Cold records shattered in Moscow – ‘Dangerous for gardeners’

“August frosts, it’s dangerous!” reads the headline.

On the night of August 5 the air temperature in the metropolitan area decreased in some places to record values. In Cherusti, in the east of Moscow region, the minimum air temperature was +1.9°C, and in the herbage was -2°C.

Cold record shattered

Thus, for this area a new minimum temperature record was set. Prior to that, it belonged to the years 2001 and 2002 and was +4.9°C.

Coldest nights of the first five days of August in 60 years!

In Moscow, the minimum temperature at VDNH was +6.7°C. This is the lowest temperature not only in the summer of 2019, but also the coldest night of the first five days of August in the last 60 years!

Frosts in the herbage were noted in the vicinity of Murom.

And it is dangerous for gardeners!

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

‘If global warming is bad, catastrophic… this cold is good, isn’t it?’ asks Martin.

6 thoughts on “Cold records shattered in Moscow – ‘Dangerous for gardeners’”

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  2. frost bitten(almost) gardeners and plants in summer, thats bad news all round
    my friend over there reported 10c day and pouring rain today

  3. My uncle from Romania (over 1000 Mi SW of Moscow) called and asked WHEN and IF the summer is going come this year. I told him that this year summer is going to be next Monday!

  4. Only records of the cold! ‘Meteonovosti’

    Not a single heat record has been observed in Russia over the past 24 hours, but cold records do not leave its territory. So last night absolute temperature minimums in Vyborg of the Leningrad Region were “beaten”, where the temperature dropped to 5.8°C (the previous record was 7.9°C in 1948); the temperature in the Pushkin mountains of the Pskov region dropped to 7.0°C, (the previous record was 7.6°C in 1976); in the city of Sukhinichi, Kaluga Region, the temperature dropped to 9.1°C (the previous minimum of 9.2°C was observed in 1968); in the city of Elton, Volgograd and in the city of Upper Baskunchak, Astrakhan Region, the temperature dropped to 9.3°C and 9.9°C, respectively (previous records of 11.5°C and 11.6°C were in 1994); in the city of Tsimlyansk, Rostov Region, the temperature did not reach 0.3°C to the 1969 record, when it was 11.3°C. The cold night was in the Irkutsk region, Trans-Baikal Territory and Buryatia. So in Orling, Irkutsk Region, the temperature dropped to 3.8°C (the previous record of 4.5°C was noted in 2002); in Romanovka (Buryatia), the minimum temperature reached 1.3°C (the previous record was 1.4°C in 1947); and in Transbaikalia (Chary), the thermometer column dropped to -1.4°C (in 1943 it was 0.0 degrees).

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