Cold records shattered in Siberia

Lake Toko in Siberia smashed its daily low record yesterday with a temperature of -9.8C (17F)!

The previous low for 7th August was -3.2C (26.2F) in 1990.

See chart:

Thanks to Kenneth Lund for this link

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  1. Robert I sent an item on Chinas food woes now and coming
    theyd planned to buy from eu and russia etc
    way its going those harvest may well be slim or lower than required for their own let alone sales OS.

    • Washington State has been stocking away millions of dollars of non-perishable food — so have other US states, and the federal government — in anticipation of “the need ahead.” If states are preparing, so too must you be today. And spread the word.

  2. -Only a curiosity about the first frosts at the russian cold pole region. Where the snow is not a thing of the past!

    In Yakutia, wet snow and first frosts in mid-August

    The cyclone, which on the previous day was over the northeast of Yakutia, was marked by heavy rain with thunderstorm.
    Even today, small and moderate rains will remain in some places, with wet snow, the wind will be stronger in gusts of 15-18 m/s.
    The cold air, comes from the Arctic, and on Saturday night, with clearings, the air will freeze to -3°C.

    In the period from 16 to 17 on the territory of the agricultural regions of Yakutia, as well as in the south of the Tomponsky and Aldan regions and in the vicinity of the capital of the republic – Yakutsk – when it clears up, the air and the soil surface will in places freeze up to -3ºC, in the northeast up to -2. .-7°C, in the northwest to -4°C.

    **The very first frosts in the current year, 2020, were observed in Yakutia in Kolyma on the night of July 31 to August 1.

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