not driven by man’s energy usage activities, per se …

    This global warming coming from the inside out, as a result of more energy in to the planet … so watch for the energy inside the planet to increase … more volcanoes …. more earthquakes … BUT in the atmosphere and its layers … a lot of weather mixing dynamics, as well, as energy coming in via the layers of the atmosphere also gets integrated …

    In the process … lots of weather to contend with … AND areas usually cold (the poles?) warming … areas usually warmer … cooling … the equator, actually heating, as well … THAT, as cold air from the poles gets pushed away from the poles by the higher energy at the poles … by a jet stream that heads south … the heat up at the equator a bit different dynamic.

    If the planet warms from the inside as more energy heads in at the poles … and that heat mostly gets radiated out at the equator … that, mostly between the tropic lines of Capricorn and Cancer … watch for the heat at the equator to rise and the heat to expand, as well, North and South of the Tropic lines themselves … towards each respective pole …

    So, heat at the equator and the poles … to be expected if there’s more coronal hole driven energy coming in from the sun … AND between the equator and the poles … lots of atmospheric mixing … each Tropic line essentially migrating toward the pole above … over time …

    More energy in, more angular momentum, as well … the planet ought to speed up, over time … gradually … even right its tilt … over time … AND likely expand in size …

    What a time to live in! 😉

  9. Checking some areas of northern and western Canada, temperatures will drop off on Sunday or Monday, with highs in mid-minus teens Celsius. The NOAA graphical temperature outlook shows a large blob of cold air moving down over Montana and North Dakota on December 7th.

  10. “I don’t have any agenda here, I just don’t see how anyone can be talking about an ice age with temperatures so consistently above normal?”

    Regardless of ice age, what’s coming next week is going to freeze your buns off, honey.

    • Bro research climategate and climategate 2.0. you can read their emails where you will see they literally made up temperatures in areas where there was no ship data or other sensors. The climate modeling software was intentionally coded to create increase with the developers comments in the code explaining the falsification. They also are comparing a.m. historical temps to current noon temps. It’s always warmer at noon etc. Antarctic ice is at record levels and the last two ships of scientists sent there to study it was stuck on the ice. Global warming is an excuse for controlling us slaves, creating. World government and limiting prosperity as a method of control I.e. if you have wealth they can’t enslave you.

    • The reason for the warmth is because the Maine Pv or vertex has been on the other side of the of the globe so most of the cold has been mostly stuck in Russia and not here in the states.

  11. From what I gather, I’ll still be in shorts and a t-shirt here in Mississippi next week, so I doubt anyone in Dallas will be freezing his buns off. Sure, C. Taylor will need a jacket while outdoors at night, but nothing more. If I’m wrong, I’ll come back here to apologize. 🙂

  12. Many of the forecast models are showing much colder temp and stormy weather for the West Virginia-Ohio Vally region for early part of December and may hang with us for the rest of the winter into January of next year.
    I live in West Virginia and still preparing for the worst old man winter can dish out and really I’m set so bring it on.

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